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"YOOM manga" is the perfect Manga comic viewer for small devices such as tablets and smartphones. It's intelligent frame detection technology brings you a perfect Manga comic reading experience. (1) Zoom In and Out "YOOM manga" frame detection engine perform automated zooming in and out. Each frame scrolls smoothly in the p…

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Understanding various things well. God(unknown) and Christ(unknown) make the world nobody knows. This is the anthem comic of the 21st century. This is the precious book of the 22nd century. Release it in ""OUTLINE OF GENESIS"", Android application here. - Somebody said; when ""this is a ""HINOTORI"…

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Met Comico kan je al je strips op een heel eenvoudige manier beheren. Zoek een stripreeks zoals 'De rode ridder', 'Suske en Wiske', 'Jommeke', 'Urbanus', 'Nero' of vele anderen en duid aan welke stripboek je hebt of ooit gelezen hebt. Comico geeft op een handige manier aan welke strips je nog zoekt, waar je…

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The Smurfs - The Giant Smurf

When a stifling heat reigns over the country of the Smurfs and the crops dry-up Papa Smurf comes up with a magical fertilizer. But when Hefty Smurf is hit by a drop of the fluid the Smurfs find out what it means to be larger than life. For the first time ever the Smurf Classics Series is now available for your ANDROID device from zuuka. The classi…

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Colonel Ivan Alexander Vageena that came from Russia is a happy comic that holds out with Beloved dog, Gorby in Kenya in Africa. Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Seller: FOXBAT Co.,Ltd. Copyright 零願雷鐘

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1/Recycled Paper Fortress(JPN)

Wanna put on fashionable clothes. Wanna search for the essence of the technique. And the world of SHUKATSU is KIMOI. Such things are common sense. Tetsu Kayama do the market-in. But still the product-oriented. Can you associate with the woman who reads Spinoza? (This is MANGA by Japanese.) Total 50 pages. this software includes the work tha…

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Nekollection Manga Reader

Nekollection is a fast, light yet powerful Manga / Comics reader. Note: No manga included ! You have to provide your own as .ZIP / .CBZ files. Features: - Simple, ergonomic user interface. Hardware accelerated ! - Highly optimized for a wide variety of devices and screens. From the smallest smartphone to the largest tablet. - Support for archiv…

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Funny Pics LOL Pro

Amazing Funny Pics to get you LOL & Laughs! Share the best Funny Pics with your Friends!

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All your favorite superheroes and villains in the palm of your hand! Who's stronger, Hulk or Superman?... who's tougher, the Thing or Colossus?... who has more power, Silver Surfer or Martian Manhunter? Find out for yourself with the Superhero Database app!! Compare up to four heroes or villains side-by-side with the unique comparison…

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VR Comics - Horror 3 Stories

VR Comics Horror Three Stories - The Dark Mirror, The Thing From The Lake, The Unseen Experience these classic dark comics in a Virtual Reality environment. Use your phone and VR Cardboard device to experience these classical tracks. * Magnify each page for detailed viewing * Pages and pages to explore * Hands Free gaze controls allow you to turn…

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