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Menú digital de tus restaurantes favoritos. Busca especiales en los mejores restaurantes, Di adiós a los menúes antiguos.

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Download MGM First Aid اسعاف اولي MGM First Aid اسعاف اولي icon
MGM First Aid اسعاف اولي

الاسعافات الأولية وطب الطوارئ : في حياتنا اليومية، في البيت، مكان العمل، الشارع، قد نواجه مواقف حرجه مثل فقدان وعي، اصابات، نوبات قلبية، هبوط السكر وغيرها. هذه الحالات قد تصادف الاطفال والكبار ايضاً وتجعلنا نقف مكتوفي الايدي، مضطربين، لا نعلم ماذا نفعل وكيف نواجهها. لاهمية الموضوع وضرورته نضع بين ايديكم هذا التطبيق، لتسهّل عليكم التعامل مع مثل هذ…

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Download Liberty Metronome FULL Liberty Metronome FULL icon
Liberty Metronome FULL

Liberty Metronome is an awesome, easy to use metronome with eye pleasing graphics. The app was designed to provide high accuracy audio timing with great sound and a simple to use interface. And, it is programmable with just four simple sliders. Great for building consistency and dexterity on whatever instrument you play. FEATURES: - High Accur…

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Download Praycation Praycation icon

The official Vashti McKenzie app by The Church Online! 31 days of Bible verses, prayers and messages to help you grow deeper and stronger in your faith.

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Download Energy Code Energy Code icon
Energy Code

The app uses input room type, length and width, number of lights and watts. The app provides pass or fail. User can modify quickly the quantity of lights to be code compliant.

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Download Grasp Blue Icon Pack Grasp Blue Icon Pack icon
Grasp Blue Icon Pack

Grasp Blue Icon Pack Grasp Blue Icon Pack Features: * 2900+ custom icons * XXXHDPI Icon 192x192 px * See all icons by using "Icons" option in app * Icon Request * Image picker you can attach a custom icon to messages or even use them with Zooper Pro or KLWP * Support for dynamic calendars * Use the "Contact" option in app…

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Download King Banko King Banko icon
King Banko

Includes daily betting predictions and benchmark matches, as well as soccer or basketball betting results based on 90% odds in various branches.

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Download Smart Social Media Pro Smart Social Media Pro icon
Smart Social Media Pro

This application includes the collection of several Social Networks. The application opens the app of the social media company if installed. If it not installed, the app redirects the user to its respective website and you can continue your social journey. This application also contains access to in-built social apps like G+, YouTube. If these app…

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Download ABCpontas ABCpontas icon

The app was developed by the team of the Agricultural Machinery and Precision Agriculture department of the Fundação ABC. The function of the tool is to help the farmer and the consultant to find the most suitable nozzle for the application you wish to make in the field. Instead of having to look for the right nozzle in the various catalogs availa…

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Download Unit Converter Tool Pro Unit Converter Tool Pro icon
Unit Converter Tool Pro

Easy to use Unit Converter, is a simple and elegant application. It’s quick and fast interface is designed to be used by users across all ages!. Features include, convert more than 280 units across 20 categories and still growing customize the result accuracy and decimal format customize screen appearance : select from different screen themes…

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Download White Noise Water Features White Noise Water Features icon
White Noise Water Features

Many doctors and sleep specialist recommend sound machines for a better and more refreshing sleep. White Noise Sleep Aid features soothing ambient sounds to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep all night. It washes out annoying and distracting sounds to help you rest. Great for people who have trouble sleeping, need a quick nap, or trying to…

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Download Music Play Music Play icon
Music Play

Music Play is an elegant yet simple Music Player. It makes it easy to browse and play your music files. Smooth animations and swipe controls make this player one of the most convent Music Player, and the equalizer and playback controls make it one of the most functional. Music Play will guide you easily to find all the Music in your phone.You can s…

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