Women Vs. Men | What Do They Do With Their Smartphones?

Women Vs. Men | What Do They Do With Their Smartphones?

If people with Android devices spend more time in different apps that those with iOS smarphones, imagine what would happen if we compared men’s mobile usage to women’s. The infographic below shows some of the most relevant aspects regarding our daily use of the smartphone.

First of all, about Social Media: Besides the obvious difference on different topics (although both share humor posts), men are apparently keen on using social media sites for business and dating, way more than women, who tend to make an approach related to relationships, entertainment and self-help.

In addition, men prefer quick access to deals while women prefer to be in direct contact with brands and are more likely to follow them.

Regarding mobile usage, women often use it for sharing and taking pictures while men usually use GPS and read news. In general, though, women ara more prone to use all the applications in a higher percentage than men. Are women more addicted to their smarthphones? It seems like it.

Source: Noticiasdot


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