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BUBL Ice Cream

70% off promotion for the holidays - download now! Create the world's first musical ice cream! Select scoops of ice cream, add a musical sauce, top it all off with berries, chocolate or cookies, then feed it to one of six unique characters. Create ice cream and music simultaneously: scoops, sauces, berries and cookies are all arranged into a…

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Nighty Night Circus

“Nighty Night Circus“ is the sequel to the most popular bedtime app of all time, Apple App of the Year 2012, “Nighty Night!“ More than 3 million parents bring their children to bed with “Nighty Night“. "Nighty Night Circus" has a magical setting and a very special bedtime-atmosphere full of animations and color. Children find themselv…

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Download CBSE MATHS Quiz Class 05_CH 02 CBSE MATHS Quiz Class 05_CH 02 icon
CBSE MATHS Quiz Class 05_CH 02

CBSE Mathematics Class 5 Chapter 02 Addition and Subtraction Quiz NCERT. No need of internet connection once downloaded. No advertisement application. Very Professional application for CBSE Class 5 students. Above 110 Questions in this quiz. Guaranteed Students expertise. is m-Learning, e-Learning and Game Bases Learning portal.

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ACKAD Spelling Learning Pro

ACKAD Kids Spelling Learning Pro is for Kids to learn spelling as well as typing. More than 300+ spellings to learn with pictures. If kids enter wrong spelling it will display it in red with sound play. We have designed kids keyboard especially so they can understand which fingers to use for typing. While pressing key it also plays sound of key. Ki…

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ACKAD Kids Math Learning Pro

ACKAD Kids Math Learning Pro application is designed for your kids to learn many maths items. Settings will help you to define minimum and maximum numbers limit as per you kid age. Features: 1. Counting of objects, we have included multiple objects. Kids can count objects easily and it shows help too. 2. Learning Addition of numbers with two layo…

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TOEIC Lockscreen Pro

Eng-Vie vocabulary lockscreen - NO ADS. - The app provides hundreds of different vocabulary. - You will master the TOEIC vocabulary to apply on the TOEIC test.

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Download Pratik Beyin Egzersizleri 3.0 Pratik Beyin Egzersizleri 3.0 icon
Pratik Beyin Egzersizleri 3.0

6 adet konu başlığında toplanmış Pratik Beyin Egzersizleri ile zihninizi güçlendirin. Örneğin; - karışık matematiksel işlemleri aklınızdan yapabilmek, - karşınızdaki insanın vücut dilini okuyarak aklından geçenleri bilmek, - mental açıdan daha dirençli bir hale gelmek, - daha efektif bir şekilde çalışmak, - stres yönetimi, gibi farklı alanla…

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IB Geography: Population

Revision guide for the IB Geography Core Unit: Populations in Transition. Comprehensive notes supported with diagrams and examples. Written by a specialist Geography teacher.

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IB Geography: Higher Level

Essential revision notes for the IB Geography higher level unit: Global Interactions. These notes are written by a specialist Geography teacher and follow the 2013 syllabus. Key words and terms defined and case studies/ examples throughout to support answers.

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Matrix Calculator

Calculate your complex matrix calculation in your palms with Matrix Calculator Plus. Matrix Calculator PLus contains Matrix Operations like > Gauss Jordan > Multiplication > Inverse > Addition > Subtraction > Transpose of the matrix > Trace of the matrix and many more. Help is also included for every Matrix Operation. Note: S…

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Statistical Calculator Pro

This Statistical Calculator Pro is used for quantitative statistical problems/calculations and it’s extremely useful for your GROUP data and RAW data calculations. It also provides a comprehensive description of each topic included in the app and most of those essentials that you would need to understand that topic. This app is developed for studen…

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Formulas of Trigonometry Pro

Mathematic's application essential for students of all ages with formulas of trigonometry. The arguments covered vary from the graphical representation of functions (sin, cos ..), domains, codomain, roots, common angles, formulas of addition, subtraction, duplication, etc. etc.. This application will allow you to have everything about Trigonom…

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