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Camera Starter Pro

Camera Starter Pro is a starter for foto and video camera apps. It lists your installed camera apps and permits you to start them quickly. So you don't need to search for them or have multiple camera app icons on your home screen. It can enable your system camera if needed and can be installed on the SDCard. Download it now! PERMISSIONS Inter…

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Download Photolock - Invisibles Photolock - Invisibles icon
Photolock - Invisibles

You can take your special pictures with an even more special camera that will save them in “invisible” folders. Only you will know the name you gave to the folders, and only you will use such name to ask the app to let you enter again in an invisible folder. In every folder you can save different photos, enjoy!

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Download Light Weaver Light Weaver icon
Light Weaver

Light Weaver produces a hypnotic mathematically generated random sequence of brilliant graphic drawings. Suitable as a background display for large formats or for a deep relaxation viewing technique, the variety and beauty of the drawings is endless.

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Download Media Tracker (Movies, etc) Media Tracker (Movies, etc) icon
Media Tracker (Movies, etc)

HUGE SALE Limited Time Only! Up To 70% Off Store your inventory for quick reference. Scan the barcodes to find information on your media. Scan to see if you already own it. Don't have a barcode or is it barely readable, try our NEW Title Search or enter your media manually. Scans Movies, Games, and Audio formats including Movies (DVD, Blu-ray…

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Download Guitar Tuner (Ad free) Guitar Tuner (Ad free) icon
Guitar Tuner (Ad free)

A Guitar Tuner. If guitar tuner audio is too quiet, please email me your phone model, I'll try to fix it. Thanks! Select a string in the Guitar Tuner, then tune your guitar string to that note. G. This guitar tuner works like a pitch pipe for guitar. NEW: - Guitar notes are acoustic - Guitar tuner is louder

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Download HQ Video Player HQ Video Player icon
HQ Video Player

******LIMITED TIME ONLY***** To celebrate the launch of the app, HQ Video Player is on sale for $0.99 (50% off, $1.99 -> $0.99) ************************************* HQ Video Player is a powerful, intuitive, and simple media player for android. It offers advanced functionality for handling and playing videos. HQ video player plays any online v…

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Download Drum Pad Drum Pad icon
Drum Pad

This app is a simple, customizable drum pad. It includes 26 different sounds. Multi-touch is supported. User is able to pick which sound place at each location through a menu. Paid version disables ads as well as always being first updated If it doesn't work right, email me with what phone you are using and I will update.

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Download MyFotoLoc Protect Your Photos! MyFotoLoc Protect Your Photos! icon
MyFotoLoc Protect Your Photos!

Ultra-Fast Download! Every photo you take can and will be easily ripped off and used by others. Before you load them to Facebook or Instagram or anyplace, you can either instantly mark them as YOUR copyright property or even copyright photos you've already taken. MyFotoLoc by intelLoc copyrights your photos in 168 countries instantly! It's…

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Download Messi Choose to Believe Messi Choose to Believe icon
Messi Choose to Believe

"Choose to Believe” tells the story of Leo Messi. His roots in his hometown of Rosario, Argentina, his struggle and rise against the odds, his arrival in Europe, his early exploits, his friends, his foundation, his selection as captain of Argentina’s national time, his rise within the famed FC Barcelona and much, much more.

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Download Muslim prayers Pro Muslim prayers Pro icon
Muslim prayers Pro

Muslim prayers, beautiful Nasheed for every day. Prayers and Nasheed will soothe you every time you listen. The annex contains prayers from damage and the evil eye, to cleanse the house, morning prayer, night, soothing and te. What would you add to hold a long press on your favorite prayer, and add to your favorites, to go to favorites, click on th…

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Download DeskHome DeskHome icon

For Android 2.0 and later devices that support desk docks like the Motorola Droid and Milestone. The app gives access to the multimedia station with out the purchase of the $30 dock. The app will auto launch when plugged into a charger or from a short cut. v1.9 Fix for Nexus One running Android 2.2

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Download Speed Volume Speed Volume icon
Speed Volume

Speed Volume is a Speed Sensitive Volume Control Application. Speed Volume adjusts the media volume of your Android device at a your desired driving speed. Whether you use Navigation or Music player, this application will set you free from volume adjustments when you drive. The possibilities are endless !

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