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AgExpert Mobile

Already an AgExpert Analyst user? Now you can manage and record transactions more efficiently with AgExpert Mobile. Why wait to enter transactions at the end of the month when you can record them as they happen? With AgExpert Mobile, you can use your phone to record transactions from anywhere. Sync that information with AgExpert Analyst, anytime.…

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Manufacturing A3 Proj. Report

Learn the types of A3, utilize Lean Thinking statements for each category, create A3 Project Reports, access previous ones, and learn from the case studies. This app is designed help “tell (or document)” your improvement project in a logical and visual way in reference to a particular subject matter. It will provide a consistent approach to learnin…

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Email Sign Up

Collect email addresses at your next event, trade show or point of sale while displaying a background of your choosing. Collect names, phone numbers and two custom text fields. Includes MailChimp integration. Read more about the benefits of Email Sign Up: * Collect Email Addresses * Automatically stored to CSV fil…

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Business Card Storage Pro

Easy way to manage business cards. Save, update, delete business cards. Search in saved cards. Export saved cards to XLS (excel) file. Import an XLS file to database. Easy shortcut buttons - to call phone numbers - to send e-mail - to open web page - to open maps for address. This is PRO version. Click here for FREE DEMO version.…

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FreeLancer Organizer

Finally comes a management software dedicated to all freelancers (Electricians, Plumbers, Masons, Small Entrepreneurs, Programmers, Computer Technicians, Appliance Repairers, Estheticians, Masseuses, Hostess, etc ...) Someone finally thought of you, and to your work. Freelance Organizer and a program born from the experience of over 10 years in th…

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Company Budget

Company Budget is a feature packed app that enables you to assess breakup of your new company’s initial investment, fixed costs and variable monthly costs and gauge the business income, expenses and goals, plan budget activities with your partners, advisers and stakeholders. Funds and Costs - Organize funding sources and its estimated and actual…

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Smart Vibrator Donation

Smart Vibrator is a little program that customizes vibration for incoming SMS and call. You can compose the individual vibration pattern by: "." Short vibration "-" long vibration "_" strong vibration " " pause 0.5s * Please visit for detail guide. * This is AD free version…

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Pass or Stop: random selector

The Pass or Stop application will randomly select persons, vehicles or anything for stop or go. Red signal indicates stop and green pass. This random chooser app allows a better internal control for the prevention of theft or alcohol and drug abuse, without the cost, time and inconvenience of screening everyone. The Pass or Stop random selector ap…

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Most Expensive Android App

1. The Most Expensive Android Application / Widget 2. This app will make an Badge appear in your phone and you will get a certificate that will help differentiate you from the ordinary folks 3. This app is for those who want to have that most people cant have. 4. This app is for those who want the world to know that they have the most expensive…

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Rental Software

★ The software is designed for all kinds of individual, small scale and large scale rental businesses allowing easy organizing and tracking of all rental units and resources avoided a multitude of problems that are faced otherwise. ★ The easy and handy user interface allows checking and calculating of all previous professional events, leasing term…

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Top 102 Clothing Brands- eBay

Here we present you with an app showcasing 102 clothing brands that sell on eBay! We have designed and developed this app around the idea of bringing you information quickly and conveniently from the comfort of your smartphone. This way, you have access to this information without needing any sort of wireless connection (Wifi/cellular data) . Us…

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Square Footage Master

*** Don't like the 15 minutes refund policy set by Google? No problem. We will refund it within 24 hours as before. So please take your time to evaluate our app before rushing to return it. Thanks. *** Please visit the developer's web page link below for a detailed tutorial with pictures. Ready to purchase a house but you are not sure whe…

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