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Pango Comics

Dive into the MAGIC of reading. PANGO COMICS helps children from 3 years old read stories "all by themselves". FOLLOW the story without speech bubbles or text, and LAUGH at gentle and funny twists. Big square boxes, clean and simple layouts, and a fluid narration to get familiar with the MAGIC of reading. Through delicious adventures,…

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Iron King Animanga 1

Based off the New York Times best selling novels. The Iron King is the first book in the Iron Fey series, and follows the adventures of a girl named Meghan Chase. On her sixteenth birthday, Meghan discovers her little brother has been kidnapped by a faery race known as "the Fey" and even worse, replaced with an evil changeling and taken i…

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COMICLOUD Vol.2, No.10 English

COMICLOUD is the world's first monthly manga magazine dedicated solely to an e-publishing format. If you need more infomation, come and check our website, [New Episodes of Hit Manga Series!] Read more from Takeshi Okamoto's QUADRIFOGLIO 2, the world's only dedicated Alfa Romeo manga, along with DEMENTIA 21…

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ezComicPro is comic & manga viewer. You can enjoy a simple but perfect comic. ezComicPro is a paid version. The Free version is market://details?id=com.roxia.easycomicviewer [Feature] 1.Image and Zip file support. 2.Quick Zip File Load. 3.Image zoom, shrink, move 4.Will not occurs Pixel breakage at a zoom Image 5.Split Image View 6.Page-move…

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Scott Pilgrim

149 pages! 720 frames! Extras! Join Scott on his awesome adventure as he fights Ramona's 7 evil exes, in a struggle that will make your mobile buzz with excitement. Part one of the epic graphic novel. Comic © Bryan Lee O'Malley App © HarperCollins & Robot Comics

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Dragonland Chap01

The story based on Legendary of Battles between Mountain and Sea gods. 3 Vietnamese young student fall into mystery trail of awaking the good God for defending against dark army.

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Sweet Mother

Once upon a time in the animal kingdom, the youth felt that all the aged animals were no longer productive. The aged ones were accused of feeding fat on the economy of the kingdom without contributing to it. As a result of this, the youth revolted and took over the control of the kingdom. These educative, entertaining and exciting comic books will…

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Manga Pose Tool 3D Breakthrough Manga figure posing tool for the artist. Now you can always have your very own reference Manga model with you. You can create any pose quickly with an easy to use pose interface. Its simple, just select the body part and then pose the figure. You can pose both the Manga male and female figure. The coolest fea…

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