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Download Socialize:Social Network Hub Socialize:Social Network Hub icon
Socialize:Social Network Hub

Browsing multiple Social Networks on your phone can be quite time consuming. Going from one slow

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PhotoHub Social Gallery

stream of your friends’ photos from Facebook & Instragram in one convenient place, PhotoHub aims

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Movie Hub

ChermesApps provides social media feeds, audio, books, websites, rss feeds of top personalities

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USC Sports Hub

USC Trojans Sports Hub App will keep you up to date with the latest sporting news about the USC

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Social Network Pro

It will become the primary Social Hub on your phone.Once installed there will be no need to flick

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Download Jotter (For Galaxy Note) Jotter (For Galaxy Note) icon
Jotter (For Galaxy Note)

, SocialHub and more. Add and remove background lines anytime. Export notebook pages with or without

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Psychology Encyclopedia

or researcher is called a psychologist and can be classified as a social, behavioral, or cognitive scientist

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Air Messages Pro

. This is a completly revolutionary idea that mix maps, social network and instant messangers ideas. The App has been

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, Picasa, Social Hub, Twitter, Wi-Fi Direct, Calendar by Day shows monthly view and highlights days

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Download Business Card Reader - CRM Pro Business Card Reader - CRM Pro icon
Business Card Reader - CRM Pro

and you get a bird’s-eye view of the following information: - personal info:Company name,Job title,Department,Address,Social

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