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Download Fantasy Manager Premier League Fantasy Manager Premier League icon
Fantasy Manager Premier League

FANTASY MANAGER PREMIER LEAGUE 2016/2017 Increase your competitive edge and get closer to the top teams in the Fantasy Premier League! • Compare how your players rank amongst all other players for each position • Filter points by GW • Plan 2, 3 or 4 games ahead with trend analysis per team (as of GW5) and team difficulty (5 levels) • Review and c…

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Download iRadTech Chiro iRadTech Chiro icon
iRadTech Chiro

The iRadTech Chiro app places positioning information for chiropractic radiographic procedures at the fingertip of the chiropractor, radiographer or student. Radiographers will find the positioning and radiographic images beneficial, especially for exams that are infrequently performed. Each of the projections provides detailed instructions so ra…

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Download Dog watchface for Watchmaker Dog watchface for Watchmaker icon
Dog watchface for Watchmaker

One of the biggest advantages of having a smartwatch is the ability to change the face or cover display (watchface in English). To use this watchface you must install the Watchmaker Premium v3.5 or higher following link: Characteristics: * Background image with Dog. * Display Analog with 24 hours.!!!! * Large Numbers. Instal…

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Download Hieroglyphic Flashcards 2 Hieroglyphic Flashcards 2 icon
Hieroglyphic Flashcards 2

Hieroglyphic Flashcards 2 is a tool that will help you remember uniliterals, biliterals and triliterals hieroglyphs. -Intelligent Lists. This is your first stop. When you start learning Middle Egyptian, you usually have a paper with the most common hieroglyphs near you at all time. The lists are here to replace that piece of paper. Their basic fun…

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Download Fenichel'sClinPediatrNeur 7 Fenichel'sClinPediatrNeur 7 icon
Fenichel'sClinPediatrNeur 7

This Elsevier app-book,Fenichel's Clinical Pediatric Neurology, 7th Edition, is developed by MedHand Mobile Libraries. Improve your performance with relevant, valid material which is accessed quickly and with minimal effort in the palm of your hand using MedHand’s patented technology. Functions include: • A powerful search • Bookmarks, Hist…

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Download ABC Keyboard ABC Keyboard icon
ABC Keyboard

This ABC Keyboard app is especially designed for children that need a clear and focused approach to learning the upper and lower case letters and their location on the keyboard. In addition 26 words are taught and presented phonetically. ******Use our FREE children's youtube video that works with this app. Type Learning Kit 1 Love and Learni…

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Download CURRENT (CMDT) Study Guide, 2E CURRENT (CMDT) Study Guide, 2E icon
CURRENT (CMDT) Study Guide, 2E

The ultimate case-based study guide based on the most popular annual resource in internal medicine--now updated CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and Treatment Study Guide facilitates your analysis of test cases and enhances your recall of internal medicine topics, making it invaluable preparation for any internal medicine examination. Organized according…

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Download Forces, Matter and Pressure Forces, Matter and Pressure icon
Forces, Matter and Pressure

Forces, Matter and Pressure app has been designed for K12 physics students to demonstrate how forces change the shape & size of a body, and the process of pressure through a 3D animated experiment. Each part of the app is explained in detail with diagrams and interactive animations along with description. Apart from students, Forces, Matter an…

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Download Easy Inventory Easy Inventory icon
Easy Inventory

Tired of taking inventory? With Easy Inventory you are able to take inventory with ease, with your smart phone. This app will help you in three ways: 1. View the scanned items on screen. 2. Send a comma separated list to be imported into Microsoft Excel 3. Send a PDF file, complete with bar codes to be scanned at your point of sale. This app c…

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ELEKTRİK MAKİNALARI DERS ÖZETİ Aöf kursularımızda öğrencilerimize verdiğimiz aöf ders özetleridir. Notlar tecrübeli öğretmenlerimiz tarafından hazırlanmış, defalarca kullanılmış ve, kontrol edilmiştir. Aöf konu özetlerimiz, ders kitabı ciddiyetinde, öğrenci notu tadındadır. Aöf Dersi Özeti pratik ders olarak hazırlanmıştır, Bu yüzden çalışma…

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Download NetCariPro-NetCari Profesyonel NetCariPro-NetCari Profesyonel icon
NetCariPro-NetCari Profesyonel

NetCari, Basit ve Hızlı Cari Hesap Raporlama Programıdır. Herhangi bir kuruluma gerek kalmadan, kullanıcının kendisi ya da firma bilgi işlem personeli ile birlikte ayarlamaları yapabileceği ve hemen kullanabileceği bir uygulamadır. Şu an için Netsis Entegre, Standart ve Enterprise ürün ailesinde Cari Hesaplar modülünden raporlama yapabilmektedir.…

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Download 2017 ColorCal PLUS YELLOW (B) 2017 ColorCal PLUS YELLOW (B) icon
2017 ColorCal PLUS YELLOW (B)

YELLOW and "B" Scheduled Day Off View your schedule on your Android device. Read full description for details If you have a color-coded Sunday / Rotating days off, this calendar is for you! This version displays the YELLOW and "B" rotating days off used by many USPS installations. Other colors can be found in the PLAY store…

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