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Runtastic PRO Running, Fitness

Ready to get in shape? Get started to with the Runtastic GPS Running & Fitness PRO app and start tracking your fitness activities (distance, time, speed, elevation, calories burned & more) - such as running, jogging, biking & walking using GPS. Plus it’s fully optimized for Android Wear. Ready to run? On top of tracking your fitness…

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Download Runtastic Push-Ups Workout PRO Runtastic Push-Ups Workout PRO icon
Runtastic Push-Ups Workout PRO

Get stronger and do more push ups with the Runtastic Push-Ups Workout PRO app! The Runtastic Push-Ups app turns your Android device into your PERSONAL PUSH UPS TRAINER. Whether you’re about to get started or already a push-ups fan, you’ll be delighted. Use the app to strengthen and tone your muscles anywhere, anytime. No gym or equipment needed -…

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Relax Melodies P: Sleep Sounds

Sleep problems? Insomnia? Personalized white noise, sleep sounds and meditation can help you fall asleep! Take back control of your sleep with Relax Melodies, the most popular sleep app featured in People magazine, Mashable and many more. Download the app, mix sounds, add a meditation and enjoy full nights of sleep like you haven’t in a long time…

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My Diet Coach - Pro

We wish you all happy holidays and a healthier, thinner year (Start Now!) It's not only one of a kind, easy to use diet diary and calorie calculator. It's also your virtual pal which motivates and encourages you at the right moments My Diet Coach - Win the mental game of dieting !! My Diet Coach will help you to: > Stay on track - Wit…

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Download Just 6 Weeks Just 6 Weeks icon
Just 6 Weeks

Just 6 Weeks offers you a unique opportunity to get into shape, learn how to do 100 push-ups or sit-ups, as well as to shape a beautiful muscle profile in only six weeks. Forget complicated systems and exhausting, hours-long workouts! All you need now is 10 minutes three times a week, a comfortable spot, and your smartphone. Just 6 Weeks has a ver…

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Download Period Tracker Deluxe Period Tracker Deluxe icon
Period Tracker Deluxe

Period Tracker is the easiest way to track your periods! * Press a button at the start of your period every month. Period Tracker logs your dates and calculates the average of your past 3 months' menstrual cycles to predict the start date of your next period. * View your current and future period dates, ovulation and fertile days, your moods…

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Download WomanLog Pro Calendar WomanLog Pro Calendar icon
WomanLog Pro Calendar

WomanLog is a menstrual and fertility calendar for women. Key features: Menstrual cycle and the period Ovulation and fertility forecast Weight Tracking Symptoms, Mood, Pill Notifications (Menstruation, Weight, BBT, Contraceptive pill, Multivitamin pill , Breast self-exam, Ovulation, NuvaRing) WomanLog Pro: Circular calendar, Moon phases Cycle Ove…

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Download Runtastic Heart Rate PRO Runtastic Heart Rate PRO icon
Runtastic Heart Rate PRO

Turn your smartphone into your personal HEART RATE MONITOR - yep, that’s possible! Everyone’s maximum heart rate is different, and also our resting heart rates vary based on our age and training level. Want to know your resting heart rate or find out how fast your heart is beating after a certain fitness activity? Get Runtastic Heart Rate PRO to n…

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Download Runtastic Pedometer PRO Runtastic Pedometer PRO icon
Runtastic Pedometer PRO

Are you reaching your daily 10,000 steps per day? Step to it and download the Runtastic Pedometer & Step Counter PRO app for Android now. Step tracking with a pedometer app is the perfect starting point for a fitness beginner and a great addition to the training of the more advanced. PEDOMETER APP FEATURES & BENEFITS: * Automatic step coun…

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White Noise

Recommended as a miracle for better sleep! Find out why the world is sleeping better with White Noise. Features ambient sounds of the environment to help you relax during the day and sleep great at night. Do you have trouble going to sleep? Are you traveling on a plane and need a quick power nap? Does your newborn baby wake up in the middle of t…

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Download Couch to 5K® Couch to 5K® icon
Couch to 5K®

Get off the couch and get running with the OFFICIAL Couch to 5K® training app! This oft-imitated program has helped thousands of new runners move from the couch to the finish line. Spend just 20 to 30 minutes, three times a week, for nine weeks, and you’ll be ready to finish your first 5K (3.1-mile) race! WINNER of the 2012 Appy Award for best Hea…

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Download Instant Heart Rate - Pro Instant Heart Rate - Pro icon
Instant Heart Rate - Pro

***PRO version has unlimited heart rate tracking and no ads*** Instant Heart Rate is the most accurate Heart Rate Monitor app for any smartphone and it does not need any external hardware. Use it for optimizing your exercise and to track your progress. Install it now and keep fit. Accuracy is constantly tested by fitness coaches, athletes and 25…

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