Download Mingle8PRO Facebook Video Chat Mingle8PRO Facebook Video Chat icon
Mingle8PRO Facebook Video Chat

Mingle8 - Facebook Video Chat @ 8pm Facebook Video Chat with up to 4 of your Facebook friends at a time via the Mingle8 mobile video chat application and converse over real-time web browser still picture presentation slides. During the 8pm hour, Mingle8 users are given the opportunity to meet, greet, and Mingle8 with a fantastic group of diverse…

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Download TelecoCS1K by CALECO Ventures TelecoCS1K by CALECO Ventures icon
TelecoCS1K by CALECO Ventures

TelecoCS1K provides Avaya / Nortel Communication Server 1000 (CS1K) users with remote control of Mobile Extensions (Mobile X), and other remote access features accessible via CS1K Flexible Feature Codes (FFC) using your Android device. TelecoCS1K uses the mobile telephone network to enable these services. There is no data connection required betwee…

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Download Sybla Australia - Caller ID Sybla Australia - Caller ID icon
Sybla Australia - Caller ID

Identify unknown callers with full information thanks to Sybla Australia. Sybla Australia automatically identifies incoming callers and, if available, displays the name, address and city of the caller as the phone rings and without any complex setup. There is NO limit to how often you can fetch Caller ID Plug n Play! No need of complex setup! Onc…

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Download BT Tethering Manager PRO BT Tethering Manager PRO icon
BT Tethering Manager PRO

This is a PRO version of Bluetooth Tethering Manager, before buying this, try the FREE version to make sure that It's working on your devices. Pro features: - homescreen widget - reconnecting and stopping service form notification - removed ads Tired of connecting and disconnecting your devices to save your battery? Bluetooth Tethering Mana…

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Download There Soon! There Soon! icon
There Soon!

There Soon! allows you to automatically send a text when you're close to your destination. Quickly set up a new location and when enabled, There Soon! will detect how far you are away. Once you are within your chosen radius There Soon! will send a text automatically and then turn off. Perfect for when driving. Setting up a new location is sim…

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Download SecretCalls SecretCalls icon

Secret Calls by h2quadrat is a telephony solution for companies wishing to encrypt their smartphone-to-smartphone calls. Calls are encrypted using the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), one of the world’s most widely used and secure encryption methods. Dynamic key negotiation is performed for every call to guarantee maximum security. The e…

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Download Call Info Viewer(Caller Memo) Call Info Viewer(Caller Memo) icon
Call Info Viewer(Caller Memo)

"Call Info Viewer" display caller's information that stored in contracts on the screen when you receive a phone call. It realtime display information that stored on 'Organization/Job title', 'Notes' fields in contacts, and it also let you know latest call time information and it helps you understand caller information…

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Download Call Recorder PRO Call Recorder PRO icon
Call Recorder PRO

With Call Recorder PRO you can record your phone calls in and out by pressing only the power button! If you are looking for something different or different qualities try to change the configuration... (other supported formats, various audio sources for recording). The calls are saved on your phone and you can access it easily by clicking on '…

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Download Sign Language Wales Sign Language Wales icon
Sign Language Wales

An app version of the Wales Council for Deaf People's Welsh Book of Sign, which contains illustrations and video clips of commonly used words. Key Features: VOICE SEARCH: Search for a sign using your voice. OFFLINE MODE: The app can be used without internet connection (Video clips excluded). SIGN GROUPS: Signs grouped by common themes e.g f…

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Download Brownen TTS voice (English) Brownen TTS voice (English) icon
Brownen TTS voice (English)

Make your telephone or tablet speak to you with Voxygen’s Best-of-Vox Voices. The Brownen voice reads aloud any English text. Get rid of flat voices with no expression or personality! Discover Natural and Fun Voices, and listen to a sample here: Follow us on Twitter to keep up wi…

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Download My Emergency And Safety My Emergency And Safety icon
My Emergency And Safety

Just enter a number and hold down the emergency button and release it if you want to summon help. It automatically sends your gps coordinates in an SMS to the person you choose.

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