Download UltraWeatherPro: Forecast&Map UltraWeatherPro: Forecast&Map icon
UltraWeatherPro: Forecast&Map

Be ready for any weather and enjoy your time outdoors! UltraWeather helps to know all you need about the weather: •Forecast: Accurate hourly, daily and 10-day forecasts; •Detailed Current Conditions: “Real feel”, temperature, humidity, wind, visibility, pressure and fallout; •Weather maps: fast-loading radar maps show real-time rain…

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Download Just MET Just MET icon
Just MET

Obtain METAR and TAF reports for specified airfield ICAO codes Features include: * Global coverage (using data from US NOAA/NWS, no affiliation) * ICAO Lookup (via airfield name, country, ICAO partial code) * Find (and retrieve MET for) nearest airfields within 100nm of your current location * Share MET reports via email, Twitter, etc * Remember…

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Download Chronus: Bhadra Flat Icons Chronus: Bhadra Flat Icons icon
Chronus: Bhadra Flat Icons

★ To use the Bhadra Flat Weather Icons, download Chronus: Home & Lock Widget from Google Play: ★ Also works with Crius/Crius Pro and cLock CyanogenMod widget ★ 384x384 sized icons (ready for QHD devices) ★ To apply this theme: Chronus Settings > Weather Panel > Icon set…

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Download NOAA Aviation PRO Live Weather NOAA Aviation PRO Live Weather icon
NOAA Aviation PRO Live Weather

Get real-time station weather data NOAA/NWS/NEC/AWC directly to your smartphone! Search for weather stations and airports all over the World. - More than 40.000 weather stations available - Create your custom stations starting from ICAO - Check the weather stations directly from the map - Search weather station or airport by name, description, r…

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Download Climate Sensors Climate Sensors icon
Climate Sensors

In this app, you can refer to the various climate sensor values ​​of your smartphone, tablet, at the same time, at once on the same screen. (1) barometer (2) luminometer (3) thermometer (4) hygrometer (relative humidity) This app reads the values ​​of climate sensors that are built-in smartphone, tablet and calculates the value of Discomfort…

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Download 10 Sensors (barometer etc.) 10 Sensors  (barometer etc.) icon
10 Sensors (barometer etc.)

In this app, you can refer to the various sensor values of your smartphone, tablet, at the same time, at once on the same screen. (1) barometer (2) luminometer (3) thermometer (4) hygrometer (relative humidity) (5) compass (6) magnetic field meter (7) gravity meter (8) accelerometer (straight line motion) (9) gyroscope (10) proximity meter…

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Download U-Tation Weather Icon Pack U-Tation Weather Icon Pack icon
U-Tation Weather Icon Pack

U-Tation is a big set of weather icons for you to create widgets with. Each weather icon set was created myself and I took time on each set. Unfortunately for those Zooper users out there this will only work with Kustom unless you want to contact me to help create some Zooper weather widgets. You need KWGT Pro or KLWP Pro Find us with the followi…

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Download Meteo Meteo icon

Con questa applicazioen è possibile visualzizare il meteo nelle diverse città...bla bla bla

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Download METAR Indonesia PRO METAR Indonesia PRO icon
METAR Indonesia PRO

Meteorological Aerodrome Report (METAR) is an aviation routine weather report issued at hourly or half-hourly intervals. TAF is the international standard code format for terminal forecasts issued for airport. A Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) is a notice filed with an aviation authority to alert aircraft pilots of potential hazards along a flight route o…

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Download Thermometer & Hygrometer Pro Thermometer & Hygrometer Pro icon
Thermometer & Hygrometer Pro

Thermometer & Hygrometer app uses temperature and humidity sensors in smartphones to measure real-time temperature, humidity and pressure of ambient environment. With beautiful design and great precision, this pragmatic hygrothermograph allows you to get latest weather conditions in current environment. It could definitely meet all your demand…

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Download Weather 2017 Pro Weather 2017 Pro icon
Weather 2017 Pro

★ ❄ Enjoy With Weather 2017 Snowfall Xmas 2016 Season..!!!! ❄ ★ ★ ❄ Enjoy With Weather 2017 Happily with Xmas 2016 and Happy New Year 2017 Seasons..!!!! ☀ ☐ Weather Forecast and Widgets is ads free full featured app version. Enjoy it all time and everywhere with no ads.☐ ☀ Weather 2017 is the best weather forecast app– it provides the day and ni…

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Download ShareWeather ROAD Pro ShareWeather ROAD Pro icon
ShareWeather ROAD Pro

ShareWeather predicts the local weather conditions on ground surface including realistic visualizations of the actual appearance of the road and its surroundings, 16 days ahead. While meteorological services usually predict what is happening in the air, ShareWeather will also calculate and visualize the direct effects on ground. We gathered the bes…

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