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, car, etc. AudioTool FFTs sets of microphone samples. Aliasing reduced by Hann windowing. SPL

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Geek Tool

This is the digital Swiss-Army-Knife for Android! Tools & Features in the All-In-One Android

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ET Contact Tool

The ET Contact Tool app for Android provides a handy reference guide of the demonstrated CE-5 ET

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Producer Tools

wheel. All of Producer Tools' features are optimized for working in digital audio workstations like

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Cool Tool Pro

- Most resource-intensive processes - Task Killer - Audio VU and visual equalizer - CPU temp on some

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AV Tools Pro

A simple but very useful collection of audio-visual tools and information for use when ever you

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Audio Khmer

Audio Khmer is a Khmer phrase book. Words and essential phrases are translated. This app will give

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Bible Audio Pronunciations

***Never mispronounce another Bible name again! ***Read the Bible Aloud with Confidence! ***Audio

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GetBlue Data Acquisition Tool

GetBlue provides automated data acquisition and manual device communication for Bluetooth SPP devices, serial USB devices, TCP/IP, HTTP and camera barcode-scanners. OVERVIEW: The full version of GetBlue automatically collects data from Bluetooth SPP, serial USB, TCP/IP, HTTP and camera scanners in the background. The captured data is forwarded to…

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The Tools Companion

: - Utilize step-by-step instructions for each of the five tools including audio walk-throughs by the authors

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