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It's Beads

More than 50 beautiful bead patterns, that makes it easy to make great bead plates New patterns are added regularly. The app contains the following categories at the moment: - Fruit and vegetables - Owls - Baby Unicorn - Robots - Mermaids - Bumble Bees - Queen - Ninjas - Lambs - Butterflies - Guards - Easter Eggs - Rabbits - Chickens The pattern…

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Srbsko pravý břeh

Lezecký průvodce vápencovými skalami na pravém břehu Berounky v okolí Srbska. Obsahuje fotografická topa Kavčího lomu, lomu Korno, Tomáškova lomu - Centrální stěny, Tomáškova lomu - stěny Nad ohništěm a Aniččiny stěny. Jde o aktualizaci (4.4.2017) 1. vydání z 16.10.2016 pro mobilní telefony s operačním systémem Android. Průvodce je použitelný…

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DEMO: TUTORIAL: After purchase, please send me an email with your order ID and I will send you the link with the tutorial. My email is: INFORMATION about the APP: Go BEYOND the number forces with the unusual and unexpected Card routines of MirrahcleMaths. Detailed tutorial about:…

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List Learner

List Learner interacts with a list of words. The list can be queried to return a subset of the list. It can also generate a quiz.

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சாண்ட்விச் ரெசிபிகள்

இந்த புத்தகம் சாண்ட்விச்கள் ரெசிபியின் ஒரு தொகுப்பு ஆகும். ஆசிரியர் : இந்திரா ஸ்ரீவத்ஸா.

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Complete Cleaning Supplies stain guide and how to guides covering numerous stains and spots and other problem areas such as wicking, urine remidiation and draft marks, this useful pocket guide will help give you a clear and quick reference to deal with all stain types

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This is one of the most popular Leela the devotional song sung since past so many decades at Chakreshwar Pradhumn Peetham Popularly known as Hari Parbat. Each Kashmiri Hindu young and old sing this out of devotion to please Universal Goddess Sharika who is said to be the presiding deity of Kashmir situated at Srinagar's heart center. It is sai…

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Spring Machine

Allows user to full record, save, and display data in force vs. travel. Easily compare spring curves and also easily share set-up information.

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Capo Helper

When a guitar players uses a capo, and plays a chord, it is not really that chord that is getting played. If a bass or keyboard player wants to play the same chord you have to transpose it. This application will transpose the chords for you for the fret that the capo is placed on. This makes it simpler for everyone else and the guitar player can…

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police-pension estimator 2015

Only for police officers. It will estimate pensions, commutations (and any 2006 lump sums). It is referenced to all benefits payable at minimum age 60. Any 2015 commutation assumes you are less than age 67. It will work out a reduced 2015 pension if you go early at age 55(or higher) based on a broad clawback for going early. It assumes that you s…

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ARNG Career Tools

Army National Guard. For Army National Guard recruiters and others who need these career tools in a convenient app. Up to date Army National Guard careers searchable by category or MOS. Search possible jobs by ASVAB scores to find out what you or your possible recruit is qualified for. Use our highly accurate Body Fat Calculator to determine body…

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