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Pepper is Selfish

Pepper is an app which educates children, makes them learn good ways of life by narrating different stories. A good tool for children to understand how they need be be disciplined and humble in life. Watch more apps, which help you to narrate interesting fun filled stories to children taking help of Pepper. Every App comes as a colourful movie, wit…

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Meme Warehouse

With Meme Warehouse you can view an amazing collection of the most popular and funniest Memes. Save on SD Card or share them on any social networking sites like facebook, twitter, Google Hangout etc and also through bluetooth, email, chat etc. Easily navigate meme after meme. Randomly select a meme and have that laugh. With Meme Warehouse Unlimited…

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Jerry Seinfeld Jokes

This app presents you with a series of quotes and share your thoughts related to Jerry Seinfeld. Features: -Random Quotes -Bookmarking -Share Comments/Thought -Quick Automatic Setup Upcoming: -Add your own Quotes -Stats on Bookmarks, Quotes, Authors etc

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Droid Scare Camera

prank prank prank prank prank prank prank prank prank prank prank prank prank prank prank prank Fool your friend into taking a photo using your phone. They will be in for a fright! Features a Zombie+LOUD Scream! *Fixed camera issues *Scare Loads faster! *Added Animated Scare prank prank prank prank prank prank

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ComiView This application is an image viewer that specializes in the function to read the comic. [Function] This application corresponds to picture file jpeg, png, gif, and bmp. This application corresponds to archive file zip and rar. Pinch zoom Record Bookmark

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Download Woe is Oz – Issue #3 Woe is Oz – Issue #3 icon
Woe is Oz – Issue #3

Being the bodyguard to Queen Ozma, you have your work cut out for you. General Jinjur reflects back on the trials and tribulations of Queen Ozma's first days as sitting Queen of Oz. Witness firsthand the events that led to Dorothy's inevitable arrival.

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A Duck Has An Adventure

You are a duck! What do you want? Maybe you want to embark on high adventure on the open seas, woo beautiful pirate queens and seek buried treasure? Maybe you want to get yourself an education, push back the boundaries of science and explore the worlds of art and literature? Or maybe you just want a quite life by the pond, begging for scraps of…

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Droid Scare Pro (On Sale!)

Select 1 of 10 Screens! When the screen is clicked, victim will be in for a fright! 10 Screens Inc.Incoming Call+LOUD Scream! Bug fixes *Music now stops on Exit! *Visit for Preview!

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Comic: Trials of the Lard

In this whacky fantasy comic, a hero of ancient times debarks on a quest to rescue his hometown from an evil tyrant. Battling his way through scores of monsters, he relies on his wits, his trusty pig and a disgusting fatty dish to emerge victorious. 65 panels. Classic black and white. English version. Exclusive mobile edition. Swipe the screen to…

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