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Wind & Sea HR

Wind & Sea Med is the APP that bring to you the famous LAMMA weather forecasts for sea and wind with the High Resolution 3 km model (Model WW3 3km - WRF ECMWF 3km). The sea area under consideration has its center in the island of Giraglia and the four adjacent sectors. This APP is ideal for those who want to race or just navigate these water…

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Weather Widget Number One

Work in progress. View temperature and precipitation in same widget. Check back later. TODOs * Update Store Listing (text, graphics) * App Icon * New location picker * Improve lines

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Applications clearly visualizes a vertical atmospheric profiles. The collected wind speed, gust at ground level, wind direction, temperature, relative humidity, dew point, thermal current, accurate stratification of cloud, sunrise, sunset, rainfall CAPE index ... The application has five basic screens. Screen for wind, temperature, humidity, cloud…

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Windsock Pro Key

This app will unlock Pro features on your device for the Windsock for Android app. You must download Windsock in order to use these features - this app merely activates Pro features in the main app. Features Pro users enjoy are: • No advertisements! • Notification Filters: choose to see notifications if METAR and/or TAF updates are VFR, MVFR, I…

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This application shows the current relative outdoor humidity, measured by a nearby weather station for which it uses your current location. The background color changes with the humidity value. Features: - The humidity is automatically updated - The location is automatically updated when you move - Wipe the steamed up screen to see through

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Trident - Weather (Premium)

We take pride in providing the simplest solution to the simplest of problems, with Trident - Weather (Premium) we are wanting to give you all the information related to weather possible for when and where you need it. Trident - Weather (Premium) will display you current weather conditions for your current location such as, temperature, tides, wind…

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Just the Weather!

Unlike complicated and unnecessary weather apps, this easy to use weather app only needs your zip code to provide your temperature and forecast. Do yourself a favor and make your weather updates easy.

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Weather Città

Type city in location from the menu and display weather and temperature of the day and forecast below. Tap on a day to view icon, temperature, humidity, pressure and wind. App in a simple material design.

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Download LCD ICE LCD ICE icon

LCD and Dotmatrix style watch face for Android Wear. Customizations are now directly in the watch. Allows you to change: Time mode (12 hour or 24) Date Mode, Time Colour, Date Colour, Battery Colour, Weather Colour, Steps Colour Steps Icon Colour Temperature Mode LCD Shadow Background Colour For weather information to appear you must accept Loc…

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myMeteobridge is a Personal Weather Stations (PWS) Monitor based on the popular solution Meteobridge ( The Meteobridge is distributed/saled by: - Meteobridge, only SW, ( ). - AmbientWeather located in the US does sell Meteobridge (HW+SW) as "WeatherBridge" (http://www.ambientweathe…

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Weather Geek (Weather Widget)

Track and view current weather conditions and forecasts anywhere in the world. Weather Widget's contemporary cool sleek high tech design makes getting your weather info quick and easy. FEATURES & HIGHLIGHTS: Weather Conditions: View Current Weather conditions including Wind Speed, Wind Chill, Visibility, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Win…

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Download Disaster Alerts AU Disaster Alerts AU icon
Disaster Alerts AU

Disaster Alert Australia is a simple app detailing any disaster alerts such as. Bush Fire Flood Severe Storm Tsunami Cyclone This app is designed to be simple so it doesn't take long to download and load in an emergency situation, Disaster Alert Australia uses many government agencies and our own forecasters to give you detailed alerts on any…

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