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ELEKTRİK MAKİNALARI DERS ÖZETİ Aöf kursularımızda öğrencilerimize verdiğimiz aöf ders özetleridir. Notlar tecrübeli öğretmenlerimiz tarafından hazırlanmış, defalarca kullanılmış ve, kontrol edilmiştir. Aöf konu özetlerimiz, ders kitabı ciddiyetinde, öğrenci notu tadındadır. Aöf Dersi Özeti pratik ders olarak hazırlanmıştır, Bu yüzden çalışma…

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Download NetCariPro-NetCari Profesyonel NetCariPro-NetCari Profesyonel icon
NetCariPro-NetCari Profesyonel

NetCari, Basit ve Hızlı Cari Hesap Raporlama Programıdır. Herhangi bir kuruluma gerek kalmadan, kullanıcının kendisi ya da firma bilgi işlem personeli ile birlikte ayarlamaları yapabileceği ve hemen kullanabileceği bir uygulamadır. Şu an için Netsis Entegre, Standart ve Enterprise ürün ailesinde Cari Hesaplar modülünden raporlama yapabilmektedir.…

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Download 2017 ColorCal PLUS YELLOW (B) 2017 ColorCal PLUS YELLOW (B) icon
2017 ColorCal PLUS YELLOW (B)

YELLOW and "B" Scheduled Day Off View your schedule on your Android device. Read full description for details If you have a color-coded Sunday / Rotating days off, this calendar is for you! This version displays the YELLOW and "B" rotating days off used by many USPS installations. Other colors can be found in the PLAY store…

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Download Incident Pro Incident Pro icon
Incident Pro

Incident Pro is a one stop recorder for any type of situation. It is the "PRO" version because it processes streaming, encrypted video!! Store, retrieve, and display videos of incidents as they occur, from anywhere, anyplace, anytime. Incident Pro allows users to quickly take pictures, record audio, record video and type or dictate n…

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Download Digital Electronics 101 Pro Digital Electronics 101 Pro icon
Digital Electronics 101 Pro

Add Free version of Digital Electronics 101 Multiple choice questions with solutions and theory. Review the fundamentals of digital electronics, try the questions and calculations, check the solution. Suit electrical trade apprentices, electrical journeyman, automotive technicians, electronic technicians, mechatronics technicians, electrical eng…

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Download Pastest BMAT Pastest BMAT icon
Pastest BMAT

Download the Pastest BMAT app to study for the test anytime, anywhere. Pastest has over 40 years' experience of and expertise in providing revision materials that enable medical students and doctors to achieve exam success. The Pastest BMAT app is designed with your convenience in mind, so whether you’re commuting or have a spare 10 minutes be…

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Download SURA Daily Affirmations Pro SURA Daily Affirmations Pro icon
SURA Daily Affirmations Pro

Start your days with positive and inspiring affirmations. Affirmations, when used in the right way and over a sustained period of time can bring lasting changes to your life. This app helps you with a positive affirmation for each day of your life. This is the premium version of the SURA Daily Affirmations app. - No ads - More affirmations - Abil…

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Download Banner Photo Frame Maker Pro Banner Photo Frame Maker Pro icon
Banner Photo Frame Maker Pro

Note : Pro app have no advertise inside enjoy No Internet Connection Required. Dress up all your photos in the best frames ever! Photo framing has never been easier in a couple of seconds. Banner Photo Frame Maker Pro can beautify all your photos and make the best moments of your life unforgettable. Download this free picture frames app a…

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Download The House of Flybe The House of Flybe icon
The House of Flybe

Let’s go to meet a little Caterpillar Flybe in Happy forest! Kind Flybe likes to chew a soft leaf. Flybe loves to learn how to make house from the skillful Old lady spider. Do you want to know what’s going on? Let’s find out together!!!

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Download Contacts Pro Contacts Pro icon
Contacts Pro

Some devices without phone don't have an icon to show the list of contacts used by applications. Contacts Pro starts the application of contacts included in your device. Only recommended for devices without an icon to show the list of contacts. Pro version - No ads Please test our free application Contacts

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Download Wear Remote Camera Wear Remote Camera icon
Wear Remote Camera

A tailor-made application for you to control your phone camera by using Android Wear device. With Wear Remote Camera, your watch can act as a smart remote and a viewfinder which enables you to take pictures wirelessly. 【Main Features】 Real-time viewfinder – looking the viewfinder from the phone camera on your wear Simple operation – take photos…

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Download Happy Lamzii Happy Lamzii icon
Happy Lamzii

Lamzi is a flying ladybug. Lamzi starts an adventure in search of fruits. Find out what happens to Lamzi!!! Start reading now!

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