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The Impossible Card Trick

Imagine taking out your phone and loading up the five card impossible card trick app and passing

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Magic Trick #6

cards, business cards, credit cards, coins, chips, flyers,... Magic trick designed by Mikael Montier

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Magic Trick #1

newspapers, magic magazines, high-tech blogs... Yahoo Tech - David Pogue "I love, love, love this trick

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Telecard - Magic Trick

It is very easy to perform and learn. All you need to do this incredible trick is any deck of cards

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Magic Card Trick

Welcome to TheMagicTrick.net Our App isn’t technically a trick; it’s more of a prop to perform

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Ultimate Prediction Card Trick

the exception that there is 1 J,Q, K card in that pile. It's a great card trick that will have your friends

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MindShot - Card Trick System

Amaze your friends and family with this simple but effective card tricks system, which comprises

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Houdini's last magic trick

A magic trick you can perform with your phone. The magician shows photos of Houdini, and asks

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Magic Trick TelepatiCard

Choose a group of the 52 cards that exists, if you choose 6 there are 14.658.134.400 different

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Revealed - Magic Trick

on the phone. Another great way of showing this trick is to add this to your killer card routine

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