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, car, etc. AudioTool FFTs sets of microphone samples. Aliasing reduced by Hann windowing. SPL

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Impulse Response

meter and Spectrum Analyser, please see our AudioTool app, also in Google Play.)

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Pulsate is a simple app which allows you to create musical patterns from randomly colliding circles. Sit back, watch the circles collide and listen to the evolving melodies. Please note that Pulsate is designed to run on modern devices and is intended to be used with headphones.

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SPL and Spectrum Analyser

SPLMeter shows SPL (deciBels) of the Android's mic signals, and their frequency spectrum. The meter has three speeds: Fast, Medium and Slow. Shows peak envelope and frequency of maximum intensity, and clipping. ISO 1/3 Octave bars and Spectrogram. (If you need a more fully featured RTA, with 1/1, 1/3 and 1/6 octave display, RT60, Noise Criteri…

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