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Zombie Outbreak

"Limited stamina and the numerous zombies coupled with an objective that you have to save the survivors leads to an exciting gameplay. It’s able to provide you with an action-packed ride which you shouldn’t miss out on." - "Zombie Outbreak is a great game which has good stylisation. This is a surprisingly entertai…

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The Asteroids

The Asteroids is two games in one, a fully fledged exciting colourful space shooter featuring 3D rolling asteroids, meteors and energy-balls. The Asteroids also features a Vector based classic version of the 1980s arcade smash hit. An array of Power-ups including, shields, lasers, rapid-fire, health and more. Great sounds and awesome effects.…

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Banzai Moles Premium

Catch the Moles!! Premium version without ads! Completely new design, will you be able to catch all of them?! They are a plague all over the world, 3 different worlds available! World 4 coming soon! Defeat the final bosses to complete each world!

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Impossible Game II

That is the ne Could You Do This with 4 new levels. That is the most difficult game in the game market. Can you make it? You need nothing but jump. Seem to be easy? Then try it. But Please Please Please, do not break your phone and do not kick yourself out of the window. There are only 4 levels with 2 Modes. Also 8 Levels! You have the small che…

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DeathRun PRO

IMPORTANT: * AD-FREE VERSION! * This is my first game, made all by myself. If you like it and want to support, give 5 stars! THE GAME: * Challenge yourself and your friends in the MOST ADDICTIVE GAME EVER!!! * The rules are very simple: RightTouch = Jump, Left Touch = Crouch. * Survive as long as you can in a Crazy Death Run between obstacles…

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Download Angry Cans Shot - Full Angry Cans Shot - Full icon
Angry Cans Shot - Full

Angry Shot! is totally ad-free. Tilt your device to target the cans and press the button to shoot! Destroy all cans in the shortest time possible. But beware, there are cans that will make you lose points or lose the game! ** This game fits the size of the screen, works perfectly on TABLETS. Have fun for hours with its three modes of play: - LEV…

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Run For Your Life!

2D Emotion’s debut app sees four helpless holiday makers run for their lives as the apocalypse descends upon the Paradise Island of Yo’Ma. * Tilt your way to survival on beautifully crafted retro levels with original chiptune music. * Use your wits and reflexes as you escape stage-unique obstacles and for the biggest challenge of your life, the B…

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Princess Sherise (no ads)

Sherise Help the princess to save the fairies of the enchanted kingdom. Collect as many potions as you can, but watch out for the poisonous brew. tries to drop the letters in the pot to gain life. Use the Shake to bring down the wicked witch in the pot! :) ------------------------------------------ game, game, fairies, fairy, witch, potion, game, f…

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Download Duck Hunt PRO Duck Hunt PRO icon
Duck Hunt PRO

Limited Offer!!! 30% OFF!!! This version includes a in-game PAUSE button, TWO DUCKS, and improved speed for those devices that experienced speed problems in the free app. No Ads in this version. The classic game that marked our childhood is now available on our smartphones. Enjoy shooting ducks or anyone will laugh at you, even the dog. Don'…

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Download Jelly Jumper (Pro) Jelly Jumper (Pro) icon
Jelly Jumper (Pro)

The Android skater needs your help to overcome the obstacles that stand before him to survive. The goal is to drive as much as possible with the Android skaters as it is possible for you, while you still can, the Jellys (+2600 Points) Collect and improve your score. It is possible for you to jump over obstacles or a double jump to make more bonus p…

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Alien Invasion Premium

Aliens are threatening the Earth once again with their massive numbers. You must defeat the aliens! Gain upgrades to your spaceship by destroying aliens. Control the spaceship by tilting the phone / tablet and fire by tapping the screen. Alien Invasion is a Space Invaders type of a Android arcade game with more modern game-play, awesome features a…

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Graffiti Heaven

Live the afterlife of a graffitist who refuses to give up. Even in death, his soul remains inside the graffiti. It is your objective to guide him in a journey to make his last wish a reality. You can move inside the colors of your paint freely, but if you wish to paint new drawings, all you need is to spend a little paint. Watch out though, if your…

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