Download Calculator - Digi Calc Calculator - Digi Calc icon
    Calculator - Digi Calc

    This application is a display of a large number, it is a simple calculator application. It is a calculator application conscious of the display display of the real computer. The number of display digits adopts general 12 digits to be used for bookkeeping etc, and the number is displayed in 3 digit separator. You can calculate tax / excluding tax, a…

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    Download Winter Clock 1.2.5 Winter Clock 1.2.5 icon
    Winter Clock 1.2.5

    A functional grandfather clock style clock face with second hand set against the snowy wilderness. This clock has 3 selectable faces and sounds off with 3 variations of the Westminster chimes. The chime sets are; The real Big Ben chimes The melodic chimes The symphonic 'chimes' ensemble. The background features a scene inspired by the…

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    Download Horse Emoji Horse Emoji icon
    Horse Emoji

    Horse emoji is the best Kitten emoticons app for cat lovers! Choose from over 100 expressive HorseMojis Features resizable, drag and drop Message stickers! you can enable keyboard extension and easily use in your conversation. Let us know what emojis you'd like to see in future updates!

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    Download sMeasure Pro sMeasure Pro icon
    sMeasure Pro

    sMeasure :- Smart Measure an App which measures the distance and height of a target object using Simple trigonometry. No laser technology needed for this App to Work. Can be used by any Smart Phone. And calculate the distance in intelligent way Please read the instructions Below for the App to measure distance accurately, Features that Make sM…

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    Download Username Generator Pro Username Generator Pro icon
    Username Generator Pro

    Pro version: 1) No Ads 2) No In App Purchases 3) Offline Mode Generate: 1) Usernames/nicknames 2) Symbols/glyphs/passwords 3) Memorable passphrases

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    Download Math Symbols Keyboard Math Symbols Keyboard icon
    Math Symbols Keyboard

    The app allows you to type symbols like integration and Greek letters in any text box. It has more symbols than a normal keyboard. All the symbols shown in the screenshot can be typed. Check it out for yourself! The app contains seven keyboard layouts:- 1. Qwerty Keyboard 2. Trigonometry 3. Greek Symbols 4. Math Symbols 5. Currency and fractions 6…

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    Download QrBarCode Pro QrBarCode Pro icon
    QrBarCode Pro

    Square and Barcode Reading Program. You can save photos. You can share photos. The information of the read codes can be saved as text and the history can be read. Many resolution options are available. Save image : Check to save image button and click apply button last click camera button.

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    Download LSA Space LSA Space icon
    LSA Space

    Calculating the area of ​​geometric shapes. The program allows you to calculate the area of ​​geometric figures of any complexity. Circle, triangle, polygon, complex irregular polygons ...

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    Download G-Tunes G-Tunes icon

    This is the companion app for G-Tunes widget that you install on your Garmin watch. It turns your watch into a TuneIn remote that lets you remotely play stations of your choice. Features: - Easy to use. Automatically get necessary information of stations from TuneIn once you share an item to the app. - Add up to 10 stations that can be accessed…

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    Download Audio Recorder Pro Audio Recorder Pro icon
    Audio Recorder Pro

    Pro Version for the original Audio Recorder. This is an easy to use audio recorder app free and voice recorder. Use it to record lecture notes, meetings or just as a general recording bank. One of the simplest and neatest audio recording apps you will ever use. It’s battery friendly, intuitive and light! There is a playback feature too to play al…

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    Download RemindCall RemindCall icon

    You always make promise to call back but forgot. right? RemindCall will help you to schedule reminder on Missed Call, Incoming Calland Outgoing Call. You can select alarm for daily, weekly, monthly , yearly or custom date of your choice. On Notification, you can can choose to make a call, send sms or simply snooze it. You can set your choice of r…

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    quickly barcode and qr code read and view, it has the ability to read from about 1 meter it is very very fast, enjoy it.

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