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Pengantar Bisnis

This book describes various aspects related to business activities , and is expected to provide an introduction to the students who study the introductory course of business to understand business activity .

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Elk Old

Elk is currently in private beta! Elk is instant messaging for realz.

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TWOACT: Stress

Stress är en naturlig del av livet. Att lära sig hantera sin stress är väsentligt för vår hälsa. Lever vi under långa perioder av stress bryts vår kropp och vårt immunförsvar ner. I dagens samhälle är stress en av våra största hälsoproblem. Denna applikation är framtagen att motverka till att vi utvecklar psykisk ohälsa genom att lära oss förstå o…

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ahma group we are the best group in our filed fixing all one place fixing all just download the app take appintmment and get 18%

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GTP API Gravity Calculator

The Gammon API Gravity Calculator provides users the ability to determine the Corrected API at 60 Deg F for Jet A, Gasoline, and Diesel. Additionally the calculator provides functionality to determine the volume of gas on hand.

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Download HDR Bracket Compositor Pro HDR Bracket Compositor Pro icon
HDR Bracket Compositor Pro

Very simple HDR composition tool to create HDRI (High dynamic range image). *Not for tone mapping. 1) Select multiple images from your gallery app (Quickpic, GooglePhotos etc...), then share to this app. 2) Select output format from PNG(16bit) / TIF(16bit) / HDR(32bit). 3) Click camera icon to start composition. 4) Output image is going to be save…

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Download In Sight - Sweden In Sight - Sweden icon
In Sight - Sweden

What is the name of the mountain you can see in the distance? What are the lakes you see in front of you? Point there with In Sight Sweden and you'll see on the screen what they are called. * Offline Augmented Reality in Sweden * See what's near you where you travel in Sweden: Mountains, Lakes, Places, Buildings, etc. You don't even h…

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Ultimo trabajo del cantautor riojano Kike Álamo denominado "SIENTO"

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ahma group we are the best group in our filed fixing all one place fixing all just download the app take appintmment and get 18%

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Download Theta S Bracket for HDR Theta S Bracket for HDR icon
Theta S Bracket for HDR

Very simple and easy app to capture images for HDR images. 1) Please make sure that your smartphone is connected to THETA S. 2) Choose EV range (4/8/18) and EV step (0.3/1/2), and white balance (auto/fixed). 3) Click camera icon to start capturing. note1: If you choose EV range=4/8, the initial shot is used to determine the base exposure level. n…

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