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Locale & Language+ Pro Version

Locale & Language+ : It is used to set language and switch language. Additional features ★ No Ads ★ Only one permission ★ More supports in future ★ NOTICE ★ In ANDROID 4.2+ , Only system app can get CHANGE_CONFIGURATION permission.(Changed by Google) Here are two ways to solve this problem in android 4.2+: WAY 1: If your device have been ROOT…

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How Speaking Smoothly?

How speaking smoothly? Confirm it in this game. The way to play is easy. Only speaks the displayed sentences. Droid hears it, and the pronunciation is checked and evaluated. When scoring high and low scoring, Droid do reaction. The utterance is called "Katsuzetsu" in Japan. Checking "Katsuzetsu" in Japan becomes popular. Let…

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