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Ecommerce Study Guide

Course include: E-Commerce and its types, Internet and WWW Basics, Internet standards and protocols, IP addressing, Data communication on internet, Domain name system Networking devices - Bridges, Switches, Routers etc., Role of ISP's on Internet, Getting Domain name and IP addresses, Understanding electronic mail Markup languages and the We…

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Tajna knjiga imena Zovem se...

Ovo je jedinstvena knjiga, prva od četiri knjige koje objavljujemo, sa 80 od ukupno 300 imena. Ovakva ista ili slična ne postoji nigde u svetu. Nije napisana. Ovo je Knjiga tajni koja će vam pomoći da pronađete pravo značenje svog imena. Vaše ime označava Vaš karakter ili najznačajniju osobinu. Saznaćete šta Vam vaše ime sve vreme govori – potrebn…

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Tropical Fish Guide Pro

This tropical fish database is full of beautiful photographs and detailed information. Your perfect pocket companion. Now includes Inches and Centimetres when describing fish size. Now includes Celsius and Fahrenheit when describing aquarium temperature. Ideal when visiting the pet store or researching your next fish. Contains information about…

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Passion of Christ Phlegon

This app contains testimonies and written fragments by Phlegon of Tralles regarding the earthquakes and three hours of darkness (or solar eclipse) that were said to have occurred during the Passion and Crucifixion of Jesus Christ during the reign of Tiberius Caesar. The fragments are cited in the works of Jerome, Origen, George Syncellus, Philopon,…

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Wiseman's Testament

Wiseman's Testament is a reinvigorating and a must read book. It will appraise you with powerful and original wise quotes that will help you charm your audience at any event in your personal and professional life. The book has helped thousands of people improve their love life and regain their competitive advantage in their professional life.

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The zone of absolute happiness

Devilishly difficult to live in North Korea, but it is even more difficult to love and remain human. Even death will not excuse you, so the only thing left to survive and save the love. A great auditory moment, in the zone of absolute happiness brings tears to my eyes...

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Göttliche Gerechtigkeit

Titel: Gö2ttliche Gerechtigkeit Autor: Schahid Ostäd Mortedsä Motahhari Herausgeber: Ahl ul Bayt (a)-Weltverband (Madschma`e dschehäni Ahl ul Bayt (a) Übersetzt: Hella Kamaliän Editiert: Mehrän Mahbod, M.S. Beheschti Jahr der Herausgabe: 2012 All rights reserved.

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on an island

A million times. Every minute of the day. It's frightening sometimes.. My hand was shaking. The ceiling fan spun under the overhead lights. I couldn't see straight. She pinched my cheek as her fingers traced a line across my chest. Burning rubber and smoke filled my lungs. I was seeing double. At first glance it appeared to be a giant taran…

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Islamic books library

Islamic Books Library is a online library that provides access to thousands of Islamic books on the go. Several languages are available. New books and languages are loaded frequently. The library is available as Android. Registration is required to read books. Members can also read books offline.

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