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This is the official IIFYM macro calculator as found on This APP has 7 diet and fitness calculators to help you and your clients navigate through macro dieting and IIFYM. All you have to do is enter your details, select your goals and retrieve your macros. We make it easy, fun and fool proof!

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Oei, ik Groei!

Winner at the BEST APP EVER Awards (Health & Fitness) in 2013 Oei, ik Groei! is now in an Android app! Picking up on the international bestselling book, Oei, ik Groei!, and more than 35 years of international scientific research, this app will keep you informed about the (mental) leaps and bounds of your baby -- any time of day or night. This…

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Nbs ltd

this is an advance app for a one stop service youll need everything to do with natural beauty slimming ltd. Ranging from direct access to buying your favourite products all the way to submitting gorgeous snap shots of your progress. this app is new!! it provides a special one to one direct service to reps. you can talk about our products to hav…

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Save Your Marriage

Many wedding vows include 'for better or for worse..' It's when things are for 'worse' that you need a helping hand. A good ship is built to withstand bad weather The best and longest lasting marriages often have tough times in the same way that a great ship may go though storms once in a while - doesn't mean the ship is…

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Your Medicine 1-2-3 pro

Your Medicine 1-2-3 is unique in many ways, like having full support for time zones, and not in an on-off only fashion, you get plenty of choices. There is support for take-as-needed medications, support for contraceptives, and support for when you have to keep strict interval-based control on something, like your diabetes. For take as needed med…

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PlayCoach™ Fitness Squat

The application PlayCoach™ Fitness Squat for women and men who want to get fit smoothly and keep the shape. Each program consists of exercises videos for women as well as men. In each video, our coach explains in detail the movements to do with advice, execution and completion schedule. FITNESS EXERCISES IN VIDEO FOR ALL MUSCLES . Exercises pres…

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5K to 10K Pro

Sequel to popular "C25K Pro", taking you to 10K. There are two plans, use the menu to switch between them. Time your run listening to your own music. Audio signals to switch pace. Background mode, music controller, custom sounds and notifications.

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No Smoking

Turns your phone into a NO SMOKING sign small-medium-large screens Android 1.6 or later

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Find My Family

Locate My Family allows you to locate a member of your family when he lost and go out from the distance already chose it by you . This application will be helpful for Alzheimer patients so you can download it. For the first time when you login to this application you should have a detailed menu containing these parts described below: -Location…

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Virtual Trainer Kettlebell

Optimize your results with Virtual Trainer Kettlebell! - Be inspired by 51 Kettlebell exercises presented in sharp HD video. - Create your own personal workout. - Start a workout and follow our interactive tabata and HIIT timers. - Keep track of your progress by earning points for completed workouts. - Find exercises targeting specific muscle grou…

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Wake Up Early

Waking up tired? Wake Up Early is the only scientific wake up planning app available. Enter your current sleep schedule to get a customized wake up plan. The plan tells you exactly what to do to wake up early effortlessly. It is that simple. >Based on recent scientific research. >Customized for your sleep schedule. >Does not require an I…

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Train Relaxation & Meditation

Enjoy your trip by this relaxing meditation App. For commuters and other train, tram, metro, subway and underground travelers. With a guiding voice and beatiful music. Different relaxation lengths. Experience the many benefits of meditation like relaxation, a better health, well-being and self-confidence. Arrive fit at your destination. Please si…

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