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NotifyPush sends the received notifications on a device through to all other devices. This is very usefull if you need to stay up-to-date of your work phone and your private phone, so that you only need to carry 1 device and still get all notifications synchronised to all android devices. It is advised that if you are logged in with the same accoun…

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Download Trapezoid - Hammered Dulcimer Trapezoid - Hammered Dulcimer icon
Trapezoid - Hammered Dulcimer

Trapezoid is the amazing Hammered Dulcimer app for Android that sounds and plays like the real instrument. Promotional price of $0.99 for the first week on the Google Play Store! Before purchasing, please read the "Important" section at the end of this description for information on specific Android device support. The Hammered Dulcime…

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Download iQuit iQuit icon

iQuit will definitely help you quit smoking, weaning you at your own pace using a virtual cigarette system, where you can only smoke when a virtual cigarette is available on-screen. Virtual cigarettes will be made available randombly, to help break the habit smoothly and with less stress. They are made available in longer intervals until you can fi…

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Download Photo Cleaner Photo Cleaner icon
Photo Cleaner

Free up your storage space and organize your album with Photo Cleaner! What can Photo Cleaner do? - Photo Cleaner provides easy User Interface showing file size and preview for each photos. With it, you can save your storage space by removing unwanted photos, or compress preserved photos by up to 95%. It also supports various sorting modes such as…

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Download Reef Fishes of the East Indies Reef Fishes of the East Indies icon
Reef Fishes of the East Indies

This is the definitive app guide to EVERY KNOWN SPECIES of reef fish in the East Indies, the most bio-diverse marine region on earth (including all wide-ranging Indo-Pacific reef species as well). By globally recognized marine scientists Dr. Gerald Allen and Dr. Mark Erdmann, the long-awaited Android version includes distribution maps for every spe…

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Download SNAP: Pet Nutritional Advice SNAP: Pet Nutritional Advice icon
SNAP: Pet Nutritional Advice

With SNAP, you can keep concise dietary and health information for each of your pets over that pet’s life. When used properly, you will not need to guess about what you are presently feeding or what you have fed in the past. All you need is the app and a postal or kitchen scale that weighs in either pounds or kilograms. You can track all of your…

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Download 100 push-ups in the past month 100 push-ups in the past month icon
100 push-ups in the past month

Let us present a new sport program "100 push-ups in one month". This program seems to be difficult, but we carefully produced it for any person, who has a willpower. Sport program "100 push-ups in one month" will become the first brick in the solid basis, that would enable you to build your body and your life. Of course, the…

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Download Religion and Modern World Religion and Modern World icon
Religion and Modern World

PREFACE—11 INTRODUCTION—13 1. WESTERN RELIGIOUS SCHOLARS’ APPROACH—15 2. THE APPROACH OF MUSLIM RELIGIOUS SCHOLARS—19 2.1. The social need for law—19 Farabi’s exposition—19 Avicenna’s exposition—20 ‘Allameh Tabataba’i’s exposition—22 Evaluation—23 2.2. Knowing God or Science, and proceeding on the path toward God.—26 Evaluation—27 2.3. Assignment o…

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Download Mybook Mybook icon

• Materi berbobot dirangkum dalam aplikasi; • Dikemas dengan Metode yang mudah dipahami; • Padat dan Akurat; Thank you for Donate by the Author

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Download Toolbox for Pokemon Go Toolbox for Pokemon Go icon
Toolbox for Pokemon Go

★Do you play Pokemon Go? You know how the game works, and you want to be a better player everyday.★ ⫸This app is a complete toolbox to manage your game. You can find these three functions: ⦿ PokeChecker: to know in real time if servers are working fine (ONLINE) or if there is a problem (UNSTABLE). You can also add the WIDGET of this function to y…

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Download Secure Message Secure Message icon
Secure Message

Using the RSA encryption of public key cryptosystem, to protect the conversation between you and your partner. In order to start a conversation of secret ,all you need is your public key and a private key , a public key of your partner. ・Your public key Your public key, your partner is required to encrypt the conversation to you. ・Your private…

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