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This APP was developed thinking of creating a Shopping List simple and intuitive. It consists of a DATABASE preloaded with over 100 items, which can be easily expandable by user or delete unwanted items. The structure of the DATABASE is divided into sections and the items about these sections are sorted alphabetically. To add items to list, we si…

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Simpler Shopping List Maker

So annoying. You've gotten almost everything on your shopping list, only to see that you've missed an item that's all the way back near the store entrance. Grrrrrr... The first time you use the Even Simpler Shopping List Maker, when you enter your items you also decide (because you know your regular supermarket's layout better than…

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Take Junk Product PRO

The app is aimed at trade professionals , and will remind you if you have on the shelves of products with expiring . You can use it to monitor the shelf life of the products in your fridge .

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Blot Dog Loyalty Card

Instead of carrying all those cards in your wallet, Blot allows you the convenience to store them on your phone. You will never forget your cards and can maximize your points every time you shop. Only $1.00 to store all of your loyalty cards without any annoying adverts or pop ups.

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Inventory Desk Scanner

Inventory Desk Scanner is a utility that can be used as an ADD-ON to Inventory Droid and Inventory Desk applications, OR and a standalone scanner for 3rd party Inventory Application of your PC. Go to to request a FREE download of Inventory Desk. This application will make your Android device act as a direct scanner into In…

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Find A Furby BOOM!

Now it's just as easy to find a new Furby BOOM! as it is to find a Furby with our new app. Want the latest and greatest Furby BOOM! at the best price? Don't want to fight traffic and crowds to do it? Download our app now and you will be connected directly with the Furby BOOM! pages of major retailers so you can compare prices, find the o…

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Grocery Shopping List

Now with Cloud Sync & Cloud Share ! Easily backup and sync across devices via the cloud. Share your lists with friends/family and do your shopping together. Going shopping ? If you use pen and paper everytime to jot down the list of items to buy, this app will be perfect for you. This shopping checklist or list app comes pre-loaded with 410+…

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Home Life Organiser Pro

By organizing lists of all items at one place and relevant grouping of items for our home purchase, maintaning past purchase of items and giving a predictive assessment of quantities to purchase as per average consumption per week or per month or per year worked out based on pattern of past consumption , it enables to purchase the items in one go a…

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Grocery Ninja Master

Let the Grocery Ninja Master help you with your shopping! Why choose this app over all those others? Its the only one with cool Ninja sounds! A simple, low profile app, that makes it easy to enter your grocery list, and find items in the store quickly. Either select items from your common items list, or read your list directly to the phone. Be…

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ShopItUp! Shopping List PRO

ShopItUp! is a smart and useful shopping assistant. ShopItUp! Grocery/Market Shopping assistant’s priority is to protect your money. As you all know that shopping without making any plan may exceed our budget overwhelmingly. Better planned, faster and more economical shopping awaits you with ShopItUp! Why ShopItUp! ✔ Save time by planning your sho…

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What to buy? - Smart shoplist

What to buy? - it's a smart shopping list that can be used on the lock screen. Tired of having to remember a long time , what do you miss? Intelligent ranking system will choose the products that you commonly buy and offer to add them first in compiling the list. And if you want to add something new - just start writing it and the program will…

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Sölvesborgs Meny

En enkel app med snabb tillgång till menyerna från Sölvesborgs olika pizzerior och andra restauranger! Bläddra enkelt och snabbt bland de olika menyerna utan att behöva hålla reda på pappersmenyer. De restauranger som för tillfället finns tillgängliga är: Falkviks Pizzeria, Pizzaboden, Sölvesborgs Pizzeria, Valje Strandkrog, La Romantica, Sölve Pi…

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