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Download GeoCaching Buddy GeoCaching Buddy icon
GeoCaching Buddy

Want to try the light version first? Download Geocaching Buddy Trial! You will be able to test all

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Download CacheSense CacheSense icon

. The map screen provides all the layers, filters and tools a geocacher needs for serious planning

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Download GeoFormel PRO - 4 Geocaching GeoFormel PRO - 4 Geocaching icon
GeoFormel PRO - 4 Geocaching

GeoFormel is a Geocaching tool specifically developed for multicaches. It contains a PC program

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Download CacheMate CacheMate icon

. ** Currently the most feature-packed geocaching database and navigation tool for Android, with travel bug

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Download Locus Map Pro - Outdoor GPS Locus Map Pro - Outdoor GPS icon
Locus Map Pro - Outdoor GPS

for geocaching - location tools, online/offline logging, support of trackables, Pocket Queries, spoilers

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Download CacheMaid CacheMaid icon

CacheMaid is a tool for geocachers that runs on Android devices. It will show information about

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Download NowaMaps - Maps & Tools NowaMaps - Maps & Tools icon
NowaMaps - Maps & Tools

Maps offers an extensive map based on the map data from Google Maps. A useful tool for geocaching

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Download Geocam Pro Geocam Pro icon
Geocam Pro

.wazar-apps.com), customize and export these videos and share them. * Bearings: Geocam is an accurate measure tool. It shows

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Download Crow GPS Crow GPS icon
Crow GPS

Crow GPS is the most affordable geocaching companion app available! Calculate the distance

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Download Outdoor Speedometer Outdoor Speedometer icon
Outdoor Speedometer

and relevant tools. It is an excellent tool for biking, jogging, skiing, hiking, geocaching, boating, flying

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Download Surveyor Tools Pro Surveyor Tools Pro icon
Surveyor Tools Pro

to a computer via a USB cable. Applications of 'Surveyor Tools Pro' include geocaching, hiking

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