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★★★★★ Give Sparse RSS Pro Reader a try, every app is free to try on Android, now see for yourself what this App can do. P.S. please to first remove the Sparsee RSS Free application. This application fetches more than 14 articles while the free version only fetch 7 for each feed update Features: ☛Android Full Text Display RSS News Reader: ★★★★…

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Kannada News Live Daily Papers

ಈ ಕನ್ನಡ ನ್ಯೂಸ್ ಡೈಲಿ ಲೈವ್ ಆನ್ಲೈನ್ ಇ ಕಾಗದ ಅಪ್ಲಿಕೇಶನ್ ಆಗಿದೆ. ಈ ಅಪ್ಲಿಕೇಶನ್ ಬಳಸಿ, ಬಳಕೆದಾರ, Sanjevani, Prajavani, Kannadaprabha, ವಿಜಯ ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ, Varthabharathi, ವೆಬ್ದುನಿಯಾ ಕನ್ನಡ ಇತ್ಯಾದಿ ಸೇರಿದಂತೆ, ಲೈವ್ ಅಗ್ರ 40+ ವಿವಿಧ ಕನ್ನಡ ಸುದ್ದಿ ಲೇಖನಗಳನ್ನು ಓದಬಹುದು --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------…

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NEWS APP US is just covering mostly USA and US states. Fastest way for reading news in english. All from economics -stocks and currencies, sports, poltics, culture, lifestyle -movies and books, weather, videos to main events and lot more you can read further inside the newspaper. Beside you are also accesseed to the greatest news providrs like CNN…

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Politifact Mobile

Put the Truth-O-Meter in your pocket! PolitiFact Mobile brings Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checking to your smart phone or tablet. PolitiFact Mobile makes it easier than ever to get the truth about American politics. It is produced by PolitiFact, the Pulitzer Prize-winning website, and includes the mobile-only Truth Index as well as mobile version…

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Download Feetr [Filter/news/RSS Reader] Feetr [Filter/news/RSS Reader] icon
Feetr [Filter/news/RSS Reader]

An application that optimizes the daily collection of information has finally been launched! We have achieved the number one spot for Popular and New and News and Magazines (Paid)!   I want a more efficient way to read only the news I need. I just want to collect the information that is relevant to me. Have you ever felt like th…

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Download 2016 Michigan Elections 2016 Michigan Elections icon
2016 Michigan Elections

Download the 2016 Michigan Elections app for your one-stop source for information on state and federal elections in Michigan this year. Powered by Gongwer News Service, Michigan’s most trusted independent news source on state government and politics, the app allows users to easily access information about candidates for the Legislature, Congress an…

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Download U.S. 270 U.S. 270 icon
U.S. 270

U.S. 270 is an electoral map viewer, editor, and historical and news resource. You can use it to explore possible election outcomes for the 2016 presidential race (It takes 270 votes to win) or even create your own electoral map with different candidates. You can also easily share snapshots of your maps. The historical data for all elections in U…

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Download Impact Magazine #241 Impact Magazine #241 icon
Impact Magazine #241

The 241st and final edition of Impact Magazine featuring: sex and doug and rock ‘n’ roll... Time to get the party started and as we look at the art of controversy in the action genre. What better way to kickstart the process than talking to Doug Aarniokoski about his latest project Nurse 3D and our cover-star Paz de la Huerta. strictly ballistic T…

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NewsBlur+ extension for News+

An unofficial NewsBlur extension for the News+ RSS reading app. This app acts as a plugin to the popular News+ app, and allows you to use your NewsBlur account for RSS reading right inside your Android device. Read using your phone, tablet, or with the excellent official web application - and always stay in complete sync. Note: You must have a pr…

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Aussie Weather

Australian Weather source from the BOM displayed as a widget on your Android dashboard. Current weather and forecast for major centres around Australia. Update frequency configurable (defaults to every hour) This is a widget that should be added to your dashboard. Weather radar integration coming soon

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This app=LATEST NEWS from MANY sources+FREE AUTO UPDATE ■■■■ FEATURES ■ news from many sources ■ constant renewals, what you read is always the latest ■ AUTO updates ■ FREE UPDATE! ■ read news headlines without leaving the app (in-app reading) , every headline is linked to web page with more details. ■ arranged according to name for easy searching…

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This app=LATEST NEWS from MANY sources + FREE AUTO CONTINOUS UPDATE ■■■■ FEATURES ■ news from many sources ■ REAL-TIME ■ constant renewals, what you read is always the latest ■ AUTO updates ■ FREE UPDATE! ■ read news headlines without leaving the app (in-app reading) , every headline is linked to web page with more details. ■ arranged according to…

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