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Shri Ram Raksha - Gujarati

"Shri Ram Raksha - Gujarati" A Product Of VRK A miraculous stotra for long life. It was written by a saint Budha Kaushika during the Vedic period. Literal meaning of Ram Raksha means 'Protection given by Lord Rama (to us)'. One who sincerely recites it and understands its meaning, he receives faith that Lord Rama protects hi…

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Cigar Inventory TrackerPro

Cigar Inventory Tracker is an electronic cigar humidor designed to help you keep track of your cigars. Create details for each cigar and enter smoke notes, ratings and other fine details. Create smoke notes /rating to cigars that are currently in your humidor for future enjoyment and also make a notice of availability just with a single finger tap.…

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Crea il tuo ricettario

- Con quest'app puoi creare la tua personale raccolta di ricette! - Crea il tuo ricettario per avere tutte le tue ricette a portata di mano! - Dividi le tue ricette in categorie: antipasti, primi, secondi, contorni, dessert! - E' disponibile la funzione cerca che consente di cercare in quali ricette compare la parola inserita per ricerca…

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Wedding Dress PRO

New design!! Application of wedding dresses from leading national and international designers, and renowned quality. More than 10.000 Photos available! Seasons between 2009 and 2014 of the following designers: Aire Barcelona, Aire Vintage, Alma Novia, Elie Saab, Franc Sarabia, Jenny Packham, La Sposa, Luna Novias, Manu Alvarez, Manuel Mota, Marc…

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Christmas Muffin Recipes

Christmas Muffin Recipes App Launch Special! 50% Off For the Next 72 Hours -Usual Prize is $1.99! This is an essential app for 2013 and the years to come... This Christmas Muffin Recipes gives you absolutely everything you need to know about baking muffins for the holidays. If you are a beginner or an advanced baker, this app reveals the most deli…

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TuGuardian is your CCTV staff. Have you ever been in a situation when you felt threatened? Perhaps you have seen a street fight or a robbery? Ever felt confident going in a taxi? Your car has broken down and left stranded in an area that did not feel at ease? TuGuardian is there to help. Simply activate the application and all your notification lis…

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Life Coaching - Be your coach

Life Coaching. Personal Coaching. Be your own coach. Coaching helps you in your daily life and personal life. It will help you achieve your goals, identify your true needs and enhance your resources. If you know yourself better, you'll be more satisfied with your life, and happier. With this app we hope you can be your own coach, Just read ev…

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Handycook PRO

UPDATE COMING SOON! Get in touch with recipes shared by the users with Handycook completely OFFLINE! Are you a amateur chef or a ordinary cook? Thus, help us increasing the number of available recipes and promote your recipes in this platform: Handycook is an interactive application for everyone that loves to cook…

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Dutch and international babynames and their meaning. Search and find in this app for a name for your coming daughter or son.

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Alle Coffeeshops in die Niederlande mit adressen und planer.

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L'app che non può assolutamente mancare agli Sposi del nuovo millennio! Tantissimi TEMI ideati per voi da Wedding Planners professionisti, dai quali trarre spunto per l'organizzazione del vostro matrimonio perfetto!

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Romantic Recipes

Romantic Recipes. This app comes packed with over 45 romantic recipe ideas, including: 10+ Romantic cocktail recipes 10+ Romantic Appetizers 20+ Romantic Main Courses and Desserts Regular updates will keep your romantic evenings ever changing and fun. So download Romantic Recipes today!

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