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Erhöhen Sie ihre Bluetooth-Geschwindigkeit um bis zu 80%. Schnellere Datenübertragung für Fotos, Dokumente und Mp3's. Sauberer Klang bei Headsets. Tags: Bluetooth,BlueTuning,blue

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Nummer informatie

Geeft de mogelijkheid om op elke mogelijke manier te zoeken in het telefoonboek / de nationale telefoongids. Tevens laat de telefoongids vermelding zien van iedereen die je zonder afgeschermd nummer belt. Suggesties zijn welkom! Als het programma een foutmelding geeft, zou je me dan willen mailen met meer informatie? Als ik de fout kan reproducer…

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TEN TODO LO QUE NECESITAS DE INTERNET AL ALCANCE DE TU MANO: Browser5 es un navegador que te permitirá mostrar un máximo de 5 páginas diferentes de forma simultánea.

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Dring Contact PRO

This application allows you to make your phone ring only for specific contacts, even in silent or vibrate mode. You do not wish to be disturbed, unless if the call or SMS come from your child or your home alarm. -Makes your phone ring for your key contacts even if your phone is on silent or vibrate mode. -Detection urgent call -Possibility of recu…

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Speak For Me App Pro

Now save a list of words and phrases for quick communication. Did you have your tonsils take out, hurts to speak, or are not feeling well? Have your phone speak for you when you cant. This app will take your text , and speak it for you in English or Spanish. If you do not mind a few ads, get the Free version here:…

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Map Your Wi-Fi - Paid

Formerly Wi-Fi Map Maker. Makes a map of Wi-Fi access points as you walk around. * Maps out the actual coverage of each access point (AP)! * AP names are displayed on the map * See street address and area of APs * You can select the criteria for inclusion on your map * Info is saved in a database on your phone Paid version: no ads, many Access Poi…

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Albatross Web Browser - Pro

With Tab UI, You can browse multiple information simultaneously. It's extremely easy to change the your tabs. 1. Bookmark - Just dragging bottom sheet then you can see your own bookmarks. 2. Tab - Upper side of Albatross application. you can create a tab. - Multiple information searching is a piece of a cake. 3. Theme - I am only one who pl…

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IceBl0ck Editor

THIS APP IS FOR USE WITH A RASPBERRY PI AND THE FREE ICEBL0CK SOFTWARE. PLEASE SEE WWW.ICEBL0CK.COM FOR DETAILS IceBl0ck Editor is the Official IceBl0ck telephone blocker App. New actions just added: Pimoroni Unicorn (Hat and pHat) support for RGB status light, Playing TTS,wav and callers phone number to a Chromecast speaker Recording t…

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Spam Call Blocker Pro

Block spam calls with the most popular Android app for blocking spam calls – Spam Call Blocker Pro. This highly user-friendly app is developed to be the best spam call filter app in the market. Spam Call Blocker Pro Features: • 6 methods to add spam callers in blocklist • Whitelist Contacts • Schedule Blocking • International Call Blocking • Voice…

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Emergency Button

Click on app widget or on the headset/headphone media button to send Emergency Alert SMS. An confirmation SMS is send back to the alert originator when OK button pressed in receiver. For people suffering (stay at home and lying in bed). Filter incoming calls allows for a peaceful vigil at night (eg. Accepts only alarms and designated numbers). ( o…

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Call Blocker Pro

Call Blocker Pro - An App to Block Spam Calls and Stop Telemarketers Calls A good way you can start on ensuring your safety and security is to block unwanted calls and through Call Blocker Pro app. Unique Features of Call Blocker App: • 6 methods to block spam calls • Call Blocking History • Allows You Block Unlimited Numbers • Customize the Lev…

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Anonymous Navegador WEB

Uwaga: Od dnia 20.11.2016. Zarobki z aplikacji pójdą na prezenty dla dzieci z domu dziecka w Madrycie ( Hiszpania ). Niech każde dziecko w dniu Bożego Narodzenia będzie szczęśliwe. W tym radosnym dniu dajmy dzieciom to co najlepsze. Partner akcji: Cruz Roja ( Hiszpański Czerwony Krzyż ) Przeglądarka interne…

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