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Şipşak Taraftar PRO

Resimlerinizi takımlarınızın logolarıyla süsleyin! Şipşak taraftar uygulaması ile resimlerinizi çekerken resimlerinizi takımlarınızın logolarıyla daha anlamlı yapabilirsiniz. Şipşak taraftar uygulamasında bulunan takım logoları: Beşiktaş , Fenerbahçe , Galatasaray , Trabzonspor , Antalyaspor , Bursaspor , Göztepe , Karşıyakaspor , Rizespor , Uşak…

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Touch File Manager Pro

This is not another file manager for android. Touch File Manager is a special three panel view, drag & drop file manager and very different from known file managers, because it contains lots of innovation. The smallest supported screen size is 800x480 ( Galaxy S2 ), but it is optimized for tablets. Touch File Manager is the fastest way for man…

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Download DepthCalcPhoto DepthCalcPhoto icon

DepthCalcPhoto is a simple but effective depth of field (DOF) calculator with integrated visual explanation of calculated variables. Based on the user selected sensor type (drop down selectable), aperture (drop down selectable), distance to primary subject and focal length of the lens in use, the following output will be given to the photographer:…

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Download Googly Eyes Camera PRO Googly Eyes Camera PRO icon
Googly Eyes Camera PRO

Googly Eyes Camera is fun and entertaining app for teens and adults. Snap a cool photo of yourself, your pet or even a tree and add googly eyes to it. Long press on a photo to create an eye, rotate it, scale it and position it as you like and then hide commands. You can add as many eyes as you want. When you are finish - Save the photo. That's…

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Download Fractal Feedback Fractal Feedback icon
Fractal Feedback

Video feedback is the process that starts and continues when a video camera is pointed at its playback video monitor. This app simulates that process and allows you to control certain parameters of it to generate beautiful fractal patterns from your photos. Check out the public gallery if you want to see some of the complex and mesmerizing crea…

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Download cipcam - Camera in Photo cipcam - Camera in Photo icon
cipcam - Camera in Photo

What you can do with cipcam... Making a photo and selecting areas within that photo. There will be a live view of your camera within that selected area. You can combine as many photos as you want. Just be creative... What you do is all live. The idea of cipcam is not to edit photos afterwards but to create awesome photo collages just-in-time. What…

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Download Photoshoot Checklists (PRO) Photoshoot Checklists (PRO) icon
Photoshoot Checklists (PRO)

Photoshoot Checklists Is The Best Photo Shoot Checklist App To Help Photographers Prepare Before A Photoshoot. This Ad-Free Android Photoshoot Checklist App Features 5 Important Checklists That Can Help Any Photographer Using Dslr Or Hdr With All Their Photography From Family, Wedding, Vintage, Boudoir Or Outdoor Photoshoots. This New Application…

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Download DoodlePics DoodlePics icon

DoodlePics allows you to take pictures with your friends, cat, dog, husband, wife, ect.

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Download BA Camera PRO BA Camera PRO icon
BA Camera PRO

"BA Camera PRO" can help you not just to simplify BEFORE & AFTER collage creation, but take perfectly adjusted pictures for it. Problems with scaling, different foreshortening, camera rotation, trembling hands - now all of this is past. With this application you can simplify taking maximum identical photos through time. This means th…

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Download Selfie With Celebrity PRO ★ Selfie With Celebrity PRO ★ icon
Selfie With Celebrity PRO ★

Selfie with Celebrity PRO. • ADS Free! • Watermark Free! No Photoshop skills required, all you want is your Android mobile with a Camera. You can take Picture with Famous Celebrities / Rare or Extinct Animals and lots more. Categories Available: • Famous Celebrities • Halloween • Musical Instruments • Nature • Objects • Places • Super Powers…

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