Download Shri Ram Raksha - Gujarati Shri Ram Raksha - Gujarati icon
Shri Ram Raksha - Gujarati

"Shri Ram Raksha - Gujarati" A Product Of VRK A miraculous stotra for long life. It was written by a saint Budha Kaushika during the Vedic period. Literal meaning of Ram Raksha means 'Protection given by Lord Rama (to us)'. One who sincerely recites it and understands its meaning, he receives faith that Lord Rama protects hi…

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Download Cigar Inventory TrackerPro Cigar Inventory TrackerPro icon
Cigar Inventory TrackerPro

Cigar Inventory Tracker is an electronic cigar humidor designed to help you keep track of your cigars. Create details for each cigar and enter smoke notes, ratings and other fine details. Create smoke notes /rating to cigars that are currently in your humidor for future enjoyment and also make a notice of availability just with a single finger tap.…

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Download Crea il tuo ricettario Crea il tuo ricettario icon
Crea il tuo ricettario

- Con quest'app puoi creare la tua personale raccolta di ricette! - Crea il tuo ricettario per avere tutte le tue ricette a portata di mano! - Dividi le tue ricette in categorie: antipasti, primi, secondi, contorni, dessert! - E' disponibile la funzione cerca che consente di cercare in quali ricette compare la parola inserita per ricerca…

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Download Life Coaching - Be your coach Life Coaching - Be your coach icon
Life Coaching - Be your coach

Life Coaching. Personal Coaching. Be your own coach. Coaching helps you in your daily life and personal life. It will help you achieve your goals, identify your true needs and enhance your resources. If you know yourself better, you'll be more satisfied with your life, and happier. With this app we hope you can be your own coach, Just read ev…

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Download Handycook PRO Handycook PRO icon
Handycook PRO

UPDATE COMING SOON! Get in touch with recipes shared by the users with Handycook completely OFFLINE! Are you a amateur chef or a ordinary cook? Thus, help us increasing the number of available recipes and promote your recipes in this platform: Handycook is an interactive application for everyone that loves to cook…

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Download Keep Calm & Carry On PLUS + Keep Calm & Carry On PLUS + icon
Keep Calm & Carry On PLUS +

WEEKEND SALE! The Only Keep Calm & Carry On App Made By A 13-Year-Old App Developer! Support is Appreciated! 6 in 1 Colour APP Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink & Black Set As Background For All Colours! Developer Can Add More Colours If Desired. Just Ask. :) Keep Calm And Carry On Was Originally Created By The British Ministry Of Informa…

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Download Pizza Mix Pizza Mix icon
Pizza Mix

*********************************** SPECIAL PRICE FOR A LIMITED TIME!!!!!!! *********************************** You've been there, you're about to order your pizza but you can't decide about the toppings. Don't worry, PizzaMix is here! Just chose the toppings you like, how many, and let PizzaMix decide for you!

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Download BDSM Chronometer BDSM Chronometer icon
BDSM Chronometer

You are a BDSM or Bondage fan and would like to give your Smartphone a new Look? Then, this Widget is exactly the right one for you! With this tasty clock, you can now beautify your Android Smartphone or Tablet optically and can produce your quite personal design +++++++ Functions +++++++ - Analogous clock in the BDSM Look & feel - Analogous…

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Download Perfectly Discreet Perfectly Discreet icon
Perfectly Discreet

Drinking water is one of the most precious resources on earth. Every day many million liters or gallons of water are wasted - everywhere also in areas where drinking water is scarce. Every day toilets are flushed just to create a noise in order to drown out potential own noises when using the toilet. With this app we have optimized the noise of…

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Download Badges for SmartWatch 2 Badges for SmartWatch 2 icon
Badges for SmartWatch 2

Take this badges everywhere with your SmartWatch and SmartWatch 2. Want to get started? Curious about how to get our badges for your smart watch? It's easy as you don't need to do a hard work to earn a badge. We provide to you an initial meaningful collection of badges that we will update often with new ones. Badges can help to display y…

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Download Your Personal Power Your Personal Power icon
Your Personal Power

Note: This is the same Mind Map as 'Personal Power' in the 'Business' category. This Mind Map show the range of personal powers that we can use - or abuse. To some extent or other we will possess the powers at various times with colleagues, friends and family. This Mind Map will help you identify what power you are using, and whe…

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Download Nosh Out Gravesend Nosh Out Gravesend icon
Nosh Out Gravesend

** SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER ** As a special launch offer, Nosh Out Gravesend is available for a limited time at the special price of 50p ** SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER ** You know what it's like when you've had a hard day at work and you feel like ordering a takeaway but no matter how hard you look you can't find the menu for that new Indian re…

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