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Smart Proposal Business Quote

Smart Proposal is the most intuitive and productive way to create quotes & proposals directly on your smart phone or tablet. Perfectly suited for Account managers, freelancers and start-up businesses. “Your solution is great, can you give me an approximation of the total cost?” - This question is often already asked during the sales-presentat…

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Simple Safety Plasterers

A simple cost effective safety system designed specific for plasterers. Provides your company with the ability to create your company specific safety policy, outlines roles and responsibilities, and details the hazards and controls and the emergency response. Once your company details are added you can use the APP to induct your workers and email a…

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Download GLX Themes: Simplex Light Pink GLX Themes: Simplex Light Pink icon
GLX Themes: Simplex Light Pink

Go Launcher Ex has come on the Android scene by storm as the Launcher to use for theme connoisseurs. Allowing users to piece together various elements from different themes in order to create a personalized visual experience on their phone. When you call something a theme it can mean many things. To me a theme should change the entire visual app…

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Beer Money 2 Pro

Beer Money 2 Pro is a sophisticated profit calculator for beer and Syrup/Soft drinks by the keg. Great for restauranteurs and retailers as well as beer sales staff and distributors! Calculate Profits Per Keg And Per Serving Calculate Serving Price based on desired Profit Margin Calculate the number of servings per keg based on serving size Choose…

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Download CHRONOGRAPH _ 2016 _ 0 limited CHRONOGRAPH _ 2016 _ 0 limited icon
CHRONOGRAPH _ 2016 _ 0 limited

Pay attention! This is the paid version of the CHRONOGRAPH for professional Time Management CHRONOGRAPH_2016_0 limited. Minimum possible price set on it, so it is valid from the start of the use of 200 days plus a bonus of 50 days due to the first paid version of the limited series. If you want to install the paid version CHRONOGRAPH for professio…

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Download Trade Cop Trade Cop icon
Trade Cop

This is a handy application for trading in NSE/ BSE from your fingertips. Calculate the gain/ loss for a transaction, average the share prices and get the intraday details instantly in the palm of your hand. The unique feature of this app is that it deducts brokerage, taxes and all other charges to give you an accurate gain/loss information. This a…

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Download "Do Not Disturb" (android 2.2) "Do Not Disturb" (android 2.2) icon
"Do Not Disturb" (android 2.2)

"Do Not Disturb" is designed for busy people, who do not want to be distracted during meeting. Now it suffices to turn the phone face down to make it silent. Shaking the phone during the call, the program turns off the sound of the call. The program has a Widget to control work modes: manual or auto. Features: - Turn On Silence mode with…

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Download InvoiceMe Pro - Invoice App InvoiceMe Pro - Invoice App icon
InvoiceMe Pro - Invoice App

Invoice app Create, preview, and email professional Invoices and Estimates in seconds. InvoiceMe is the fast and easy way to create invoices ,estimate, bill, collect and report on your business. creating and sending Invoices has never been easier. Fully supported with online chat Help desk  there is no  other solution available which gives you t…

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Download SKR49 - 2014 (Kontenrahmen) SKR49 - 2014 (Kontenrahmen) icon
SKR49 - 2014 (Kontenrahmen)

Ein Muss für Steuerberater und Buchhalter und Alle, die nicht gerne auf Papier suchen. Blitzschnelle Freitext-Suche nach Suchwort oder Kontonummer Standardkontenrahmen 49 für das Jahr 2014 SKR49: Verein, Stiftung, Gemeinnützige GmbH

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Download Point of Sales Retail POS Pro Point of Sales Retail POS Pro icon
Point of Sales Retail POS Pro

Point of Sales - Retail POS Pro Point of Sales(POS) - POS for retail shops with Optional Credit Card Processing built in. POS, Point of Sales, for retail for your android phone! R.M. POS will give you ability to ring up sale any place your phone can go. It can also accept credit cards with merchant accounts. R.M. POS has secure card reader to mak…

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Download Tycoon SMB PRO - Invoice/POS Tycoon SMB PRO - Invoice/POS icon
Tycoon SMB PRO - Invoice/POS

Tycoon SMB (Small & Medium Business) is a comprehensive INVOICE / RETAIL BILLING / POS application incorporating "Best in Trade" practices specially for Individual run businesses, service producers, utility,corner moving shops,Line salesman, Route sales,Hawkers,Distributors Line/Field/Route Sales etc. App will handle Sales Order &a…

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