Download Audible Broadcast Audible Broadcast icon
Audible Broadcast

Audible Broadcast uses frequency modulation to transmit data over the air with frequencies close to those of human voice range. Turn on the transmitter to send a message repeatedly. Turn on the receiver to start listening the air. Press CLS button to clear the receiver window. Messages being sent are heard by all receiving devices around. Environme…

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Download Live Ghost Box Stream 2 Live Ghost Box Stream 2 icon
Live Ghost Box Stream 2

This player will allow you to listen to Stream #2 from Live Ghost Box. It has background play (so you can open up other apps) and it will pause if you have an incoming call. There is also a contact section where you can visit our website, facebook page, and more. ******* PLEASE READ BELOW ******* ABOUT PERMISSIONS: This app will NOT make any phon…

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Download SULADS ToolBoX SULADS ToolBoX icon

SULADS ToolBoX is designed to provide you resources for inreach and outreach tools..If you are in Thailand and you love to share Jesus to you Buddhist friends, then SULADS ToolBoX is for you! What is included in version 1.1? -English and Thai Bible with very easy English for our Thai members who want to learn English. -28 SDA Fundamental Belief…

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Download SmsVocalProd SmsVocalProd icon

Sending a message to several contacts with 1 voice command Selecting, replacing or deleting text with voice Reading messages with voice synthesis Saving and importing text files Phone calls Customizable voice commands Recognition of punctuation (point, comma,!,?) Custom Contact List Vocal Emoticons ..

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Download Sync Phone to FTP Sync Phone to FTP icon
Sync Phone to FTP

The goal of this application is to enable you to sync folders on your phone to an FTP server. * The Folders will be synced recursively * The pictures will be synced with their full size * You will get a notification about how much files have been synced and when the sync has finished. In the first version, you trigger the sync manually. The folder…

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Download Auto Answer Unlimited Auto Answer Unlimited icon
Auto Answer Unlimited

Auto answer by sms – This great app will auto respond message to incoming calls and incoming messages once you are driving, in a meeting, watching a movie, sleeping, in a school, or just where you would prefer not to be disturbed. Features: - Set up multiple profiles for auto answer(one for driving, one for sleeping, one for class etc). - Ea…

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Download GPC Messenger 200 SE2 GPC Messenger 200 SE2 icon
GPC Messenger 200 SE2

With GPC Messenger 200 SE2 there is no limit to the size files you can send. Enjoy group massenging, animated emojis, secret chats and so many more cool features download this amazing app today!

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