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AndroNews Pro US

AndroNews Pro US delivers the latest breaking news and information on the latest world, business, USA, marketplace, and stock market ... Keep informed of the latest news and events. No ads inside, only the latest news.

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PER NON VEDENTI o IPOVEDENTI e... Utile per tutti Notizie ultima ora sempre aggiornate. Con il sintetizzatore vocale anche i non vedenti possono avere notizie ANSA a portata di un click. Nuova applicazione! NOTA BENE: la prima volta se non presente chiede di installare "SpeechSynthesis DATA INSTALLER" (free!!!) Nessuna pubblicità prese…

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Sc2News (Sc2 News, no ads)

* No ads version The best application to follow Starcraft 2 news, events and streams ! I hope you will enjoy it =) You can follow several sites as : - Reddit - SK Gamming - Team Liquid - Rakaka - Esports France - Millenium - Team aAa - O'Gaming I want to add more sites for other countries. Don't hesitate to ask me or tell me your opini…

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Best RSS Reader

The best rss feed reader of Android on the market. No application gives you so much! Customize your feeds easily and intuitively by uploading them directly from the Web, choose the timing of updates, satisfies your hunger to know what's going on around you. All with one click. Navigate into the news you want, with stunning photos that make you…

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Kids News

De Laatste Baby en kinder nieuws vind je hier: Baby Kind Zwanger Beroemd Medisch Mode Borstvoeding

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International Newspapers

20+ internatonal newspapers titles on your smartphone to know in real time what happen in the world. The New York Times, Aljazeera, Yomiuri, The Guardian, Le Monde, El pais, Il Corriere della Sera, The Wall Street Journal, The Times, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Jerusalem Post, Pravda, USA Today, People's Daily, Spiegel, etc.... now under you…

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TNA Wrestling News

TNA's total non stop action NEWS. Most recent news as it happens. Keep upto date with the recent action in the ring. Watch the latest Action Videos, Keep upto date with Aces and 8S Best Finishing Moves Best TNA Moments as they happen. Recent News on Facebook. follow your fav wrestling company all the way with our TNA NEWS APP.

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StemApp 2012

StemApp 2012 .....welke partij past het beste bij u? Wij halen de belangrijkste stellingen zowel de opvallende als de minder opvallende uit de media en zorgen voor een duidelijk onafhankelijk overzicht per partij waar zij op dit moment voor staan. Sommige stellingen komen niet in de partijprogramma's voor maar worden wel benoemd in de media of…

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News Alarm

Use News Alarm to hear the latest news every morning. Select from a list of five news sources or enter a custom URL, then name an Alarm Clock to trigger from & set your Alarm Clock as normal. After the Alarm is dismissed News Alarm will download, then play the latest audio or video podcast. Updated for 2.1 & HTC

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Tahukah Anda....

TANPA IKLAN Wikipedia: Tahukah Anda... Goyangkan ponsel untuk masuk ke berita!! Ratusan fakta-fakta baru setiap bulan!! TANPA IKLAN

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Curiosity on Mars !!!

The mars is a faszinating planet. His place and conditions - especially for the late future - makes him much more interesting for human life. These scientific Application has a lot of basic informations all over the planet mars: datas, facts, structures and the exploration (including the latest mission with "curiosity") As a bonus you get…

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Weird and Strange News

Are you intrigued and bemused by the weird and strange? Would you fancy having a daily dose to keep you happy and chirpy? Weird and Strange news updated on a daily basis, we find the worlds weirdest, strangest, most odd news articles in the world and write and post them all in one place. It wont be just written articles either, funny, crazy a…

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