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Learn Spanish words, spelling

Word game to practise reading and writing (spelling) of Spanish words. Spanish is spoken in Spain and most of Latin America except in Brazil. 1) Learn how to spell Spanish words: for each word a picture is shown with the letters of the word in a random order. Guess the word and place the letters below the image in the correct order, 2) Reading Sp…

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Download Primary School Maths for Kids. Primary School Maths for Kids. icon
Primary School Maths for Kids.

This educational app is a mental arithmetic trainer for kids at primary or elementary school. It helps them to improve their basic mathematics skills by doing sums. Maths exercises to practise the 4 common calculations: ✔ addition ✔ subtraction ✔ multiplication, times tables ✔ division, division tables The difficulty for the addition and subtract…

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Download Function Graphs Drawer Pro Function Graphs Drawer Pro icon
Function Graphs Drawer Pro

Plots mathematical function entered by the user. Features: zooming and scrolling User configurable options: Plot elements dimensions, background, intervals, zoom mode

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Download CBSE MATHS Quiz Class 05_CH 02 CBSE MATHS Quiz Class 05_CH 02 icon
CBSE MATHS Quiz Class 05_CH 02

CBSE Mathematics Class 5 Chapter 02 Addition and Subtraction Quiz NCERT. No need of internet connection once downloaded. No advertisement application. Very Professional application for CBSE Class 5 students. Above 110 Questions in this quiz. Guaranteed Students expertise. is m-Learning, e-Learning and Game Bases Learning portal.

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ACKAD Spelling Learning Pro

ACKAD Kids Spelling Learning Pro is for Kids to learn spelling as well as typing. More than 300+ spellings to learn with pictures. If kids enter wrong spelling it will display it in red with sound play. We have designed kids keyboard especially so they can understand which fingers to use for typing. While pressing key it also plays sound of key. Ki…

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Download ACKAD Kids Math Learning Pro ACKAD Kids Math Learning Pro icon
ACKAD Kids Math Learning Pro

ACKAD Kids Math Learning Pro application is designed for your kids to learn many maths items. Settings will help you to define minimum and maximum numbers limit as per you kid age. Features: 1. Counting of objects, we have included multiple objects. Kids can count objects easily and it shows help too. 2. Learning Addition of numbers with two layo…

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Download Pratik Beyin Egzersizleri 3.0 Pratik Beyin Egzersizleri 3.0 icon
Pratik Beyin Egzersizleri 3.0

6 adet konu başlığında toplanmış Pratik Beyin Egzersizleri ile zihninizi güçlendirin. Örneğin; - karışık matematiksel işlemleri aklınızdan yapabilmek, - karşınızdaki insanın vücut dilini okuyarak aklından geçenleri bilmek, - mental açıdan daha dirençli bir hale gelmek, - daha efektif bir şekilde çalışmak, - stres yönetimi, gibi farklı alanla…

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Fast Latin Pro

Finalmente sullo store Fast Latin! Con questa nuova applicazione potrai consultare velocemente tutte le declinazioni e coniugazioni del latino! Non portare più il peso di libri e fogli, hai tutto in un App!

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Download Mathe für Kinder (Deutsch) Mathe für Kinder (Deutsch) icon
Mathe für Kinder (Deutsch)

Ein einfaches werbefreies Matheprogramm für Kinder. Addition (bis 100 bzw. 1000), Subtraktion (bis 100 bzw 1000) , Multiplikation(1x1 bis 100 oder bis 1000) und Division (100). Schnelle Übungen mit hohen Lerneffect, durch das zeitnahe Überprüfen der Ergebnisse ist der Lerneffect höher. Fehlerübersicht (schnell feststellen was noch geübt werden…

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Matrix Knecht

This App solve Matrix with the Gauss Algorithm, like in the school.

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LDC UK Theory Test

** The most realistic Theory Test App for car drivers available** > DVSA Official Theory Test revision questions, answers and explanations > Free full Highway Code > 14 highly realistic Theory Tests each with a case study questions > Review and re-take option to make learning a breeze > Fastest way to prepare for Theory test > S…

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Download Teog Fen - İnce Ayrıntılar 1 Teog Fen - İnce Ayrıntılar 1 icon
Teog Fen - İnce Ayrıntılar 1

2016-2017 Yeni müfredata uyumlu... Özgün konu anlatımı, kapsamlı ve anlaşılır dili ile İnsanlarda Üreme, Büyüme ve Gelişme ile Basit Makineler İnce Ayrıntılarını İçerir. TEOG Sınavınızda Hata Yapmanızı En aza indirmek için hazırlanmış bir uygulamadır. 2016 - 2017 Eğitim Öğretim Yılı TEOG 1 Fen Konuları, İnsanlarda Üreme, Büyüme ve Gelişme Konusun…

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