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Download Quit Smoking cigarettes Quit Smoking cigarettes icon
Quit Smoking cigarettes

zeroZig accompanies those who wish to quit smoking. With this app, you get personalized information from tobacco experts and follow the benefits of your daily stop. - Follow Your Progress and Stay Motivated! - Be Inspired by The Advantages of Stopping Smoking. - Encourage yourself with Rewards. - Follow Your Health Restoration. - Keep a Journal to…

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Download Carved Light Icon Pack Carved Light Icon Pack icon
Carved Light Icon Pack

Why go with normal everyday boring icons when you can chose icons that pop like Carved? Carved is a nice pack of beautifully designed icons that took time and dedication to work on. I had fun working on these icons they took longer then I thought they would so I hope you understand why I wouldn't want these to be pirated also hope you understan…

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Download FastTrack™ Logic Distortion FX FastTrack™ Logic Distortion FX icon
FastTrack™ Logic Distortion FX

Joe Albano explains all of Logic Pro X's Distortion plugins in this detailed, super focussed FastTrack™ course! App Features: • 78 minutes of video training • Super clear explanations • Offline Playback (no internet connection needed) • Easy to navigate Course Outline: 1. Introduction (03:22) 2. Distortion vs. Saturation (06:07) 3. Distortion…

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Download Tree Frogs bring a real smile Tree Frogs bring a real smile icon
Tree Frogs bring a real smile

Shaner's illustration from his unique book on Tree Frogs, "Sage Looks For a Job" brings hope to a distressed tree frog while discussing his story with his Safari friends. Let some of the characters from Sage's adventure bring a not so perfect feeling to the end of your sentence, not a period.

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Download Kids learn math music Chinese Kids learn math music Chinese icon
Kids learn math music Chinese

This app includes tests for 2nd grade sight words spelling, recognizing about 60 simple Chinese characters (the character library is expandable), two digit numbers addition and subtraction practice, reading music notes, creative painting. Kids can earn "coins" by completing the tests. The "coins" can be used by kids to watch the…

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Download Dynamic Album for JonD Dynamic Album for JonD icon
Dynamic Album for JonD

Dynamic Album app for JonD!【All 8 albums, 82 tracks】 Play music with swipe gesture! Unique SwiSwipe algorithm database More YouTuber dynamic albums: Playlist Generator for Jon D Follow JonD’s hot release and listen to his discography! Sw…

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Download DynAlbum for Lindsey Stirling DynAlbum for Lindsey Stirling icon
DynAlbum for Lindsey Stirling

Dynamic Album app for Lindsey Stirling!【All 5 albums, 58 tracks】 Play music with swipe gesture! Unique SwiSwipe algorithm database More YouTuber dynamic albums: Playlist Generator for Lindsey Stirling Follow Lindsey Stirling…

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Download Flow for KLWP Flow for KLWP icon
Flow for KLWP

For use this widget pack you need to install *KLWP PRO* app. How to use the app: - Install KLWP Pro from the play store - Install a custom launcher like Nova Launcher (is free) - Install Flow - Open KLWP app andt ap on the menu icon on top left, then choose a wallpaper - Switch in to the "installed" section - Read the description of the…

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Download AutoRec for LG G3(D856) - 5.0 AutoRec for LG G3(D856) - 5.0 icon
AutoRec for LG G3(D856) - 5.0

Compatible: LG G3 - D856 -IF you are already rooted and have supersu make sure "mount namespace seperation" is unchecked before proceeding -Before doing anything open settings, security, enable "Unknown sources" -The app forces the screen to be on as long as the app is running (to ensure the process goes clean) -Hint: You can…

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Download Conversation 74 Fun Facts +?'s Conversation 74 Fun Facts +?'s icon
Conversation 74 Fun Facts +?'s

Do you wonder what to talk about with your friends or strangers that you meet? Do you wonder how you can become a better conversationalist and a more interesting person? This app will help. This app offers two things. The first is 74 fun socially interesting facts that are useful in conversational settings. Along with each fact comes 5 fun quest…

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