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Download Tic Tac Toe +++ - HD Nexus 7 Tic Tac Toe +++ - HD Nexus 7 icon
Tic Tac Toe +++ - HD Nexus 7

Designed for Nexus 7 and for all other Android tablets. Tic Tac Toe +++ is an advanced version of classic Tic Tac Toe built on top of new advanced 'Game Engine' which has got two advanced Artificial Intelligence players to make it tougher and make it a good brain teaser. If you like challenges then this game will give you a tough fight fo…

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Download Super Mario Memory Pro Super Mario Memory Pro icon
Super Mario Memory Pro

Classic Memory style gameplay set in the Super Mario universe! Play through each level while unlocking additional content! If you lose all of your lives its game over! NEW CONTENT COMING SOON! Enjoy!

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Download Find The Difference Full Find The Difference Full icon
Find The Difference Full

Full version of Classic Find The Difference game! ALL LEVELS and features (existing and future) FOR FREE! Look at the two cool pictures and try to find the differences. When you spot it, just click it! Beautiful landscapes and scenes from cartoons, beautiful pictures of nature and city views, anime characters and slender girls, as well as many muc…

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Download Quiz Cheats Quiz Cheats icon
Quiz Cheats

Quiz Cheats is designed to help the user win at Quiz Game using some help or cheats. Quiz Cheats WORKS FOR EVERY LANGUAGE (En, Da, It, De, No, Sv etc...). The app automatically searches on Google the question using a screen provided by the user. Quizobviously doesn't do miracles, so if the question is TOO LONG or complicated, use the GOOGLE ic…

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Download Original Akinator Original Akinator icon
Original Akinator

Goes directly to the website of Akinator, and ask what you want, always guess!

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Download DragonBox DragonBox icon

DragonBox: BECOME AN ALGEBRA STAR IN NO TIME That you love or hate maths has no importance. This game will make you happy. In one hour of playing, you will master difficult algebraic equations. Impress your friends, parents or teacher. Or just show to yourself that you are smart. Fast track to understand algebra= DragonBox The game is in 12…

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Download Magic Gem Ⅱ Magic Gem Ⅱ icon
Magic Gem Ⅱ

Led the team of your adventure, to mysterious sea, looking for lost treasure. This is a classic swapping and matching jewels game, But it has more new modes, so even already have such a similar game, also do not miss the Magic Gem Ⅱ, download you will find is worth it. FEATURES: 5 different game modes, different fun, come experience it! - Classic…

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Download Blocq Blocq icon

A board with 20 * 20 squares. All players having each 21 pieces : 1 single-square, 1 domino, 2 triominos, 5 tetraminos and 12 pentaminos As player, I shall place on the board most of my pieces For first round, I must place a piece so that it touches one of the corners of the board. Next, a piece must be placed so that it touches a corner of one of…

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Download Sliding Puzzle Sliding Puzzle icon
Sliding Puzzle

Sliding Puzzle is a puzzle game that challenges you to slide 15 tiles on a board to reach a final configuration. - In Numbers Mode, you are invited to sort the number from 1 to 15, from top-right corner to bottom-left. Same logic for Letters. - In Images Mode, player should reconstruct the image pieces to re-establish the original, full-size image.…

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Download Logo Quiz Plus Logo Quiz Plus icon
Logo Quiz Plus

Logo Quiz Plus - Logos Quiz Find brand from the incomplete logo images Try to reach the target to access next levels, every found logo will increase the score +1. 18 available levels ...more levels will be updated in the next future....stay tuned ;) UP MORE 18 LEVELS

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Download Droid Quiz Droid Quiz icon
Droid Quiz

Droid quiz, How well do you know Android? This quiz game contains a lot of questions about Android O.S. Test your ability and know new things about the amazing Android world. Try our other apps at: keyword: Android, quiz, game, trivia, temple run, fruit ninja, doodle jump, amaing alex.

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Download ViQuiz ViQuiz icon

Are we sure some characters are so famous? How much celebrities we know only by name, whose face we have never seen? ViQuiz is the right game to challenge your knowledge on VIP face recognition. ViQuiz is a simple and at the same time exciting game , that will let you have funny and relax moments. Choose, from the different categories, the one you…

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