Download Dream UI Icon set for Chronus Dream UI Icon set for Chronus icon
    Dream UI Icon set for Chronus

    Dream UI is an add-in Weather Icon Set for Chronus, Crius and the CyanogenMod's cLock Home & Lock Screen Widget. Installation 1. Chronus Weather Icons - Dream UI theme isn't a standalone weather widget, make sure you have Chronus/Crius/cLock installed. 2. This theme is only supported on OS 3.4 and later. Credit Chronus: Home & Lock…

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    Download What to Wear Weather - Kids What to Wear Weather - Kids icon
    What to Wear Weather - Kids

    What to Wear- Kids is a weather app made for busy families. Designed to help out busy parents What to Wear - Kids, will check your local weather and provide you with a recommendation for what children’s clothing will be most appropriate for tonight and tomorrow. This will let you know what you need to clothe your little angels in for the night or…

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    Download AT Forecast AT Forecast icon
    AT Forecast

    AT Forecast is a weather data aggregator specifically for shelters and campsites along the Appalachian Trail. We provide detailed forecasts and weather conditions for A.T. hikers as fast as possible. Data is cached for offline use after the first time you load it, for times when you have bad cell signal. You can also search for the closest shelt…

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    Download Umbrella Pro Umbrella Pro icon
    Umbrella Pro

    Umbrella is a simple weather app that focuses on the use of color to show the weather now, the next few hours, and the next week in as many locations as you'd like to add. Using bold colors and icons, Umbrella allows you a quick and easy glance at the weather without any distractions. It also includes alerts, watches, and warnings for any locat…

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    Download Dad's Weather Dad's Weather icon
    Dad's Weather

    I'm just learning how to do new things in Android and keeping current with my Java. This is just a basic weather app using data from Open Weather Map's API.

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    Download The Weather Free Now! Pro The Weather Free Now! Pro icon
    The Weather Free Now! Pro

    The best app to check the updated time !! Now you can consult the time where you are or anywhere in the world effortlessly and reliably. You can see the temperature in degrees centigrade or fahrenheit. You can see the future time of the next 7 days. You can also check air velocity and pressure. You also have a reminder that you can program to…

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    Download Hooikoortsradar Hooikoortsradar icon

    Met de aanschaf van deze betaalde app, zonder advertentie, ondersteunt u toekomstige updates en de ontwikkeling van het verwachtingsmodel. De app bestaat uit een aantal onderdelen: - Meerdaagse verwachtingskaartje: Het kaartje van Nederland geeft een beeld van de te verwachten hooikoortsklachten voor vandaag en de komende 4 dagen. Door naar rechts…

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    Download Temperature Log Temperature Log icon
    Temperature Log

    Temperature Log is a simple app that allows you to log and chart your daily minimum and maximum temperature readings. Features: * Fast, simple, intuitive. * Add and edit daily temperatures for multiple locations. * Generate the following charts: - Daily Min/Max - Monthly Average Min/Max - Monthly Average Min/Max Comparison - Monthly A…

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    Download Horisontti Horisontti icon

    Näyttää veneilijälle hyödyllisiä merisäätietoja kuten: - merisää - paikallinen sääennuste - sää rannikkoasemilla - aallonkorkeus - vedenkorkeus - meriveden lämpötila - varoitukset merenkulkijoille - sadetutka - ukkostutka - auringon/kuun nousu- ja laskuajat - sijainti, nopeus ja suunta Ei sisällä mainoksia. Tietolähteitä ovat mm. FMI, FTA, FLC, YL…

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    Download Just.MET Just.MET icon

    Obtain METAR and TAF reports for specified airfield ICAO codes Features include: * Global coverage (using data from US NOAA/NWS, no affiliation) * ICAO Lookup (via airfield name, country, ICAO partial code) * Find (and retrieve MET for) nearest airfields within 100nm of your current location * Share MET reports via email, Twitter, etc * Remember…

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    Download Thermometer & Hygrometer Pro Thermometer & Hygrometer Pro icon
    Thermometer & Hygrometer Pro

    Thermometer & Hygrometer app uses temperature and humidity sensors in smartphones to measure real-time temperature, humidity and pressure of ambient environment. With beautiful design and great precision, this pragmatic hygrothermograph allows you to get latest weather conditions in current environment. It could definitely meet all your demand…

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    Download Weather 2017 Pro Weather 2017 Pro icon
    Weather 2017 Pro

    ★ ❄ Enjoy With Weather 2017 Snowfall Xmas 2016 Season..!!!! ❄ ★ ★ ❄ Enjoy With Weather 2017 Happily with Xmas 2016 and Happy New Year 2017 Seasons..!!!! ☀ ☐ Weather Forecast and Widgets is ads free full featured app version. Enjoy it all time and everywhere with no ads.☐ ☀ Weather 2017 is the best weather forecast app– it provides the day and ni…

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