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    Download SportsTracker PRO Run & Bike SportsTracker PRO Run & Bike icon
    SportsTracker PRO Run & Bike

    . Superior GPS sports tracking and fitness app. For all outdoor (using GPS) and indoor sports (using sensors

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    Download Fitness Workout Tracker Fitness Workout Tracker icon
    Fitness Workout Tracker

    to your wishes, needs and standards. You can log especially your exercise-based sports performance

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    Download My Sports Tracker Pro My Sports Tracker Pro icon
    My Sports Tracker Pro

    files are stored in the SDCard\My_Sports_Tracker folder Permission * Modify/delete SD card contents

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    Download Fitness Coach FitProSport FULL Fitness Coach FitProSport FULL icon
    Fitness Coach FitProSport FULL

    The fitness tracker for the gym and home the exercises presented: - With your body weight (on pull-up bars

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    Download Runtastic Altimeter PRO Runtastic Altimeter PRO icon
    Runtastic Altimeter PRO

    Turn your smartphone into an altimeter with this outdoor app and enjoy additional features like compass, weather information, exact position and sunrise & sunset times! Ideal for trekking & hiking fans. The app calculates your altitude via GPS while providing a compass feature to make orientating yourself easy when hiking in the mountains.…

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    Download Split Tracker Split Tracker icon
    Split Tracker

    than ever. Split Tracker has been used for several sports including track, cross country, swimming

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    Download Variometer-Sky Land Tracker Variometer-Sky Land Tracker icon
    Variometer-Sky Land Tracker

    and all air sports, Radio Control Plane and skiing, sailing, mountain climbing, etc. Portal tracker

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    Download BetStats - Sports Bet Tracker BetStats - Sports Bet Tracker icon
    BetStats - Sports Bet Tracker

    Follow and analyze easily your bets and your tipsters choices ! *** This app will help increase your chances of winning and help you keep control of your budget *** With the help of syntheses , you can analyze in which categories and sub-categories you are most efficient and compare your choices with your tipsters. You’ll then be able to choose t…

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    Download Team Basketball Stats Tracker Team Basketball Stats Tracker icon
    Team Basketball Stats Tracker

    , basketball free throws, basketball trivia, baskteball, NCAA, sports stats, statistics, strategy, playbook

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    Download Ultim'App Frisbee Ultim'App Frisbee icon
    Ultim'App Frisbee

    ******************************************** ** Official French Co-Ed team application ** ******************************************** Ultim’App is a statistics computation application for your ultimate matches. It enables you to manage several indoor or outdoor competitions for a club, having one team per competition. Its intuitive interface ena…

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    Download Team Baseball Stats Tracker Team Baseball Stats Tracker icon
    Team Baseball Stats Tracker

    Track baseball stats such as batting average, ERA, and On base percentage for up to 15 players. Also includes Pitch Counter with recently updates pitch count rules for the most popular international youth baseball organization. The pitch counter alerts on pitch limits and required rest days. Easily send stats report by email & text. If you…

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