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Let's Chat(Video+Screenshare)

Video chat and screenshare with your friends and family for free, no matter what device they are on! - Make high-quality video and voice calls on android devices and other platforms as well. - Make free video and voice calls over your 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection* -Create Room or join an existing room to start video chat with the members in the g…

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Download Bluetooth Messenger - Premium Bluetooth Messenger - Premium icon
Bluetooth Messenger - Premium

This app allows you to create your own chat room that people around can join in via Bluetooth connection. Features: - Customize your own avatar color and name easily. - Chat with multiple friends in the same room (maximum number of people depends on how many Bluetooth connections the room host's device can establish simultaneously, normally it…

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Aferstop is an app that combines file sharing (for license and registration information) and video chat, so that interactions between American cop and citizen can be recorded and begin happening from a safer distance. By allowing information (driver’s license, open carry license, registration, criminal background, etc.) to be exchanged and confirme…

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Download WiCom WiCom icon

WiCom lets you send free messages and make free calls to anyone on the same netrwork and have the app installed. WiCom does not use your Internet bandwidth, however it needs to be connected to a wifi hotspot to be able to work. Useful in your office/home or even outside. When outside where theres no hotspot you can create a virtual hotspot on yo…

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Download HumBugSMS HumBugSMS icon

Have you ever told someone that you sent them a message, without really sending it, but never had the proof to show? Check this out, this application is a simple messaging application that allows you to text normally, but also gives the user the option to send "Fake" messages without actually sending them! You can set your date and time…

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Download best hotspot video chat best hotspot video chat icon
best hotspot video chat

how to use : 1- first person click server. 2- second person click client. 3- second person wait alert for two device connected. 4- second person click to connect button (if not connect please click to connect button again. 5- push talking button to speak. 6. i wish you enjoy.

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Download Messages for Edge Panel Messages for Edge Panel icon
Messages for Edge Panel

The best Edge Panel for Messages application. *** Supported devices : Note 7, S7 Edge, S6 Edge Plus and S6 Edge. Messages for Edge Panel: A simple way to read and reply your messages quickly on Edge Panel. Support 3rd message applications: Hangout, Go SMS, ... ***Key features : - Read your conversations quickly. - Reply message by using voice…

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Download Rpdigital Certificado Rpdigital Certificado icon
Rpdigital Certificado

Tendo esse App você torna membro da equipe Rpdigital, garanta sua fidelidade.

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Download stopting call blocker PRO stopting call blocker PRO icon
stopting call blocker PRO

The intelligent stopting call blocker PRO App blocks unwanted calls automatically. By cross referencing with the stopting website and its database which is always up to date, unwanted numbers are automatically blocked without any action on your part. In addition, you can adjust the spam protection to your individual needs. Of course you can also…

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Download Uzaktan Kumanda Uzaktan Kumanda icon
Uzaktan Kumanda

Oyuncak arabalarınızı yada gerçek arabanızı bu uygulama sayesinde Bluetooth üzerinden uzaktan kumanda gibi kontrol edebilirsiniz. Ardunio rasberry pic devreleri ile Bluetooth modülü üzerinden haberleşme imkanı sağlar. Uygulama üzerinde yön butonların yanında gönderilecek veriyi belirleme ve kaydetme işlemini sağladıktan sonra yön buttonları ile bu…

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Download Whatscan Pro for WhatsApp web Whatscan Pro for WhatsApp web icon
Whatscan Pro for WhatsApp web

Whatscan Pro is the best and a easy App to open WhatsApp WEB in your Mobile without Desktop. What you can make by Whatscan Pro for WhatsApp web: - Read Messages. - Send Messages. - Change Profile Picture. - Change Profile Status. - Download Images. - Forward Images. - Send Image, Videos & Documents from Gallery. How working Whatscan Pro for W…

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