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    QNotes-Pro is a simple and useful app in daily life. Everyone takes notes daily using pen and paper. But here is a better solution for everyone. ** Features ** * Simple interface. *Material design. *Easy to add or delete notes. *Monospace font for better reading and writing experience.

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    Download Pool Chem Dose Calculator Pool Chem Dose Calculator icon
    Pool Chem Dose Calculator

    Pool Chem Dose Calculator will calculate the exact chemical dose needed for 38 chemicals in 11 categories for any size pool in US Imperial or Metric measures. To use it you enter the pool volume in gallons or liters, choose US Imperial or Metric, select which item you want to change from the drop down list and then enter the desired change in ppm o…

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    Download UniClock Pro License UniClock Pro License icon
    UniClock Pro License

    This is the subscription update for the UniClock (World Clock) app. This app will not work if you have not installed the UniClock app. A meeting with your US client, or a soccer match in UK? Now you can view current time of all the available time zones and manage reminders & alarms with a single app. UniClock provides you to keep track of all…

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    Download Pipe Tools Pipe Tools icon
    Pipe Tools

    Newest edition to the LMFService Pipe apps. This app will continue to expand with new mini calculators for common and not so common task. Current app includes: Trig Tables: Input Degree, Minutes and Seconds Output Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Cotangent, Secant and Cosecant Temperature Converter: Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius to Kelvin Chart included fo…

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    Download PSYCHRO PSYCHRO icon

    Cyber – PSYCHRO for Psychrometric Calculations (Properties of Air) • Valuable Tool for HVACR Engineers & Designers • All Important Processes are readily available, to cover a wide range of calculations • With any two values as Input, all other Air Propertiescan be obtained • Charts can be generated and Calculations can be made for any Altitude…

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    Download Fissioncoin Global Fissioncoin Global icon
    Fissioncoin Global

    Fissioncoin applies the theory of nuclear fission reaction on the coin mining system. It is a unique system that you have never seen before. Join now to get 3.0 - 7.50 coins daily for free! No investment is required. Important: Don't sign up if upline showin it's not me (Fissioncoin IndoGlobal)

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    Download StorPro1 StorPro1 icon

    Square to circle transformers are often used for HVAC ducting, fume hoods and hoppers. Traditionally sheet metal workers are taught how to develop patterns on the drawing board and then transfer the pattern to the work piece, but the modern shop is likely to use laser cutting or CNC nibbling and therefore G code files are generally generated from…

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    Download 7 Braille Keyboard 7 Braille Keyboard icon
    7 Braille Keyboard

    7 Braille Keyboard is a digital take on popular Braille typing method for people with visual impairment. This keyboard app provides a simple and easy way for typing on touch screen based devices for blind and visually impaired users. The keyboard integrates seamlessly across operating system, user can use this keyboard in all typing scenarios such…

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    Download Texturing and Rigging for Maya Texturing and Rigging for Maya icon
    Texturing and Rigging for Maya

    In this tutorial, trainer Nigel Broad, explains and explores textures, dynamics and rigging using Autodesk Maya. Learn how to infuse realism into your 3D models in these step by step video tutorials. App Features: • 113 minutes of video training • Super clear explanations • Offline Playback (no internet connection needed) • Easy to navigate Cours…

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    Download TQ Plain Text File Search v1.4 TQ Plain Text File Search v1.4 icon
    TQ Plain Text File Search v1.4

    This is the only free-form text finder for plain text files that handles files of up to 10 MB! I couldn't find one, so we built one (years ago), and this is v1.4. You've always been able to load multiple files from a single directory. Now, you can load multiple files -- from ANY directory -- up to 10 MB! If you've had any exposure t…

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    Download Evertim Pro Evertim Pro icon
    Evertim Pro

    You have an important: • task • to do list • note • something to remember that is not time bound, Evertim will notify you every time you unlock your phone. It's simple, yet effective Drag and drop to reorder your to do list. Swipe to delete items. You can se…

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