WhatsApp Sets A New Record: 27 Billion Messages In A Day

WhatsApp Sets A New Record: 27 Billion Messages In A Day

People can’t seem to stop sending messages: WhatsApp has set another milestone today. The popular chatting system has been around for 47 months now and still has a huge user base of over 100 million; not even Google Hangouts can’t seem to beat the success. SMS are just old-fashioned now.

In one 24 hour cycle, WhatsApp handled 27 billion messages, “bigger than Twitter“, they say. That’s 10 billion messages sent from their users through their servers on their way to their destination and 17 billion coming from other people to WhatsApp customers.

These numbers prove that WhatsApp is continuing to grow, even if there’s a massive number of free competition (Line, WeChat, Chat Heads from Facebook). The popular messaging service is charging users with a $0.99 year fee while other competitors are simply using in-app purchases.

Source: DroidLife & TechCrunch


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