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Download Locale Locale icon

- Volume, Media - Wallpaper - Wi-Fi PLUG-INS Locale manages more than your ringer. Along with built

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Download Bluetooth Detection Bluetooth Detection icon
Bluetooth Detection

have either Locale or Tasker installed for this to work. It is built as a plug-in for either of these

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Download USB Stick Plugin-TC USB Stick Plugin-TC icon
USB Stick Plugin-TC

Before buying this plugin please try the FREE trial version, whether it fits your requirements

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Download Broadlink RM Plugin Broadlink RM Plugin icon
Broadlink RM Plugin

! With this Tasker plugin, you can configure these RM Controller to work exactly the way you want it, when you want

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Download Locale NFC Plugin Locale NFC Plugin icon
Locale NFC Plugin

This is a Locale Plug-in. For it to work you will have to have Locale or Tasker already installed

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Download Locale Headphones Plug-in Locale Headphones Plug-in icon
Locale Headphones Plug-in

With Locale and the Headphones Plug-in Condition, your phone can automatically perform actions

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Download Locale Dock Plug-in Locale Dock Plug-in icon
Locale Dock Plug-in

docked at home or enable Bluetooth in the car! This is a plug-in for Locale. It requires "Locale

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Download Locale Password Lock Plug-in Locale Password Lock Plug-in icon
Locale Password Lock Plug-in

order id by e-mail. Note: This is a plug-in, it requires Locale or Tasker from the Market. If you don

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Download Azimuth plugin Azimuth plugin icon
Azimuth plugin

from the free version of the plugin: 1. You can save the selected locations. 2. The application does

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Download Locale Calendar Plug-in Locale Calendar Plug-in icon
Locale Calendar Plug-in

This Locale Plug-in will allow you to use Calendar Events as conditions! Set your phone to vibrate

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Download Emergencies Locale Plug-in Emergencies Locale Plug-in icon
Emergencies Locale Plug-in

you. This Locale plugin permits you to execute the Emergencies application at the conditions you

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