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Download Mail Attachment Backup PRO Mail Attachment Backup PRO icon
Mail Attachment Backup PRO

Easily download attachments (doc, pdf, png, jpg) from your email address to your phone Files are saved on the sd-card under "attachments-backup" folder This app is : - freesoftware - ad-free

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Download Annapurna Stotram - PRO Annapurna Stotram - PRO icon
Annapurna Stotram - PRO

ourishment. She is an avatar of Parvati, the wife of Shiva. Annapurna is eulogized in Annada Mangal, a narrative poem in Bengali by Bharatchandra Ray. Worship of food and offering of food, is highly praised in Hinduism and hence Annapurna is regarded as a popular deity. As per legend- Annapurna fed the whole world along with her consort Shiva, wh…

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TARIM EKONOMİSİ VE TARIMSAL POLİTİKALAR DERS ÖZETİ Aöf kursularımızda öğrencilerimize verdiğimiz aöf ders özetleridir. Notlar tecrübeli öğretmenlerimiz tarafından hazırlanmış, defalarca kullanılmış ve, kontrol edilmiştir. Aöf konu özetlerimiz, ders kitabı ciddiyetinde, öğrenci notu tadındadır. Aöf Dersi Özeti pratik ders olarak hazırlanmıştır…

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Download Habit Trackit - Weight Loss Habit Trackit - Weight Loss icon
Habit Trackit - Weight Loss

Diet + Exercise = Weight loss. True or False? You know what needs to be done in order to lose weight. You buy a gym membership, follow a diet, use a calorie counter and exercise. But yet you still can't lose weight. You ask yourself, "What am I doing wrong?" Sound familiar? Is this you? The decisions you make in the day and the hab…

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Download Prague In Mobile - DE Prague In Mobile - DE icon
Prague In Mobile - DE

By this application we would like to comfortable provide you with our knowledge about a lot of the oldest and most beautiful monuments in Czech republic. So you take the opportunity to meet Prague Castle, the monument and its surroundings by friendly way. Basic version contain information about around 30 most famous sights of the Prague ingcludi…

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Download Ettercap Email Crawler Ettercap Email Crawler icon
Ettercap Email Crawler

Used as a sales tool, this app will gather email addresses in bcc format for use in email campaigns. User can search 100x the amount of websites that they could on their own, gathering emails like into a list that can be emailed to the user at the end of the search; eg "restaurants in chicago", or "grocery stores in…

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Download Height Timer Height Timer icon
Height Timer

You can measure the height/depth of a cliff, a well or a hole by dropping an object and measuring its falling time. Simply drop an object, press start, and then on impact press stop. While the object is falling, live calculations are preformed, and displayed every 1/10 of a second.

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Download Music Player Music Player icon
Music Player

Mp3 Music Player, Simple, Convenient, Robust, High quality, Auto scan music folders, Ad free

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Download CM12 Theme - B&B Material OS CM12 Theme - B&B Material OS icon
CM12 Theme - B&B Material OS

Note: This theme supports CM12 Theme Engine and ROMs with it built in; don't install if you don't know what that is. I am not responsible for any damage done to your phone. Themed Items: - Icons - Wallpapers & Lock Screen - Settings Screen - Contacts - Calculator - Phone - Browser - Ringtone - Notification Sound - Alarm - Boot Animatio…

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Download Guide to OCIMF Sire Guide to OCIMF Sire icon
Guide to OCIMF Sire

Vessel Inspection Questionnaires for Oil Tankers, Combination Carriers, Shuttle Tankers, Chemical Tankers and Gas Tankers. (VIQ 6) Zero observations? The best vetting result? Your time has come, and you are in the right place to get VIQ application. - VIQ always in your pocket - Fast search with specific chapter, if you are familiar with VIQ - Fa…

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Download Orange Xiuxiu Orange Xiuxiu icon
Orange Xiuxiu

Orange Xiuxiu mobile app ver new support by thank you !

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Download Buchführungstrainer II Buchführungstrainer II icon
Buchführungstrainer II

Zu jeder Frage werden jeweils drei Antwortoptionen angegeben, aus denen man die richtige Option auswählen muß. Zielgruppe sind u.a. Personen, die ihr buchhalterisches Wissen auffrischen bzw. neu erlernen möchten.

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