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Construction Expense Manager Pro - CEM Pro, is a simple and easy to use app which helps to record your daily expenses during any type of civil construction. Most people maintain an excel sheet for entering expenses. This app enables you to record your expenses instantly from your mobile phone while you are at the construction site. Take periodi…

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Lender Lite

Lender Lite is a very convenient tool for everyone who has loaned money to a family member, colleague, friends, third party or virtually anybody. Key Features: Use Lender Lite to record the following involved in the Loan or contract i.e. • Lender, Borrower • Terms of the Loan or Contract • Actual Loan or Contract • Loan or Contract Payment Detai…

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RF Checker

“RF Checker” is allowed you to show your connected network information and radio strength in terms of your cellular connection (GSM/WCDMA/LTE/etc) and WiFi, and to take the log in CSV format. In addition, the log can easily send it to your PC by your installed e-mail on your phone, which could speed up your RF investigation. This App is available…

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Halna Outliner

"Halna Outliner" is an outline processor that has Two panes, one for Tree part and one for Notes part. features: - Separate two-panes configuration,Tree part and Notes part - 3 Display Styles (Vertical,Horizontal,Switch) - Cooperation with idea mapping app 'HalnaMind' - Cut / Copy & Paste - Make marks - Change color - Search…

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Small Business Coach & Plan

This app helps your business in 3 incredible ways: 1) Live expert small business planning help with a business coach dedicated to your success. 2) Numerous articles that coach you on how to plan your business, set up your website, start promoting it, raise money, and much more. 3) Software tools to help you write a business plan for your business.…

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Concept Spaces-Listings

A list of properties avalable for rent or sales offered by this agency: Concept Spaces Tel. 020 8166 7493

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IP Change,Auto,3G/4G REFRESH

IP Address Automatically change, Schedule Automatically change The program, Specified time, 3G/4G mobile connection Refresh your IP address to reconnect. - Day of the week, you can change repeatedly. - Do not use the Calendar list Calendar Click the icon to the left of the screen off. - New registration, simply click the Add schedule. - C…

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Programming Reference

Programming Reference,Programming Guide,Programmer,API,Example ※ Internet connection required. ※ Will continue to be updated. * Visual Basic 6 Reference * Visual Basic .NET Reference * PHP Reference * ASP Reference * MySQL Reference * Linux Reference * Color Table * ASCII Code Table * Android Reference * Java Reference ....

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Real Estate Agent ON GO PRO

UNIQUE APP in the MARKET with so many cool client, residential or commercial property, house and event management features to save time for extremely busy real estate professionals, agents, brokers, realtors or builders. It works perfectly fine on both android tablets and mobile smart phones. Pay ONE TIME Only and NO MONTHLY Payment! NO Internet, N…

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im SO rich

this app mean that you so rich and every person that see you have that app know that you rich and give you respect, this is a new trend of all the rich man in the world so be the one that he have the app and be proud of you because you success in this world !!!

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A Glass Donation

The sole aim of this app is to benefit the developer economically. It has no other function. Any donations that I get will help to keep my apps free and regularly updated. For any suggestions, bugs, questions and anything else email me at Thank you, Codeskraps.

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Predict stock market movements by using a statistical Markov algorithm.

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