"location based reminders"

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BackAPP Location Base Reminder

enter or exit the radius that was set as a reminder. Based on the device geofence service the app

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Calendar Event Reminder (CER)

window with information about the event (title, time, location) is displayed. Alarm / reminder can

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Whiteberry Reminder

is a simple application which gives you a reminder based on location, time or location and time. To use

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Doctor Appointment Reminder

your Medical cards. • Option to select your location using MapView. Based on your Home location

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Intelligent Reminder

at some earlier time. It addresses two types of reminders: location- based reminders, and contact-based

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Location Reminder

for you. We know the secrets of the most effective people. On Place Reminder is location based notifier

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Reminder Premium

or location. ✰✰✰ ★With 'LoClock Reminder' you can create alarms based on Date/Time, Location or both

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Intelli Reminder

. It allows you to set reminders based on location. Whenever you are approaching a place where you have set

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Download toodleTasks PE for Toodledo toodleTasks PE for Toodledo icon
toodleTasks PE for Toodledo

, context, goal, location, due date, due time, reminder, repeat, priority, tags, status, notes) - Create

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Download Memento Locum (place reminder) Memento Locum (place reminder) icon
Memento Locum (place reminder)

- Accessibility. Markers colored in base of their current state. Click on the marker and edit the location

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