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Download Shree Maa: Life of Saint Shree Maa: Life of Saint icon
Shree Maa: Life of Saint

The biography of Shree Maa describes the extraordinary experiences of an enlightened being. Knowing her divinity from childhood, Shree Maa left home at an early age to reside in the seclusion of the Himalayas and devote her life to spiritual practices. Having realized her ultimate unity with God, she has dedicated her life to sharing wisdom and in…

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Download Ramakrishna Ramakrishna icon

Ramakrishna was a 19th century saint who was instrumental in exemplifying the universality of God. The majesty of Ramakrishna’s thoughts can be summarized in a few short statements: There is One God of us all, who is called by many names in many languages. As many as there are individuals, so many are the ways of worshiping the One God. The point o…

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Download Santoshi Maa Puja Santoshi Maa Puja icon
Santoshi Maa Puja

Santoshi Maa is the Goddess of Satisfaction, Contentment, Peace,and Acceptance. Her worship inspires these qualities within devotees. This Puja contains Her Dhyanam, Nyasa, the offering of items used in Her worship, and Her One Hundred Eight Names. It is offered in Sanskrit, Bengali, and Roman, with an English translation. Everyone is invited to jo…

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Download Text Msg. Bilingual Translator Text Msg. Bilingual Translator icon
Text Msg. Bilingual Translator

Break the Language barrier in the work place and as well as your personal relationships. You can send Txt messages and have text conversations with anyone in the world in a multiple of languages. Simply select the language you want to send your text in push send and your text will be translated and sent to the recipient. Incoming texts will be tra…

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Download Bass Guitar LEGEND - NO ADS Bass Guitar LEGEND - NO ADS icon
Bass Guitar LEGEND - NO ADS

Create your own bass guitar songs with Bass Guitar LEGEND! NO ADS - all music! Best enjoyed with headphones. Select a key & scale + generate music + edit & write songs + change tempo + play your bass guitar song in full or loop for 1 bar!

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Download ABC Pro ABC Pro icon

ABC for kids – learn Alphabet is a FREE educational game for your toddler! figure out how to draw letters and what words start with each letter

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Download Fun and Learn Paid Fun and Learn Paid icon
Fun and Learn Paid

This a Fun activity especially designed for toddlers!! Keep tapping random pictures to outgrow the device screen and be thrown out. Music is delightful and flying smileys after each success never fail to excite the toddler.

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Download Simoji by Simone Biles Simoji by Simone Biles icon
Simoji by Simone Biles

Just in time for the Olympics, presenting the official Simoji app by gymnast Simone Biles. Access dozens of emojis personally curated by the two-time World Champion.

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Download PhelpsMoji by Michael Phelps PhelpsMoji by Michael Phelps icon
PhelpsMoji by Michael Phelps

Presenting the official PhelpsMoji app by Michael Phelps. Choose from over 100 emojis personally curated by the gold medal Olympic champion.

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Download PokeChance Pro for Pokemon Go PokeChance Pro for Pokemon Go icon
PokeChance Pro for Pokemon Go

This 'Pro' version of 'PokeChance for Pokemon Go' is the Ad-Free version of a calculator for Pokemon Go that determines what the chances of catching a Pokemon are based on criteria pertinent to the game. The percentages listed in this app are estimates based on the Generation 6 Pokemon guidelines which have been adjusted for the pl…

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Download Prayer Warrior- Ad Free Prayer Warrior- Ad Free icon
Prayer Warrior- Ad Free

Ad free version App as per users demand -One of the best Christian Prayer App.. Daily updated with very inspirational Prayers It is the depth of your walk with the Lord that determines how much the Holy Spirit can lead you in your prayer life and walk with the Lord.

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Download Second Instagram Account Second Instagram Account icon
Second Instagram Account

This app allows you to log in to a second Instagram account on your smartphone. • Two accounts on one phone • All functions and features of the original app • Supports landscape and portrait mode • Sharing and copying of app-outside sites (links) • No additional advertising • Minimal app size

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