Ubuntu Touch Preview Images Coming For Nexus

Ubuntu Touch Preview Images Coming For Nexus

Canonical has released new images from the version of the UbuntuLinux for smartphones and tablets, Ubuntu Touch, now available for testing on Nexus devices.

The previews are all early releases, far away to think they can replace Android by now. These are focused on testing interface phones and as the company said, “the images are intended for developers, enthusiasts and testers who want to help. They're raring based (that is to say, they're based on the soon to be released Ubuntu 13.04 codebase). As such, the Ubuntu Touch Team is asking for folks to try out new images on their devices and ensure there are no regressions or other issues”.

Specifically, there are four officially supported devices and images for each of them: Nexus 7, grouper; Galaxy Nexus, maguro; Nexus 4, mako; and Nexus 10, manta. To install them, you'll need an Ubuntu-based computer and to follow the installation instructions closely. Starting today, independent developers and fearless early adopters can judge for themselves if Ubuntu will indeed be able to succeed Android on smartphones and tablets.


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