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QText:Reject Text & Blacklist

5★ Rated App: Send Text/SMS after rejecting/declining incoming as well as ★ Outgoing calls, Fast Redial, Send Auto Text using Profile Widget, Make Templates+Buddy pairs. Bunch of features in one app. ★Ignore calls but not caller: 1. Incoming call reject SMS/Text : Lets you ignore an incoming call & send message. It can also send default cust…

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Download Decay Decay icon

Activity Calculator. You can select the isotope, introducing the activity measured in microcuries or Megabecquerel, date and time of measurement, and the date and time for which you want to know the activity. The results will be shown in microcuries and Megabecquerel.

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Download Morse Code Quiz & Cheat Sheet Morse Code Quiz & Cheat Sheet icon
Morse Code Quiz & Cheat Sheet

Learn Morse code with flashcards, listing guide, and multiple-choice quiz. Includes content for the alphabet, numbers, and special characters such as comma, question mark, & more. * Track quiz top score * Text message quiz to a friend * Record incorrect answers to email * Learn to communicate in secret with Morse code keywords: morse code tra…

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Download WYDI (Full version) WYDI (Full version) icon
WYDI (Full version)

WYDI is a Gestures-based Contacts book and application launcher, allowing you to call/text/email your contacts using Gestures you've defined, as well launch applications on your phone with Gestures. Full version allows unlimited Gestures. User's Guide will be up on blog (linked below) soon. We appreciate your feedback!

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Download Silence Call Silence Call icon
Silence Call

You can specify a list of contacts which will be silenced forever, even your phone is not in silence mode.

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Download call sms mail to my love call sms mail to my love icon
call sms mail to my love

anglaisfrançaisarabeAlpha This application allows you to make a call, send a text message or an email to your love. For this it is sufficient that the contact is reference to the name: my love. To call press the application icon, and wait 5 seconds the number is dialed automatically. To send an SMS, after pressing the icon of the application, cl…

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Download Shortcut 3 in 1 Shortcut 3 in 1 icon
Shortcut 3 in 1

The simplest application for speed-dial, speed SMS or speed mail you can get! One touch to dial/call a number, send e-mail or SMS! Easy to configure! No limitations, create as many shortcuts as you wish! Just choose a number or e-mail address from Contacts and we create a shortcut on your Home Screen for you. Then tap a shortcut to dial/call, se…

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Download Excuse Messages Excuse Messages icon
Excuse Messages

Once again too late? Again overslept? No interest in this date and you just want to stay at home? Then get help from Excuse Messages and search yourself a suitable excuse from a wide range! Enter the name, press the send button and you're done.

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Download Finger Wheel Finger Wheel icon
Finger Wheel

It gives you the ability to - make your contacts easily accessible by assigning them to numbers on a wheel - define as many wheels as you like - each of them with different sets of contacts - send an SMS or e-mail to a group of people/contacts in a very fast and convenient way - customize each wheel individually Watch the video and feel free to te…

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Download Relay ME, Unlocker Relay ME, Unlocker icon
Relay ME, Unlocker

This is handy when you can't get Relay ME on your device directly from Google Play or are having problems with in-app billing. You can download it from somewhere else and activate all the features using this unlocker app. Unlike the old pro app/unlocker it doesn't require special permissions and is installable on all Android devices running…

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Download Universal BlueTooth SPP full Universal BlueTooth SPP full icon
Universal BlueTooth SPP full

This app lets you send user defined commands to any BlueTooth module/device supporting SPP class. You can also edit the app layout - remove/rename buttons. This is the full version, for testing you can also download the LITE version with restriction to save user defined settings.

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Download Emergency Services Costa Rica Emergency Services Costa Rica icon
Emergency Services Costa Rica

THERE ARE MULTIPLE VERSIONS OF THIS APP FOR DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. Please choose the right one for your country. This is the CostaRica version. Especially when going on business trips and holidays. For Accident and emergency services only. You will never know when you will need this app, includes police, medical and fire services numbers for the cou…

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