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Download Fit Watch Face - Pedometer Fit Watch Face - Pedometer icon
Fit Watch Face - Pedometer

Step Counter Watch Face The Fit watch counts your daily steps like you know it from nike fuelband or fitbit. It uses the step detector on your Android Wear smartwatch. If there is no sensor on your watch it uses the Google Fit steps that are tracked by your phone. You can set your daily goal in the setting or on companion app. A nice overview stati…

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Download VibraGenix-Knee Pain VibraGenix-Knee Pain icon
VibraGenix-Knee Pain

VibraPak: Knee Pain Knee Pain – This is one of the most common areas to experience pain. Whether you are a runner or athlete of any kind or simply work and play hard, this frequency panel played through speakers or even through headphones placed directly on your knee can bring you the much needed relief you seek. Give it a try and stay in motion!…

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Download Ayurveda Food Guide Ayurveda Food Guide icon
Ayurveda Food Guide

Not sure which foods you should eat to balance your Ayurvedic doshas? Trying to balance two doshas at the same time and want to know what is favored and to be avoided by both? The Ayurveda Food Guide is the solution you've been waiting for. With over 375 food and drink types across 15 categories, the Ayurveda Food Guide provides a comprehensiv…

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Download EKG Calipers EKG Calipers icon
EKG Calipers

This is a tool for people reading EKGs. Simply hold the edge of your phone to an ekg, then use the touchscreen to adjust caliper width. You can customize caliper size and estimate heart rate after a one-time calibration. Real calipers cost $4-$10. This is a great substitute if you don't own a pair and need a quick fix!

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Download Smooker. Smoke Quit Assistant Smooker. Smoke Quit Assistant icon
Smooker. Smoke Quit Assistant

Smooker is your daily smoke assistant which provide you an easy way to keep your smoking habit under control as well as help you quit smoking completely. Here are 5 reasons why Smooker is a must have application for each smoker. Reason 1. Smoke statistic allow to take your smoke habbit under controll. Smooker provide you an easy way to follow you…

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Download Massager Pro Massager Pro icon
Massager Pro

Please leave a comment or rating! :) This is the paid, ad free version of Massager. The strongest massage application on the market! If you like the app, please consider leaving a nice rating or comment, it's what keeps the free updates coming :) This application converts your phone's vibration function into a powerful vibrator useful f…

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Download Muscle Trigger Points PRO Muscle Trigger Points PRO icon
Muscle Trigger Points PRO

Muscle Trigger Points Doctor PRO (MTP Doctor PRO) is your ONE STOP GUIDE App that gives detailed visual insights into 60+ Pains and their associated Muscle Trigger Points along with the details on Muscle Function, Pain Patterns and Symptoms. These App is a great pocket handbook to anyone of us and also definately a must have for all massage thera…

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Download Fit 4 Life Plus Fit 4 Life Plus icon
Fit 4 Life Plus

Welcome to the Advert Free version of Fit4Life. You'll find every possible form of exercise to either build muscle or burn fat inside the App. You'll find the following subjects to get you to your maximum! - Beginner Body Builders - Exercise to Transform - Fat loss for the Fattest! - YOUTube Videos - Hardgainer? Not with Jeff's h…

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Download Apanaka Brainwave Apanaka Brainwave icon
Apanaka Brainwave

*** For Apanaka clients ONLY *** *** With Brainwave audio tracks *** *** Use with headphones*** The Apanaka Brainwave app includes audiotracks using binaural, monaural and isochronic tones to improve the quality of your Apanaka sessions. The brainwave audio tracks help keep your mind attuned to the optimal frequencies during all aspects of the Apa…

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Download AikidoEncyclopedia AikidoEncyclopedia icon

Aikido Encyclopedia is a video library of over 460 traditional Aikido techniques demonstrated by Michael McVey, a 6th Dan practitioner of Iwama style Aikido and Dojo Cho of Yellow Springs Aikido. Aikido Encyclopedia includes clear examples of core empty-hand Aikido techniques as well as traditional Jo (wooden staff) and Ken(wooden sword) exercises…

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Download Virtual Trainer Gym Ball Virtual Trainer Gym Ball icon
Virtual Trainer Gym Ball

Optimise your results with Virtual Trainer Gym Ball! Be your own gym! - Be inspired by 28 Gym Ball exercises presented in sharp HD video. - Create your own full body workout. - Watch Gym Ball exercises like push ups, crunch, dips, chins and much more. - Start a workout and follow our interactive tabata and HIIT timers. - Keep track of your progr…

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Download Pillbox Alert Pillbox Alert icon
Pillbox Alert

Pillbox Alert is a pill reminder app. Specify what meds you take, when you take them, and the notification sound you prefer. Use it for medications, pills and nutrition supplements. Note: Some task killers interfere with alarms! Read the FAQ's

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