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CP Trackers (beta)

Cool Trackers tracked From this app will track the mascots at pst (app is only in beta)

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Touch Notes

This app allows you to write your to-do list as a post it paper. You can save your data in a visual way and open them whenever you want. write freehand, write the text by pressing the button text, place what you wrote in the post it, save the image of what you have created, press + and open the image by entering the name of the previously saved fi…

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HOW TO START & OPERATE A SUCCESSFUL CO-OP MAILING SERVICE Co-op mailing is a (good business idea) for mail order business persons as it is cheap and easy to operate. It is good not only for (entrepreneur ideas), but also for (home based business opportunities). Co-op mailing results in hassle-free operations of (mail order business). This app…

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Mail Order Riches

“I have ways of making money that you know nothing of.” Money is an essential and basic necessity in a modern economy. In the beginning of human existence, human needs were so simple that they could be satisfied by barter system **IN THIS APP YOU WILL FIND WAYS TO MAKE MONEY “MONEY-MAKERS' GUIDE TO EASY MAIL ORDERS RICHES” ** How to make mon…

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Gross Profit Margin Calculator

Having trouble working out your margins, sale price or cost prices? Need to see what profit you can make if you discount your sales? How about what profit you can make by splitting a multi-pack? Our Gross Margin Calculator does all this in one easy app.

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Powered by Oakley Mobile, Tadaaa! aggregates App Annie, Google Analytics & Flurry to give you a comprehensive view of app usage and downloads, revenues and in-app-purchases, reviews, events and more! To celebrate the unveiling, Tadaaa! is available for a limited period at £0.69p. Download it now before the special introductory price disappears…

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Selling Techniques

Selling techniques is an aid to assist you with your selling to your customers,it will help you remember the sales scripts you need to know. If you use this app along side your selling, then you will find it helps you progress in your sales,and make sure you close the sale. Because selling is so competetive and so much competition out their,this ap…

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Your resume at your fingertips! Keep your resume always updated. Enter your infos easily for: * Profile; * Work Experience; * Education; * Known languages ​​and their relative proficiency; * Professional, personal, social skills and technical knowledge; * Additional Infos (Driving Licence, Projects, Memberships, Presentations, References)…

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Workshop Companion Application for the AutoFlow:4G Bodyshop Management System version 5.07 > PLEASE NOTE - This application will ONLY work alongside the AUTOFLOW:4G bodyshop management system

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Download Official IT Journal 4a series Official IT Journal 4a series icon
Official IT Journal 4a series

The application allows you to see all text of the Official Journal of the Italian Republic - 4th Special Series - Contests from 1999 onwards. IMPORTANT: This is an UNOFFICIAL APPLICATION. We accept no responsibility for any errors and/or deficiencies in the texts displayed. Please note that the only final text is published in the Official Gazette…

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Domain Gadgets AdFree

Sitting somewhere trying to figure out what domain name to use for your new project? Get Domain Gadgets now and shake out your favorite domains before someone else does! *** This is the AdFree version. There is also a free ad-supported version available. Just search for Domain Gadgets *** The newest version of Domain Gadgets contains the followin…

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