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Judge Robert Restaino jailed 46 people when a mobile phone rang in his...

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$4.99 $9.99 | 8.6 7.3K

8.6 Users
Download Locale GV Settings Plugin Locale GV Settings Plugin icon

Locale GV Settings Plugin

With Locale or Tasker and the GVoice Settings Plug-In you can control...

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$3.99 | 8.4 122

8.4 Users
Download Locale Notification Plug-in Locale Notification Plug-in icon

Locale Notification Plug-in

**This is a Plug-in for Locale** Generate a notification in status ba...

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€0.75 €0.75 | 8 51

8 Users
Download Locale GV SMS Plugin Locale GV SMS Plugin icon

Locale GV SMS Plugin

With Locale or Tasker and the GV SMS Plug-In you can send SMS to US Ce...

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$1.98 | 9.2 35

9.2 Users
Download Locals' Guide to North Shore Locals' Guide to North Shore icon

Locals' Guide to North Shore

Locals' Guide to North Shore Rides Vancouver’s North Shore trails...

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$13.82 | 8.2 10

8.2 Users
Download Locale - Bluetooth On Connect Locale - Bluetooth On Connect icon

Locale - Bluetooth On Connect

The Locale Bluetooth On Connect condition plugin lets you choose setti...

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CA$0.99 | 8.2 37

8.2 Users
Download Fate Local Fate Local icon

Fate Local

Fate® Local is a patent pending app that uses your online life to lear...

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$0.99 | 10 1

10 Users
Download Locale NFC Plugin Locale NFC Plugin icon

Locale NFC Plugin

This is a Locale Plug-in. For it to work you will have to have Locale...

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$1.53 | 7.8 216

7.8 Users
Download TimeTracker With Locale Plugin TimeTracker With Locale Plugin icon

TimeTracker With Locale Plugin

Time Tracker provides a simple time tracking system that helps you cre...

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$1.33 | 10 1

10 Users
Download Locale - TTS+ Plug-in Locale - TTS+ Plug-in icon

Locale - TTS+ Plug-in

The Locale TTS (Text to speech) + settings plug-in enables you to have...

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CA$0.99 | 9.2 12

9.2 Users
Download Locale Headphones Plug-in Locale Headphones Plug-in icon

Locale Headphones Plug-in

With Locale and the Headphones Plug-in Condition, your phone can autom...

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$0.99 | 8.2 115

8.2 Users
Download Locale Dock Plug-in Locale Dock Plug-in icon

Locale Dock Plug-in

NOTE: This will NOT work with a plain old $5 car charger. A Dock acce...

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$0.99 | 7.4 76

7.4 Users

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