Download Goal tracker: SmartGoals Pro Goal tracker: SmartGoals Pro icon
Goal tracker: SmartGoals Pro

SMART GOALS PRO The ultimate Goals and Progress tracker Do you have a goal? Then, let us help you set the goal smart and get there easier. With Smart Goals, your project is S. pecific M. easurable A. ttainable R. easonable T. imely and achieving it has never been easier. PRO VERSION Due to Play store policy, you have only 15-minutes refund…

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Download Imitate Jehovah 2015-2016 Imitate Jehovah 2015-2016 icon
Imitate Jehovah 2015-2016

FEATURES -automatic saving -integrated bible and scripture insertion -save notes to PDF -all songs for the program IN THE WORKS -syncing across all devices -enhanced layout for 10" devices For updates and suggestions join the community at

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Download AppTimer(Timer/Alarm) AppTimer(Timer/Alarm) icon

Support the launch of the application! This app is timer for your application. Start at the specified time the application or shortcuts that are registered in the terminal! - Function - Timer that starts "Countdown time" or "Specified time" any application(or app shortcut). You can perform the selection of the notification sou…

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Download SIMS Pers SIMS Pers icon

The SIMS PERS application is an Android application that when used with the SIMS iServer allows End Users secured access to the Alarm Central Station. This application is for use only by authorized personnel and will only work with Alarm Central Stations supported by software from SIMS, Inc. Features supported by SIMS Pocket Edition are as follows:…

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Download App Switcher Android Pro(ASAP) App Switcher Android Pro(ASAP) icon
App Switcher Android Pro(ASAP)

Easily switch between your opened running apps effortlessly. You can move or hide the floating arrows at any time and you can re-size the floating arrows to your preference. Simple to use app with minimum memory footprint and the ability to move the floating arrows up or down on the screen at any time inside any app for your convenience. This…

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Download micro Journal Key micro Journal Key icon
micro Journal Key

Unlocks premium functions in micro Journal. Enables export to Word, OpenOffice Writer Enables quick export option. Extra settings (character limit and how strict it is) and skip main screen. And unlocks the full collection of writing prompts via light bulb button. This application is really tiny (so doesn't take up space on your phone)…

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Download VLk Text Editor PRO VLk Text Editor PRO icon
VLk Text Editor PRO

Handy, stylish and easy to use text editor (txt files) with support for notes, which has many features. PRO version: • No ads • Energy-saving mode • Widget for text Features: • Translated to English, Russian, Ukrainian • Notes • Material design • Save text file with any extension • Send text via SMS • Sending a text to E-Mail, in the soc…

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Download Advanced Touchpad Pro Advanced Touchpad Pro icon
Advanced Touchpad Pro

*** Up to 30% off *** Advanced Touchpad turns your Android device into a wireless touchpad (mouse) and keyboard to control your PC. Instructions: 1- Download the server from 2- Exctract and run "Arcoid Server" on your PC. 3- On your device go to "Menu->Auto Discover" (You can long-press…

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Download Duke Classic Skin Duke Classic Skin icon
Duke Classic Skin

** This is not a standalone app; download the Duke Keyboard to apply this skin (theme). Ready for March Madness? Check out the Duke classic skin for your smartphone keyboard, the perfect addition to your collection of t-shirts, banners and other Duke swag. The keyboard keeps school pride a priority for students, alumni and basketball fanatics ali…

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Download SP html Ad Maker SP html Ad Maker icon
SP html Ad Maker

After you tell our System what you want your Ads to say it will process a Posting Calendar for you. Each of Our Campaigns include a Daily Basic and an Enhanced html Ad Version. If you are running a 1 Ad Per Day or 3 Ad Per Day Campaign with as few as 56 Ads or up to 168 Ads, organized into Days of the week covering 4 weeks to make a 28 Day Advert…

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Download Fake ID Generator Pro Fake ID Generator Pro icon
Fake ID Generator Pro

Ever been in need of a Fake ID, this is the app for you! Fake ID Generator app is an app that enables you to create a fake identification in an easy way and tweak the result to your liking. You can use the Fake Identifications you create in this app to fill out surveys asking for private information like your name, email, phone number etc , or use…

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Download RedTimer RedTimer icon

This application allows you to enter your time and edit your tasks quickly and easily. You can save your settings with quick and easy seizure. Supported languages​​: English, French, German (more languages ​​to come). No need to note the time and then the reporter, just click on "play" to start the timer. Once your task is complete, y…

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