This will is the full featured version of "Auto Text Your Girlfriend"... *** Automatically sends good morning, good afternoon, and good evening texts to your girlfriend or significant other; *** Allows you to input the nick names (pet names, love names) you call your girlfriend or significant other; *** Select days of the week you want…

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Download Canvasing Canvasing icon

Chatting dan berbagi documen/file dengan sesama Agent, Nasabah, Leaders, sahabat, keluarga dll dalam jumlah tidak terbatas seperti proposal,brosur,surat,scan, teks,foto,video,mp3,dll. Khusus Untuk Agen Prudential berlisensi dan sudah menjadi anggota Kanvasing Lintas Agensi (KLA) indonesia, ada Grup KLA tempat berbagi informasi dengan cara Chatting…

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Download Bluejabb IM for Facebook chat Bluejabb IM for Facebook chat icon
Bluejabb IM for Facebook chat

A full Facebook Chat Client Preserve your anonymity with TOR and encrypt your chats with OTR More informations on Follow us at @bluejabb on Twitter 2 days trial version: Accounts: . Multiple accounts management support . Connect on start up to a defa…

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Download Bluejabb IM for GTalk Bluejabb IM for GTalk icon
Bluejabb IM for GTalk

A full featured GTalk Client Preserve your anonymity with TOR and encrypt your chats with OTR. Send self-destructing messages and pictures. More informations on Follow us at @bluejabb on Twitter 2 days trial version: Accounts: . Multiple accounts man…

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Download Snapchat User Names Snapchat User Names icon
Snapchat User Names

default search pointing you to find other snapchat usernames. Best bit, they have put their own usernames public for people to add them! Scroll down and add who you wish!

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Gillian Messenger

Useful App for Gayroyal Users! - Stay connected ! - Be informed about new messages immediatly ! - Have more dates ! The App to keep in touch with your gayroyal friends on the go. The App keeps you online so you have more contacts! It checks your gayroyal website every 2 minutes for new messages. You will be informed about new messages with sound…

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Wopen is your personal alternative to WordPress official App. Wopen removed statware that publish stats to each time you open your application. Future evolution will provide more features between your WordPress website and your smartphone or tablet. **Stay tuned!**

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Download I Am Rich - 4Rich 2Donate I Am Rich - 4Rich 2Donate icon
I Am Rich - 4Rich 2Donate

4Rich 2Donate is an application that was created to find the most rich people in the world, and let them help the others in a simple way. Do you want to prove to your friends that you are really rich? Wanna help someone at the same time? Then buy this app and be one of our members in 4Rich 2Donate's Facebook page.

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Download Baby Names Key Baby Names Key icon
Baby Names Key

This app adds functionality to the 'Baby Names' app. It does nothing on it's own! With this extension to Baby Names, you can share baby names with partners and friends. Baby Names is an easy to use app for parents-to-be. Quickly note baby names you like,easil…

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Anger Management

DON'T LET ANGER RUIN YOUR LIFE! Discover How to Gain Control of Your Anger ... Before It Gains Control of You! Dear friend, While anger is a completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion, it can sometimes get out of control and turn destructive. If you currently have an anger problem that is causing you difficulties at work, in your per…

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Download Onomastici +Plus Onomastici +Plus icon
Onomastici +Plus

Quanti e quali contatti hai in rubrica che festeggiano l'onomastico oggi ? Onomastici +Plus, grazie ad un potente database dei Santi del giorno, effettua una ricerca nella tua rubrica e visualizza tutti i contatti che oggi potrebbero festeggiare l'onomastico. Con un semplice click potrai decidere se chiamare i contatti elencati o semplicem…

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Download WhatsApp Plus Instruction WhatsApp Plus Instruction icon
WhatsApp Plus Instruction

..:: INSTRUCTION ::.. Holen Sie sich mit "WhatsApp Plus Instruction" eine getunte WhatsApp-Variante jetzt in brandneuer Version aufs Android-Smartphone. "WhatsApp Plus Instruction" gibt Ihnen im Vergleich zur Original-Version zahlreiche Individualisierungsoptionen, die Sie nahezu jeden Teil der App optisch an Ihre Vorlieben an…

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