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Conta Calorias

Aplicativo desenvolvido especialmente para pessoas que desejam controlar quantidades diárias de calorias consumidas. Auxilia no controle da alimentação e dietas para alcance do peso ideal. Basicamente seu funcionamento se constitui em 3 etapas: 1 - Importar tabela de alimentos. 2 - Cadastrar sua meta. 3 - Montar as refeições para contagem das cal…

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OnTrack Measurements

Easily track your weight, body measurements and progress pictures to help you stay on track with your weight loss or weight gain goals. Weighing yourself can be misleading and demotivating since a person’s weight fluctuates throughout the day but, more importantly, because muscle weighs more than fat. With 12 measurement types to choose from (inc…

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Herb Convertor

This Is an application that will be useful for Chefs "house wives" and and herblists and others That can be used when Cooking or prepareing Medicines Lotions or Balms it can convert fresh powdered or crushed recipe ingredient Values it can be used to substitute Fresh For Crushed or powdered herbs or vice versa letting you use what you hav…

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Overtuigingen veranderen

Deze app biedt je meer dan 500 positieve overtuigingen die ervoor zorgen dat je leven leuker wordt. Overtuigingen ontstaan enerzijds door onze opvoeding, anderzijds door de dingen die we meemaken in ons leven. Deze overtuigingen vertegenwoordigen echter maar een deel van de werkelijkheid. Ze creëren jouw gekleurde bril waarmee je naar het leven kij…

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Get Calm and Thrive

Curated, powerful, mini-exercises for a better mindbodyspace. Transform your daily routines into action meditations. Improve focus, energy and health. No special place, clothes, or equipment required. Modern, convenient, and oh so relevant.

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CaloryGuard Pro

Easily and permanently lose weight and get your dream body with CaloryGuard Pro - Your personal calorie and fitness coach! With more than 750,000 happy customers world-wide and lots of awesome feedback from nationwide magazines, newspapers, TV stations and blogs, CaloryGuard is now even more effective!   Highly optimized for your everyday use on…

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Smoking Timer

Wanna to decrease amount of cigarettes per day? just press "SMOKING" every time you light up the cigarrete and don't smoke again until time is up. Wanna to quit smoking, just increase the interval between every smoke break. Detailed statistic of your smoking helps you.

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JETBLACK CYCLING APP, written and produced by a coach of Olympic athlete brings you the Indoor training app you have been waiting for. Track and compare all your indoor sessions - use our awesome features to help you train smart. This is not only a very motivating way to train indoors, but you have a Olympic coach helping, with training advice alo…

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Short Spartan Summer Workouts

The summer is closer and you have the chance to change your body,and get ready for summer. Short Spartan Summer Workouts contains tested workouts that will work,and after few weeks you will be able to see the difference. No special equipment is required,only your body and will is required. All workouts are video followed and easy to do. This app is…

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Yoga Practice

Featured on the App Store! 100000 downloads during first month! Now available for Android! App includes over 50 yoga programs of various duration and level performed and precisely guided by certified yoga instructors in one single app! Yoga practice is illustrated by huge amount of photo, video and audio materials. Yoga Practice offers: - four we…

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Simply Easy Diet Pro

LOSING WEIGH HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER! Miracle diets, prescription pills and so-called supplements just aren’t working. So what can we do? Simply Easy Diet comes packed with all of features we need for changing a bit our lifestyle – our eating habits and physical activity - to help us lose, maintain or gain weight as well as carry out a healthy lif…

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Accelerated Mass 1.0

To maximize muscle growth we need to follow the rules below. The skill is to construct a program that strikes the delicate balance between the variables the rules below present us with Hit the muscles with enough frequency to force growth Allow enough time to repair and rebuild Provide adequate stress to the muscle fibers through correct lifting t…

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