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Client application for videoNEXT STRATUS (ver 2.7 ... 3.6) line of digital surveillance applications. * Connect to one or more of STRATUS servers * View video for live and archived streams * Control cameras with PTZ * Review Events * Work with multiple Roles and device Sets Please note this application works with STRATUS version 3.6 and earlier.…

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Working at Heights Pro

Working at Heights: This course gives an overview of current legislation and instructs the learner on how to safely Work at Heights. There are other options for rolling the course out to your company: Customisation: The course prefers primarily to UK and EU legislation but the content can be customised to your organisation's requirements.…

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Blow up the tasks you've completed! "Explosive ToDo", a Fresh and Exhilarating To-do List Management Tool! This is a simple To-do management tool. When you complete a task however, you blow it up! It's satisfying to blow a task up, and encourages you to get on to the next task. Function - Completing a task causes it to explode -…

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Ozeki HTTP SMS Gateway Full

Use your Android smartphone as a full-featured SMS Gateway with Ozeki HTTP SMS Gateway. It can be used to connect your application to the mobile network to send and receive SMS messages without using any GSM modems. HTTP SMS Gateway can be connected to an applications, such as Ozeki NG SMS Gateway (, using HyperText Trans…

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Mow Time Lawn Care Business

As the host of the GopherHaul Lawn Care Business Show and the administrator of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, I see many newer lawn care business owners make money on small jobs and lose money on larger jobs. Why? Because they don’t have a way to scale up the variables needed to know how long a lawn care mowing job will take in order to make…

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SoldPaid is the best solution to keep the track of all your sales. Finally an application specifically designed for the sales people who are involved in the vehicle sales industry where is required tracking of sales to the point where they are paid to you. This app is particularly designed for sales involved in selling cars, bikes, boats, RVs, or a…

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Receipts InBox

Receipts InBox is an all-inclusive app for tracking and reporting Business Expenses with copies of your receipts, Mileage Log and Time Sheet. Generate and email expense reports in seconds as PDF. Receipts InBox tracks receipt data and allows you to generate both PDF and CSV reports that can be shared with your email accounts. The PDF reports are…

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Contact Manager MS CRM

Manage your MS Dynamics CRM Contact and Contact related activites using this easy to user Client application that directly works with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM server. In addition to the usual information browsing and editing features, it provides integration with the Android device applications that makes it easy for you to make phone calls to a…

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myPitch: job interview answers

Sell yourself in a job interview in 30 seconds or less. Craft a powerful elevator pitch. Learn answers the trickiest job interview questions with this app. If you have an important job interview or meeting coming up, then this is the app for you. Did you know almost 1 in 5 job interviewers will make up their minds about you in less than 5 minutes?…

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Sales Commander

Sales Commander Full Version A trial version is available for you to evaluate. Sales Commander is sales software for small business and individuals are performing work or making sales on site whether at a job-site or a customer's office/home. Sales Commander let's you manage information about your customers, agents, locations, as well as…

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Prez Bar

Do you use your tablet or smartphone to give presentations? Accentuate your presentation with Prez Bar, the interactive presentation toolbar! The toolbar runs on top of all other apps and can be easily hidden when it is not needed and shown when it is. The tools can be used to draw or write on top of other apps that you are using to give a present…

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Download Wage Slave Pay Tracker (PRO) Wage Slave Pay Tracker (PRO) icon
Wage Slave Pay Tracker (PRO)

See how much you're earning every second with this easy to use wage/pay tracking app. Just enter your pay rate, and whether it's per hour, day, or week and press start. Select stop to see your final total. Review your daily, monthly and yearly earnings update in real-time. A statistics page is included that shows each start/stop session.…

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