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LDS Scriptures App

#1 Best-Selling LDS Scriptures App on Android! Used by hundreds of tho...

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8.8 Users
Download NoveO PDFlibA Viewer Pro NoveO PDFlibA Viewer Pro icon

NoveO PDFlibA Viewer Pro

«NoveO PDFlibA Viewer Pro» is a pdf viewer based on “NoveO PDFlibA” –...

Similar app: NoveO PDFlibA Viewer

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Download Egyptian Magic: Golden Spells Egyptian Magic: Golden Spells icon

Egyptian Magic: Golden Spells

With "Egyptian Magic: Golden Spells" the secrets of the anci...

Similar app: Magick of Osiris

$1.95 $1.49 | 7 2

7 Users
Download Bhagavad Gita Bhagavad Gita icon

Bhagavad Gita

The Bhagavad Gita comes from the 100,000 verses of the epic Mahabharat...

Similar app: Shree Maa: Life of a Saint

$9.99 | 10 1

10 Users
Download Lakshmi Puja Lakshmi Puja icon

Lakshmi Puja

“Laksh” is the goal and “Lakshmi” is the definition of the goal for wh...

Similar app: Vishnu Sahasranam

$5.99 $9.99 | 10 1

10 Users
Download PDF Max 4 - The PDF Expert! PDF Max 4 - The PDF Expert! icon

PDF Max 4 - The PDF Expert!

PDF Max 4 is a desktop class PDF app for reading, annotating or signin...

Similar app: PDF Max Free - #1 PDF Reader!

$7.99 | 7.2 463

7.2 Users
Download Vishnu Sahasranam Vishnu Sahasranam icon

Vishnu Sahasranam

The Thousand Names of Vishnu comes from the Mahabharata, and describes...

Similar app: Lakshmi Puja

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Download Beginners Shiva Puja Beginners Shiva Puja icon

Beginners Shiva Puja

The perfect place to begin your practice of yogic worship. Lord Shiva...

Similar app: Cosmic Puja

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Download Chandi Path Chandi Path icon

Chandi Path

For the first time, the Chandi Path is available to a Western audience...

Similar app: Santoshi Maa Puja

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Download Cosmic Puja Cosmic Puja icon

Cosmic Puja

The Cosmic Puja or Samashti Upasana, is the meditation and worship of...

Similar app: Durga Puja Beginner

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Download Devi Gita Devi Gita icon

Devi Gita

The Devi Gita comes from the last ten chapters of the seventh skanda o...

Similar app: Durga Puja Beginner

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Download Sahib Sadhu Sahib Sadhu icon

Sahib Sadhu

Sahib Sadhu is a biographical collection of stories that lead the read...

Similar app: Vishnu Sahasranam

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