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WBS Checker

“WBS Checker” is for Web response speed check. This app enables you to see how long your UE takes time for completion of web access download at Mobile or WiFi network condition. You can set “Access URL”, “Test Interval”, ”Test count”, and select ON/OFF for “WebCache”, “JavaScript”. “WBS Checker” is also possible to record the response time with RF…

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Child Accident App

For all UK childcare providers. Record accidents of children in your care and send instant email notifications to parents with this simple-to-use app. Use the body outline to indicate the exact location of any injury. Other information recorded includes: • The date, time and place of the incident. • The name of the injured person. • Details of th…

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Better Budget Notes

Actively plan and manage your finances, together with the people you trust, across multiple currencies, banks, and financial institutions. Get and keep full control of your finances.

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Swift Pro

collaborative note taking and task tracking app. It organize notes and tasks in space, sync and share all items in the space cross all participants. It gives you a quick and simple experience when you write notes, memo, shopping list and to do list; and it especially fits the need for sharing stuff in a team or project.

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Win Management

Win Managament is an Android app which consist on managing a stock you're trying to sell and to see how much you are in benefit while you're selling. It has an Add Weights button which consist in adding your buying stock with the price of it and all in units so it depend to you to have for a price an unit of 1$ or anything else. It keep tra…

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Download Thank You messages Status PRO Thank You messages Status PRO icon
Thank You messages Status PRO

Thank You messages Quotes SMS is a free android app all you need to say thanks for things big and small. Browse our collection of Thank You messages and send wishes greeting or cards to your relatives friends professional contacts and loved ones in just single Tap from your mobile phone. You can share and post these status messages as text or phot…

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Download Miss You Status & Messages PRO Miss You Status & Messages PRO icon
Miss You Status & Messages PRO

Miss You Status & Messages PRO android App is the best collection of Missing you Love messages and Happy sad romantic I miss You Quotes of all nature and emotions. It just takes a single tap and you can post these quotes to any social media website such as Facebook twitter Instagram LinkedIn or chat client such as whatsapp snapchat hike as im…

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Download Good Morning Messages PRO Good Morning Messages PRO icon
Good Morning Messages PRO

The amazing collection of Good morning messages status and quotes that you can share with everyone as well as with friends beloved Family members and with any social media connection etc. It just takes a single tap to send or share. The content has been compiled from all type of nature and requirements and is suitable for everyone. App allows you…

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Password Depository

An excellent tool for managing your passwords. We provide complete encryption and decryption functions. It is conveniently to import or export encrypted files in our app. Followings are our features: 1. AES-256bits cipher system. 2. Encrypted files local import and export. 3. Upload and download personal encrypted files by Google Drive API. 4. Web…

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Calculator plus

This calculator is just the same to the free one, but buying it you support the developer. As a pretty bonus you will acquire a widget 4x4 *** There are no advertisements in the app. Provide with basic functions of standard calculator. The result can be copied into the clipboard. Holding of the button "C" will result Clearing of the input…

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Flash Light

Flash Light turns your device into a flashlight , extremely efficient! A single luminous device that leverages the full potential of the device's LED light. Also supportable versions Light Psychedelic / Shimmer . Characteristics: - Flashlight Extremely light . - Convenient - on / off light as a real flashlight - Versions Light Psychedelic / su…

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Download Arduino Rele Master. Arduino Rele Master. icon
Arduino Rele Master.

Function: Relay Operation Timer (min 1 sec), the clock (24 hours) or sensors. 0 ... 8 Relay (forward / inversion); 0 ... 3 analog sensors (0 ... 5 V, 1024 bits); 0 ... 3 digital temperature sensors (Dallas); Installation time Aduino; Arduino recording settings in EEPROM; Search, selection and conservation of the last connected Bluetooth Arduino mod…

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