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CP Trackers (beta)

Cool Trackers tracked From this app will track the mascots at pst (app is only in beta)

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Download FREEDOM - Bonus Calculator FREEDOM - Bonus Calculator icon
FREEDOM - Bonus Calculator

A Calculator to quickly show how many £'s of orders you need to reach your next Bonus Level. Simply: 1. Enter the Bonus Level you are aiming for 2. Enter your current amount of orders in BP 3. Press CALCULATE Watch Demo Video: You can now see how many £'s worth of orders you need to hit the Bonus Level. We r…

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Download Simple eBay Fees Calc UK Simple eBay Fees Calc UK icon
Simple eBay Fees Calc UK

Ebay & Paypal Fees Calculator is a simple and easy to use app that will quickly work out the fees that Ebay & Paypal charge when listing items on Ebay! (Fees correct as of 27/11/16) **100% AD FREE!!!** Setup for Ebay Sellers, this app will calculate how much both Ebay & Paypal will charge when an item is listed. (listing fees not incl…

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Blogger Network

Are you looking to connect with more Bloggers AND Brands? You've find the Blogger Network! We're based in Liverpool, but we welcome Brands and Bloggers from all over the UK - we're the match makers. The 'Cupid' of the Blogger World. You'll have your own Profile to Favourite Events, Discounts, Brand Projects, Rewards - plus B…

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Download WorkM8 WorkM8 icon

Workshop Companion Application for the AutoFlow:4G Bodyshop Management System version 5.07 > • Capture/View job images • View repair methods • Book time to job tasks • View job parts PLEASE NOTE - This application will ONLY work alongside the AUTOFLOW:4G bodyshop management system. - ARM based chipset devices ONLY.

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Download Appraiser Dashboard Appraiser Dashboard icon
Appraiser Dashboard

Appraiser Dashboard technology streamlines your process by managing your workflow from any mobile device. No longer will you have to go to multiple portals for each client; accept, schedule, update, and complete orders utilizing your Appraiser Dashboard cloud app.

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Download KiddoCare Day Care Management KiddoCare Day Care Management icon
KiddoCare Day Care Management

KiddoCare is a full service daycare management application intended for small, home based child care. With KiddoCare, the daycare provider will be able to track attendance, set schedules, reminders, and even generate a professional billing report for their customers. A full list of features is explained below. Settings This is where the user will…

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Download Engineering quantity estimate Engineering quantity estimate icon
Engineering quantity estimate

-engineering quantity estimate for concrete inventory is best way to help engineer in the site to know cubed meter of concrete for each statical element. برنامج الحصر الهندسي المخصص للخرسانات هو من اسهل الوسائل للمهندس في الموقع لتقدير الكميات ومعرفة التكعيب للمنشأ الخرساني يتوفر باللغتين العربية والانجليزية -special view . -easy to use. -…

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Download SAP Table Guide SAP Table Guide icon
SAP Table Guide

Designed for SAP Consultants, Super User and Core Team Please read before you buy it - Document out function is not fully implemented But you can email out Tables. 1) Email out Tables Names 2) Search Business Process related Tables. This app includes SAP tables from; 1. Production Planning and Process Manufacturing (PP- PPPI) 2. Quality Manag…

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Download Split Sale Split Sale icon
Split Sale

Quickly and easily split a sale with another person.

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Download Reverse Forging Calculator RFC Reverse Forging Calculator RFC icon
Reverse Forging Calculator RFC

Complete Blacksmith's Forging Shop Calculator & Reference Library. Easy to use - Full Version - No Advertisements - No Headaches - Made in the USA In the world of Production Open Die and Step Down Shaft Forging, blacksmiths will take a piece of metal, heat this metal for a set time and temperature until it is red hot, before it is rotated…

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