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Cigar Inventory TrackerPro

Cigar Inventory Tracker is an electronic cigar humidor designed to help you keep track of your cigars. Create details for each cigar and enter smoke notes, ratings and other fine details. Create smoke notes /rating to cigars that are currently in your humidor for future enjoyment and also make a notice of availability just with a single finger tap.…

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Download Babynames Babynames icon

Dutch and international babynames and their meaning. Search and find in this app for a name for your coming daughter or son.

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Download coffeeshop coffeeshop icon

Alle Coffeeshops in die Niederlande mit adressen und planer.

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Download Mirror Mirror icon

Use this Mirror to check your style anywhere. For Example: - On a date - In the office - If you are outside These Mirror Images have been optimized for best reflection. Spiegel

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Nimipäivät Pro

Ohjelma sisältää kaikki suomalaiset nimipäivät. Voit hakea nimipäivää sekä nimen, että päivämäärän mukaan. Pro versio sisältää myös widgetin työpöydälle joka näyttää kyseisen päivän nimipäivät. Koko vuoden kattavan nimipäivänluettelon julkaisu ilman Helsingin yliopiston lupaa on kielletty, joten ohjelma tukee vain yksittäisiä hakuja.

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Nosh Out Gravesend

** SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER ** As a special launch offer, Nosh Out Gravesend is available for a limited time at the special price of 50p ** SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER ** You know what it's like when you've had a hard day at work and you feel like ordering a takeaway but no matter how hard you look you can't find the menu for that new Indian re…

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Download Wi-Fi HS della Prov. di Roma Wi-Fi HS della Prov. di Roma icon
Wi-Fi HS della Prov. di Roma

Grazie a questa app con un semplice click potrai trovare informazioni sugli hotspot ProvinciaWiFi della Provincia di Roma.

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This version enables you to view: -Latest news: Manchester United FC Barcelona Real Madrid Inter Milan Chelsea Arsenal Bayern Munich AC Milan Manchester City -Top Stadiums -Photo's (Daily added) -Top goals (Video) -Soccer News

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Download Illuminati secrets Illuminati secrets icon
Illuminati secrets

This version enables you to view all Illuminati cards + Illuminati news every day! Illuminati cards Daily illuminati Secrets Daily bavarian illuminati Daily Illuminati comics Daily illuminati videos Daily illuminati news and more!!

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Download Ricette Street Food Ricette Street Food icon
Ricette Street Food

Un ricettario sfizioso di piatti esclusivamente Street Food. Non solo Italiani ma anche piatti Internazionali. NUOVE RICETTE?? Tranquillo sono in continua aggiunta!! INFO sullo Street Food Il cibo da strada, secondo la definizione della FAO, è costituito da quegli alimenti, incluse le bevande, già pronti per il consumo, che sono venduti (e spesso…

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Download Personal Notebook P. Personal Notebook P. icon Personal Notebook P.

With Personal Notebook PREMIUM you can read and write down your notes wherever you are on your mobile device. Your notes are protected by a personal password determined by yourself and the data will be saved encrypted so nobody else but you can read it As it is for all Windows® or Android™ mobile tools to work with this progra…

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