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Application aids in perfecting music sight reading (notes and key). * Choose note range in both treble and bass clef; * Chose key (including random) * Chose note modifiers (sharps, flats) * Configure number of notes per exercise * Exercise tone only (single octave) or specific sound (full keyboard) * Exercises in recognizing keys * Exercises in r…

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Download PHP Interview Question PHP Interview Question icon
PHP Interview Question

PHP Interview Question and PHP Programming for PHP programmers. PHP, CSS, JS, HTML, JSON, Javascript, HR 1000+ Interview Questions to clear your PHP concept. All Topics in PHP is covered along with Angular JS , HR Questions , Javascript Questions, MySql Questions, Database Questions, webservices, MySql. PHP Interview Questions and Answers provide…

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Download NSW Learner Car Test DKT NSW Learner Car Test DKT icon
NSW Learner Car Test DKT

Practice Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) The DKT is a computer-based road rules knowledge test. You have to answer 45 questions. In the first part of the test, you’ll be asked 15 general knowledge questions, and you need to get at least 12 correct. You’ll then be asked 30 road safety questions (including traffic signs), and you need to get at least 2…

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Download Numbers2Play - Learn to Count! Numbers2Play - Learn to Count! icon
Numbers2Play - Learn to Count!

Learning to count was never this fun! Numbers2Play is an interactive tool that teaches young children their first numbers, from one to ten. Interactive characters and fun animations reinforce the notion of quantity, while each interaction features a positive feedback that encourages the learning process and helps to stimulate memory. With Numbers…

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Download Tour of Delft Tour of Delft icon
Tour of Delft

Beautiful Delft For a fun day out in Delft use our E-guided tour . Our App takes you along the beautiful places of this beautiful historic city. Delft is the city where a large part of the Dutch history took place. Our tour through Delft gives you the opportunity to view this beautiful city at your own pace. Our tour is also available in 3 languag…

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Download SXDNickiKernel SXDNickiKernel icon

SXDNickiKernel UpdateCenter provides tools & information to help make your experience with the kernel even better. Upgrade to the newest version of kernel with SXDNickiKernel UpdateCenter

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Download Tower Crane Operator Log Tower Crane Operator Log icon
Tower Crane Operator Log

THE BROWN BOOK TOWER CRANE APP The Brown Book Tower Crane App has been developed for operators to record their work history and proof of competence on a smart phone or a tablet. With employers increasingly demanding verification of competence and experience to create safe and productive workplaces it is incumbent upon operators to have an easy to…

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Download Tool Kit - Poke Go Tool Kit - Poke Go icon
Tool Kit - Poke Go

This calculator will help you determine an approximation of your Pokemon's CP after its evolution in Pokemon Go. Power Up Calculator, Candy Calculator, CP Calculator and other tools coming soon.

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Download Smart Torch Light Smart Torch Light icon
Smart Torch Light

Smart Torch Light is a simple torch light, which using the ON/OFF flashlight led from your camera. Don't give a bad comment before you send me a message and ask how to change this app, special for your necessity. In time will be the most professional Torchlight.

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Download AppLock Theme Galaxy AppLock Theme Galaxy icon
AppLock Theme Galaxy

This AppLock Theme Galaxy belongs to nevways applock. AppLock version required 1.8 or above. Kindly install AppLock here at First - AppLock is the most trusted privacy protection tool on Play Store. It is the perfect safeguard to keep your phone safe from annoying snoopers. Parent…

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Download Getuk Keju Legit Getuk Keju Legit icon
Getuk Keju Legit

Rasakan bedanya resep terlezat Getuk Keju Legit ... dijamin lidah anda tak kan bs berhenti makan .... enak lezat dan legit ..

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