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    Stock Assistant

    This handy little App will take the trouble out of purchasing stocks. Stock Assistant will make the calculations required before you buy and sell any stock. Most online brokerages require the number of stocks to be bought or sold. With the Stock Assistant just enter the dollar amount of money you have to invest, the share price you’re going to pu…

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    Download Argus Document Tracker Argus Document Tracker icon
    Argus Document Tracker

    Initially designed for use of seafarers and other overseas workers who maintain large number of documents,licenses and certificates, Argus is an intuitive app that lets you store all your documents for notification and easy reference purposes.You need not bring all documents since it allows you to save all the details and images into your phone giv…

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    Download Partner XE Mobile Partner XE Mobile icon
    Partner XE Mobile

    Partner XE Mobile allows quick, secure access to SIS’ award winning agency management system for viewing client information from your smartphone or tablet. Search throughout your database by client name, search name, email address, policy, note title, and more. Documents can be viewed if your device supports the document file type. This app is re…

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    Download JCalEu JCalEu icon

    เป็น Application สำหรับการคำนวณเพื่อการสั่งซื้อของ ผลิตภัณฑ์Jeunesse เวอร์ชั่นภาษาไทย

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    Download ERŞAFAK ERŞAFAK icon

    Erşafak marketlerimiz 81 ilçemizde bulunmaktadır Erşafak marketlerimiz diğer marketlere oranla daha uygundur ve kasap reyonlarımız Türkiyenin en iyi 1. kasap reyonu seçildi. İyi Alışverişler

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    Download AppPropo AppPropo icon

    Are you doing business internationally and want to be sure you don't make mistakes that might embarrass you, your hosts. or your company? Think about how many deals have been lost simply because of misunderstood cultural differences. The best way to avoid making mistakes in foreign settings - and possibly losing an important deal - is to…

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    Download Great Work Behaviours Great Work Behaviours icon
    Great Work Behaviours

    A "When you need it" Business Coaching App that helps you deal with a whole range of business, management, and leadership situations, including 17 key aspects of business life.

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    Download IReserve Alert Pro HK 2016 IReserve Alert Pro HK 2016 icon
    IReserve Alert Pro HK 2016

    Features: - Alert u which app store iReserve have updated stock - Easy send sms, receive sms, auto fill form (Coming soon!!) - No Ads, No Server capture your data - Update every 30 seconds Tutorial: - Red = No stock, Green = have stock - Please keep open the app for alerting

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    Download Negotiation Navigator Negotiation Navigator icon
    Negotiation Navigator

    The Negotiation Navigator is the best way to prepare for your business negotiations. Specifically designed for business professionals who negotiate in the corporate world. - Downloadable preparation check list. - Detailed guide to complete the check list. - Detailed description of all the strategies, tactics and techniques you can use to achieve…

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    Download Pocket Invoice Pocket Invoice icon
    Pocket Invoice

    If you're a business owner, who wants to send invoices and estimates while you're on the job, Pocket Invoice is an easy to use app for you. Pocket Invoice allows you to manage and send estimates and invoices on the go. The intuitive interface allows you to produce invoices in just a minute wherever you may be. Further, the app provides…

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    Download Pro Bev Profit Calculator Pro Bev Profit Calculator icon
    Pro Bev Profit Calculator

    Pro-Bev's Draft Beer calculator helps in calculating the profitability of using an advanced beer system to increase profits.

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