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Darkroom Timer

Timing photography development stages can be very difficult in a dark room using a standard timer. This app allows for specialised timers to be created to precisely develop your photographs. Create individual profile for all your needs: -Add a timer duration -Add agitation intervals to be notified of events at set intervals -Add a tone length to i…

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FruitsCamera GRAPE

With GRAPE, you will enjoy your photo. Take Picture, Enjoy Photo

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After you have created a new action/project, you can make a lot of pictures. in the second window, you can create catagories to bring a structure to your action. in the thirt window, you can change some parameters. the important one is the handy user . this short maximum od 3 digits is part of the name of the JPG file. The Filename is creates AA-BB…

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Remote Control for Xiaomi Yi

The remote Control for Xiaomi Yi cameras app allows you to control your Xiaomi Yi camera over Wifi. The app supports live preview and media download over Wifi as well. +++ Features: - Start/stop capturing and change the capturing mode (video, photo, time-lapse, burst, self-timer). - Change settings (resolution, metering mode, etc.). - Live preview…

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Download icon is an app for astrophotographers and night-sky enthusiasts who want to photograph or view an aurora. Using up-to-the-minute information from the ACE spacecraft, along with other data from NOAA and weather from Norway's Meteorological Institute, users can quickly determine if an aurora is visible in the night sky and find the perfec…

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Franklinizer is an ANDROID based image viewer and camera system that automatically secures jpeg images and mp4 videos using AES 256 bit encryption. Images taken with the camera are converted in memory to encrypted .ben or .bf4 format and stored in the default pictures "softwar" sub-directory. Ben/bf4 files are always encrypted and decrypt…

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Pro Vintage Creator Max

Is the iPhone and iPad popular camera app, and now finally launched a special edition of Android, download it now! themes vary from the feel of film camera to the unique sets of classy moods or fun creativity. Whether you are looking for special effects, you will find it all in Pro Vintage Creator. ART PHOTO EFFECTS Pro Vintage Creator provides 29…

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