Download The Impossible Card Trick The Impossible Card Trick icon

The Impossible Card Trick

Imagine taking out your phone and loading up the five card impossible...

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$4.78 | 9.2 55

9.2 Users
Download 52 on 1 Card Trick Premium 52 on 1 Card Trick Premium icon

52 on 1 Card Trick Premium

Have a spectator select a card, you comment how you have a picture of...

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$0.99 $1.99 | 9.8 2

9.8 Users
Download Ultimate Prediction Card Trick Ultimate Prediction Card Trick icon

Ultimate Prediction Card Trick

Here is a great 4 way knockout prediction card trick. The magician cu...

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£1.99 £2.20 | 7.4 10

7.4 Users
Download Magic Card Trick Magic Card Trick icon

Magic Card Trick

Welcome to TheMagicTrick.net Our App isn’t technically a trick; it’s...

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$1.25 | 10 2

10 Users
Download ezCardTrick (easy card magic) ezCardTrick (easy card magic) icon

ezCardTrick (easy card magic)

If you use this app you can know the card secretly without seeing scre...

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₩1,000 | 8 5

8 Users
Download Learn Magic Card Tricks Learn Magic Card Tricks icon

Learn Magic Card Tricks

From today we at MAAM Apps will drop the price to its lowest possible...

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$1.07 $8.05 | 0 0

Download Missing Card Trick Missing Card Trick icon

Missing Card Trick

This is a simple card trick once you know the secret. Amaze your frien...

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$1.99 | 2 1

2 Users
Download Card Tricks Revealed Card Tricks Revealed icon

Card Tricks Revealed

Card Tricks Revealed is the complete guide, covering the basics to the...

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Download Best Card Trick Best Card Trick icon

Best Card Trick

Ready for some quick trick and impress everyone? Well all you need i...

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$0.99 | 2 2

2 Users
Download Sleight of Hand - Magic Trick Sleight of Hand - Magic Trick icon

Sleight of Hand - Magic Trick

A magic app like never before! The Sleight of Hand can be used to com...

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$4.99 | 10 3

10 Users
Download Casino Crime Casino Crime icon

Casino Crime

Start your criminal career in the glamorous world of gambling! Help lu...

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$2.03 $1.99 | 8.2 229

8.2 Users
Download Foto Prediction - Magic Trick Foto Prediction - Magic Trick icon

Foto Prediction - Magic Trick

Ask a spectator to name out a card and instantly reveal that card with...

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$4.50 | 8.4 26

8.4 Users

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