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Geotrafo can be used for coordinate transformation of various systems in South America. Supported coordinate systems : WGS84, UTM_WGS84(Zone 17-25),MGRS(UTMREF),SAD69(+UTM),PSAD56(+UTM), ARG: Posgar(+ARG 1-7),Campo Inchauspe(+ARG 1-7),Campo Inchauspe UTM 19,20 S, Campo Inchauspe(Neuquen), Pampa del Castillo(+ARG-2), Hito-XVIII(+ ARG-2),Hito-XVIII…

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APK Trader Send Pro -Halloween

PRO VERSION ---------------------- Main Functions: APK Trader Send Pro - Halloween edition calculates the total number of installed apps on a device and displays them in alphabetical order. Simply pick and choose the apps you would like to send or uninstall. App information is available upon clicking a list tab. ★Key Features: ►App Manager: Thr…

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Fancy Root Checker Donate

This is donation app for Fancy Root Checker. This is not the applicable app. Buy it if you want DONATE! Fancy Root Checker is free app without any ads!

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Download UDF Reader - Uyap Dökümanı Oku UDF Reader - Uyap Dökümanı Oku icon
UDF Reader - Uyap Dökümanı Oku

Avukatsanız UDF Reader (UYAP Dökümanı Okuyucu) hayatınızı kolaylaştıracak. Ulaşabileceğiniz ilk ve tek UYAP UDF Reader programı ile UDF uzantılı UYAP dosyalarınızı veya UYAP dökümanınızı okumak için artık pcnize veya laptopunuza ihtiyacınız yok. Yapmanız gereken tek şey UDF Readerı (UYAP Dökümanı Okuyucu) cep telefonunuza ya da mobil cihazınıza…

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HiMic app makes your Android phone work as a wireless microphone for your PC. You can use it for voice chatting, recording, and recognition on your computer. Main features: - Streams voice captured on phone mic to PC - Has very short lag - Support both Bluetooth and WiFi - Supports volume control and mute - The connection and disconnection are in…

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Countdown Donate

Countdown lets you know the time remaining before an event or the time elapsed after a date. There is also a useful mode to compare two events in time. You can share your countdowns with your friends ! This version comes with 2 preconfigured dates: Christmas and the New Year ! You can also set your birthday ! This version is ad free !

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Download Mine Seeds All-in-1 PRO Mine Seeds All-in-1 PRO icon
Mine Seeds All-in-1 PRO

Ultimate list of Minecraft Seeds Includes latest seeds for- *Pocket edition *PC *XboxOne/360 *PS4/3 The best app to enjoy Minecraft on all the platforms. Updated all the time, this is the only app you need for Minecraft across all platforms!! *This app contains NO ADS. *New seeds updated regularly over the air, no need to update manually. P…

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Emulator Access 3270

Easily access your employer's web-based emulator and mainframe with this utility. BNSF users get automatic login and saving of usernames. Compatible with all Open Connect / 3270 emulator systems common in transportation, government, manufacturing, and financial industries. Recommended for use with: -BNSF -Norfolk Southern -RAILINC -TX DOT -CN…

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Flashlight PRO

With our flashlight you can use your device flash lighting as if it were a torch. Simply press the power button. You can also customize it to your liking and give an original and unique touch editing colors or changing funds. Enjoy additional features that includes the PRO version or install and try the BASIC version, you decide. Features on BASIC…

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Download Camera Lock , Disable Camera Camera Lock , Disable Camera icon
Camera Lock , Disable Camera

Stops apps / hackers using your camera to spy on you. Stops other apps using your camera to spy on you. We won't spy on you because we don't use your camera to take pictures or videos. We won't get internet access from your phone or tablet. We won't read your accounts or sensitive log data. We won't read your SMS or MMS. We won&…

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Download WiFi WEP Key Indexer WiFi WEP Key Indexer icon
WiFi WEP Key Indexer

WiFi WEP Key Indexer lets you switch WEP key indexes for WEP-enabled WiFi networks beyond the default of index 1. Compatible with Android 1.6+. Enjoy your WiFi, and please send comments/bugs to!

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Download Hex Editor Pro Hex Editor Pro icon
Hex Editor Pro

Hex Editor - an application for editing the binary data, the data is represented in the "raw" - as a sequence of bytes. Since Hex Editor is quite a versatile tool it is not possible to describe all variants of its` use. Use your fantasy;-) This is AdFree version of Hex Editor.

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