Welcome To The Elastic Phone

Welcome To The Elastic Phone

We don’t really know if anyone ever dreamed about this idea, but it’s finally real: developers have created a flexible screen. When most ideas have already been done before, it’s time to innovate with something actually original that shakes up the technological scene.

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), a mobile with a 4,99-inch flexible screen was presented, and from everything we’ve been reading these days, the concept might become a reality sooner than we expected. Samsung and LG are reportedly working on their devices, trying to become the first ones to launch the emblematic phone.

The elastic screen might not be a terribly useful feature but could actually make a difference and become a precursor of what will come later. It is pretty obvious that this will go way beyond the Nexus S, whose curvature was barely noticeable and didn’t really stand out.

DJ. Lee, mobile business chief in Samsung, stated that they were hoping to launch this particular device in October, although we still have a lot to find out: we don’t know about its features, characteristics, size, OS or even the price.

While we wait for Samsung and later LG to surprise us with the new flexible screen, we can begin to reflect on its real utility.

Source: El androide libre


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