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Download Locale Locale icon

Locale's typical battery impact too small to even measure. PLUG-INS Locale manages more than your

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Download Bluetooth Detection Bluetooth Detection icon
Bluetooth Detection

have either Locale or Tasker installed for this to work. It is built as a plug-in for either of these

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Download USB Stick Plugin-TC USB Stick Plugin-TC icon
USB Stick Plugin-TC

to open a local network socket for streaming. The plugin does not connect to the internet.

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Download Broadlink RM Plugin Broadlink RM Plugin icon
Broadlink RM Plugin

! With this Tasker plugin, you can configure these RM Controller to work exactly the way you want it, when you want

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Download Locale GV Settings Plugin Locale GV Settings Plugin icon
Locale GV Settings Plugin

not purchase until this is resolved. Thank you. * * * With Locale or Tasker and the GVoice Settings Plug-In you

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Download Locale NFC Plugin Locale NFC Plugin icon
Locale NFC Plugin

This is a Locale Plug-in. For it to work you will have to have Locale or Tasker already installed

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Download Locale Gmail+ Plug-in Locale Gmail+ Plug-in icon
Locale Gmail+ Plug-in

With Locale and the Locale Gmail+ Plug-in, your can send email messages automatically whenever

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Download AutoHue (Tasker Plug-in) AutoHue (Tasker Plug-in) icon
AutoHue (Tasker Plug-in)

**Requires Tasker or Locale to function** ✭ New: LIFX Cloud Api Support! ✭ Note for Android 6

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Download SSH Tasker Plugin SSH Tasker Plugin icon
SSH Tasker Plugin

SSH Tasker is a plugin for Locale/Tasker that allows you automatically log into a server via SSH

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Download Locale Headphones Plug-in Locale Headphones Plug-in icon
Locale Headphones Plug-in

With Locale and the Headphones Plug-in Condition, your phone can automatically perform actions

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Download NFC Starter Plugin NFC Starter Plugin icon
NFC Starter Plugin

Starter Plugin adds NFC Tag Detection Capabilities to Tasker. Be carefull: it's just a plugin

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