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Cigar Inventory TrackerPro

Cigar Inventory Tracker is an electronic cigar humidor designed to help you keep track of your cigars. Create details for each cigar and enter smoke notes, ratings and other fine details. Create smoke notes /rating to cigars that are currently in your humidor for future enjoyment and also make a notice of availability just with a single finger tap.…

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Nosh Out Gravesend

** SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER ** As a special launch offer, Nosh Out Gravesend is available for a limited time at the special price of 50p ** SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER ** You know what it's like when you've had a hard day at work and you feel like ordering a takeaway but no matter how hard you look you can't find the menu for that new Indian re…

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Download Qibla Direction Finder Pro Qibla Direction Finder Pro icon
Qibla Direction Finder Pro

Lightweight , ad-free! Qibla Direction is an app that finds the direction of Qibla based on which city or region you are at. Warning : To have better accuracy you must be away from metal devices and shake your phone in all directions before every use.

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ActiveAhead Basic

The ActiveAhead® Basic mobile application allows you to adjust the luminaire parameters of the self-learning, out-of-the-box lighting control solution ActiveAhead. To use this application you must have an approved mobile device, iPhone 4s / iPad 3rd gen onwards, equipped with Bluetooth low energy and one or multiple luminaires supporting the Active…

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Download CardLost CardLost icon

Speciaal voor Nederland ontwikkelde digitale portemonnee. Met CardLost sla je gegevens en nummers van bijvoorbeeld bankpassen, identiteitsbewijzen en creditcards op. Bij verlies of diefstal van je portemonnee heb je alle belangrijke informatie gelijk beschikbaar en deze instanties bel je met één druk op je scherm.

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Download Ticket Site Refresher Ticket Site Refresher icon
Ticket Site Refresher

Automatically refresh sites like See Tickets that use a holding page when busy. The app searches for words on the page and constantly refreshes until you're on the booking page. TO USE: 1. Set up the word you do not want to appear on the page 2. Set up the word you want to appear on the page ( for extra verification that reaching the correct…

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Download TiiraNomadi TiiraNomadi icon

Tiiran havainnoijille mobiilisovellus Tiiran havainnoijille tarjotaan nyt mahdollisuutta tehdä havaintoja maastossa Android-älypuhelimen tai -tabletin avulla. Citynomadin yhdessä Birdlife Finlandin kanssa toteuttaman TiiraNomadi sovelluksen avulla havainnoija voi - osoittaa sijaintinsa ja lintuhavainnon sijainnin kartalla - tehdä samat yksityisk…

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The Tools Companion

IMPORTANT NOTE TO USERS: This app is a mobile companion to The Tools by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels. We recommend you read the book first and learn about the tools in order to get the most out of this app. The Tools Companion lets you use the lessons and exercises from the book on-the-go and in any setting via your iPhone. Transform your proble…

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Download Hypnoosilla Hyvinvointia Hypnoosilla Hyvinvointia icon
Hypnoosilla Hyvinvointia

Sovellus joka auttaa sinua monilla eri tavoilla! TV:stä tutun Hypnotisoijan, Sami Minkkisen sovelluksen avulla saavutat syvät yöunet. Sovelluksen mukana saat heti 20 minuuttia kestävän, Hyvään Uneen hypnoosirentoutuksen, jonka avulla nukahdat syvästi ja varmasti. Kokeile ja nuku hyvin, helpota stressiäsi ja rentoudu. Käyttäjien palautetta: ”Täm…

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Download SoulSeekersUK Ghost Box SoulSeekersUK Ghost Box icon
SoulSeekersUK Ghost Box

An easy to use ghost box with enough features to make it a valuable tool to have on any location that uses sound bank design with no words just human sounds and tones and all in reverse. You can control the sweep speed with the increase and decrease buttons to set the speed to your liking and this can be also done while the Ghost Box is actually sc…

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Download MyHue App + Notification MyHue App + Notification icon
MyHue App + Notification

The most versatile of Philips Hue Light Apps. Philips Hue light control at its best! Now with the best Scene Management out there! Want an ad-hoc selection of your Lights/Groups/Rooms without having to create groups for every single combination you can think of? Look no further. MyHue allows you to multi-select lights, groups and rooms and appl…

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Download Illusion and Magic Illusion and Magic icon
Illusion and Magic

Learn by seeing the numbers you have been intuitive of. Try to find and solve the questions that are asked. Find out by reading the magic tricks. Inside you'll find interesting numbers. Impossible forms, questions of illusion, magic tricks, illusionism, etc. It's the only program in the world that has so much content. Do not judge your comm…

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