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    Download Birds of Southern Florida Birds of Southern Florida icon
    Birds of Southern Florida

    Common Bird Species of South Florida – Another app in our Florida Wildlife series... This app shows the 102 most common bird species found in southern Florida, including the Everglades National Park. For each bird there are two or three high-resolution pictures, a brief description, bird songs/calls as audio files with visualization, and a link t…

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    Download Quran Forty-languages (Kashef) Quran Forty-languages (Kashef) icon
    Quran Forty-languages (Kashef)

    The possibility of translating the Quran into 40 languages worldwide Quran reading ability based on the component or selected chapters or suras, as well as view information about component selection You can search among the different meanings of the Quran The ability of divination by the Quran Added 18 Reader leading to recite verses and 3 aud…

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    Download D20 Database Pro D20 Database Pro icon
    D20 Database Pro

    This APP is mainly meant to be used with D20 System but can also be used for (DnD 3.5.) Of contains: weapons, armors, clothing, magic item, item, drugs, poison, musical instrument, potion oil, artifact and etc, and Character Sheets for DnD 3.5 is clean, simple and fast.

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    Download tips cara membuat kefir tips cara membuat kefir icon
    tips cara membuat kefir

    Kefir is a drink made from milk by fermentation process that comes from the Caucasus region. Traditional Kefir comes from the mountains of the North Caucasus, Russia and has been made Russian society more than 1400 years. Kefir is a secret drink and is consumed only by emperors or kings from Europe, West Asia and the Middle East. Kefir has an exoti…

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    Download Instrument Field Manual Instrument Field Manual icon
    Instrument Field Manual

    This basic application was created as a quick reference guide for technicians in the field. Please use it as a reference and if there is any questions about its contents always default to your equipment's specific characteristics. This is only meant to be a guide. Some panel are made to be viewed horizontally and some screens were locked to ver…

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    Download Age Calendar Age Calendar icon
    Age Calendar

    The world's most effective tool for determining ages and dates for genealogical research, without doing calculations! If you're tired of constantly calculating years, days, and months compared to a person's age throughout their lifetime, Age Calendar is here to help. Simply take a known age & date, and lock them together. Then you c…

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    Download 1000 GK Malayalam - Kerala PSC 1000 GK Malayalam - Kerala PSC icon
    1000 GK Malayalam - Kerala PSC

    The main content of this app is general knowledge. All general knowledge question are in Malayalam language. Learning of these general knowledge facts / questions will help you attend Kerala PSC Exams like LDC and other SSLC/PUC/Degree level exams.

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    Download English Dictionary Offline English Dictionary Offline icon
    English Dictionary Offline

    - 392.114 word with defination - Working without internet - Over 130.00 example sentences. - All verb with Past, Participle,Progressive,Present form. - On word detail press to a word and quick search in dictionary - Offline pronunciation and audio (your device must have TTS installed and active). - Very fast searching -Useful user interface Fea…

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    Download Notitimung Di Langkawit Ko-1 Notitimung Di Langkawit Ko-1 icon
    Notitimung Di Langkawit Ko-1

    the book Kartun Notitimung In Langkawit Ko-1, is the work of cartoonist Langkawit which was published on several local neswspaper. This book compiled from the cartoon which was taken at the beginning of his carrier as cartoonist. He managed to get a place in the hearts of his fans through this cartoon compilation.

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    Download Italian-English Bible Italian-English Bible icon
    Italian-English Bible

    Back to the roots! Identity is memory. Practice your Latin by reading the Bible in interlinear Italian-English (CEI-2008 version, and English Nova Vulgata Translation), both scroll-able and zoom-able with responsive display. Feedback and other suggestions are welcome at

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