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Hang Up Tone

Easiest way to play a ringtone, vibrate or even play TTS when a call ends - so you know that is has ended! Are you also not always sure whether the call has ended or not? Or if the line has been disconnected? With Hang Up Tone you no longer have to be in doubt! Hang Up Tone allows you to configure a ringtone and vibration to play at the end of ea…

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Download Advanced Call or Sms Blocker Advanced Call or Sms Blocker icon
Advanced Call or Sms Blocker

*Gingerbead Support* Advanced Call/SMS/MMS Blocker 1) Block all 2) Block not in contacts 3) Block unknown/restricted 4) Block numbers that start with... 5) Block individual 6) Import from contacts 7) Import from call log 8) Import from SMS/MMS log Block Types 1) Send to voicemail 2) Pick up and hang up *Addtional* On block send a custom text me…

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Download Parasaur Web Browser Parasaur Web Browser icon
Parasaur Web Browser

Parasaur Web Browser is a streamlined mobile web browsing experience and an attempt to simplify the mobile browser concept. In early stages of development, PaulMakesApps realized that most people only use the same few websites on their phones. In our opinion, many existing web browsers do not optimize the mobile browser concept, because they are to…

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Better Social Media App

The only permissions required in this app is for Internet, Camera, Network State and Wifi State. That is it! Only things that you should need for a web based app! And we will never ask for anything beyond that. You will lose some of the feature rich content, but it is secure and easy to use! You will be able to use the mobile Facebook website witho…

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Download TextOnly Reader Pro TextOnly Reader Pro icon
TextOnly Reader Pro

TextOnly (Ads Free) is a browser/reader which reduces data usage by 80-90% by displaying only readable content from webpages.It strips unwanted content like ads,scripts,images etc. This is Ads free version of the popular TextOnly Browser which has been mentioned in topsites.(See below) NewYork Times -…

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Download Anonymous hack chat Anonymous hack chat icon
Anonymous hack chat

Connect to the official Anonymous server. be a part of the Revolution and buy this APP it will let you connect with other Anonymous users. this App uses the AnonOPS Webchat IRC client. it just connects you thru. its very helpfull! the server is thirdparty and mantained by AnonOPS . the creator of this APP is not accountable or responsible for any…

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Download Group SMS Pro & Scheduler Group SMS Pro & Scheduler icon
Group SMS Pro & Scheduler

Group SMS utility: - Send SMS to groups or individual in one click - Template enabled with various keywords (ex. $name) - Schedule to send group SMS (in midnight or anytime) And more: - Easily to pick contacts/groups synced with Google Contacts - Remember & reuse sent items - Support blast SMS via Google Voice - Send from .csv file (PRO only)…

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Download Contacts Grid Contacts Grid icon
Contacts Grid

Displays your contact icons in a grid for quick access - a visual speed dial! Choose: * which contacts/numbers to show and the name displayed * number of rows and columns in the grid for landscape and portrait * actions for short and long clicks: * view contact * call * send SMS * Quick Contact popup Internet permission: for new optional…

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Download Contacts Dialer Widget Contacts Dialer Widget icon
Contacts Dialer Widget

With Contacts Dialer widget you can call, text or show contact screen with just one click - directly from your Smartphone homescreen. To place the widget on your homescreen enter your apps drawer >> tap the widgets tab >> press & hold to pick up the widget.

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Download Morse Code Transmitter Morse Code Transmitter icon
Morse Code Transmitter

Uses the camera flash to send Morse code signals. Can be operated in two ways: -Manual (Press the "Tap to Signal" button to operate) -Automatic (Type a message and press "Transmit") Keywords: morse code flashlight telegraph signal military boy scouts navy communication automatic transmitter receiver transmission secret encrypti…

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Download Reverse Tether Reverse Tether icon
Reverse Tether

ReverseTether allows you to access your computer's internet connection on your device via USB, thus, reverse tethering. It's the first and only app of its kind on Google Play, no other app does such a thing. [Please read the full description before reading negative reviews or look for all the positive reviews on the next page] This app ma…

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Download My Barber My Barber icon
My Barber

Time Reservation app for barbershops Benefits for hairdessers: 1. Time Confliction Avoidance 2. Faster Reservation 3. Searching for customers is much easier than searching in your note book. 4. Your phone is always with you, so you can even reserve time for customers when you are not in barber shop. 5.…

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