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NAXOS by 3DGuides

Naxos has always been known to archaeologists, historians, students of folklore and all those who, wherever they may find themselves, are capable of discovering places of beauty and magic. Yet to the thousands of tourists from Greece and abroad who flock to the island in the summer, Naxos has always been and remains pretty much undiscovered. This a…

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Kos is the island of healing, the island which pulled humanity out from the vanity created by ignorance and lack of learning. It is the island of Hippocrates, the father of medicine who gave medicine to man and the first hospitals, the first doctors, to the island. The ruins and archaeological finds which have been excavated at various points of th…

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Viterbo Smart City

Make a unique visit experience at Museo Colle del Duomo di Viterbo with Viterbo Smart City, the first app that allows you to scan the artworks and have an immediate access to a database of textual, audio and video content in Augmented Reality. App features: - Scan your favourite artworks among the proposed selection and access an augmented world…

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Collect Ireland -- Antiques, Art & Collectables – What's On, Where & When – Countrywide Guide The official app for the Collect Ireland website. Have Collect Ireland on-the-go in your pocket, to quickly check the listings.

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Travel Alarm

Travel Alarm is an App that makes it easy for you to take a Nap while traveling by eliminating worry to miss your Destination Stop. Travel Alarm allows you to set your Destination with a simple and easy to use Interface. Running in the Background, Travel Alarm uses your Device’s Location Service to periodically check your current location. Whenever…

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Mallorca Routes & Culture App

Your personal digital tour guide is here! Cultural routes through all the towns and villages on Mallorca, as well as all cultural events, fairs and celebrations. Accés Mallorca collaborates with a broad spectra of partners, to give you the REAL stories of the most interesting island in the world! We bring you the most authentic experience on Mallo…

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Alexander Hamilton Tours

"A walking tour for the unsung Philly sites of Hamilton." —Philadelphia Inquirer "Eminently fascinating." —Independence Visitor Center Connect Hamilton the musical to Alexander Hamilton the man on the first Alexander Hamilton-themed walking tour of Philadelphia, which is designed to be experienced either virtually or on the gro…

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Colorado Weed and Ski Guide

The Colorado Weed and Ski Guide is a location based app that shows the user the Marijuana dispensaries closest to them. There are hundreds of dispensaries in Colorado; this app sorts the dispensaries from nearest to furthest. Each dispensary has a live Google map which will take the user directly to the location in question. Also, we included…

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A Safe Ride

All over the globe thousands of tourists are robbed, assaulted, even murdered by taxi and limo drivers. A Safe Ride can protect you from this through the power of your social network before you even enter the vehicle. In less than 90 seconds * A Safe Ride sends photos of the driver and license plate you take to friends and relatives * These contac…

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Experience Santa Barbara

This App is updated daily to provide you with the ultimate Santa Barbara experience! - Set custom preferences for up-to-the-minute alerts for what's trending in Santa Barbara every single day! - Take advantage of local discounts and offers - Connect quickly to local transportation - Connect to online maps - Take advantage of exclusive money sa…

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Travel Expenses

Simple and Easy to use Travel Expenses helps budget conscious travelers and tourists monitor their spending in multiple currencies You can clearly track all of your daily expenses, making it easier to keep within your budget, no matter where your travels might take you. Travel Expenses is simple and streamlined - Check the screen-shots and the f…

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Roll Call

Roll Call for the management of tours and other gatherings and their participants. Although primarily geared for tours Rollcall is simple and flexible enough to be used for school outings or even business conventions or any other situation where participant whereabouts is required. Features include: - Easy to use - Tour creation - Tour member r…

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