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Download ASCII Converter Pro ASCII Converter Pro icon
ASCII Converter Pro

[Features] Converts ASCII characters to Binary, Hex, Octal and Decimal representations including smileys and pictures. App provides a box to enter ASCII characters. A standard keyboard is provided for entering characters. Tap on the 'ÇONVERT' button to display all the formats, Binary, Hex, Octal and Decimal. These are displayed on one scre…

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Download Puebleando en 3D Guerrero Puebleando en 3D Guerrero icon
Puebleando en 3D Guerrero

This project is supported by the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) PEI 2016, through the program Stimulus to Research, Technological Development and Innovation in its modality PROINNOVA, number 230146. Nowadays, Mexico is an inexhaustible source of colors from ancient times. Its history is present in the beauty of its crafts, cu…

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Download Drwrcon - (Donate Edition) Drwrcon - (Donate Edition) icon
Drwrcon - (Donate Edition)

Welcome to Drwrcon. Drwrcon is a unique, colourful and shapeless app drawer based icon pack. It has reached 105+ icons, and there's more on the way... And sent your ideas for the icon pack to our mail. More the merrier. Icons will be added frequently. Categories Of Icons - Standard - Superhero - Supervillian - Cars - Video Games - Football -…

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Download Mobile Money Matrix Mobile Money Matrix icon
Mobile Money Matrix

The Mobile Money Matrix app is the first and only app of its kind. Designed to show you how to make money using your mobile phone, this app allows anyone to plug directly into the new mobile economy to setup digital income streams. The world is obsessed with mobile technology. There are more mobile smartphones than people, cars or computers. Every…

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Download Local advise - visit Prague Local advise - visit Prague icon
Local advise - visit Prague

Explore the best spots where to go in Prague, up to date tips, top things to do and visit, advised by locals. Find out where locals go. Let us drag you into the life of local community. Visit concerts, culture, exhibitions, festivals, flea markets, sports, where to go for gluten free or vegetarian meals. Top things to do - marathons, yoga events et…

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Download Auto Redialer Pro Auto Redialer Pro icon
Auto Redialer Pro

Trying to call a busy call-center? or Annoyed with the service provider because of call drops? Auto Redialer is just for you. Features : - One tap call. easy peasy. - Call from your contacts and recent calls. - Adjust time between two calls. - Stop redialing with just one tap or a simple back button. This app is ideal for Reliance JIO sim users.…

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Download Blue Light Filter Pro Blue Light Filter Pro icon
Blue Light Filter Pro

An app that reduces the amount of blue light emitted by overlaying a translucent filter. It keeps the eyes healthy by reducing the amount of blue light that reaches them and helps users achieve comfortable sleep. A simple design with functions that are easy to understand and use. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Recommended for people who: - Want…

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Download Guide to Google+ Pro Guide to Google+ Pro icon
Guide to Google+ Pro

This app tutorial explains how to use Google+ for personal and business purposes. How to build communities, add circles, and share ideas is explained using simple steps and screenshots for convenience. The tutorial also explains how connecting Google+ account with other social network helps to increase traffic to our website/page, leading to succes…

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Download Sugiri Citro Titik Nol Sugiri Citro Titik Nol icon
Sugiri Citro Titik Nol

Daftar Isi Prolog 17 Bab 1 1. Siapa Aku 23 2. Wejangan dari Guru Misterius 33 3. Jalan-jalan bersama Ayah 45 4. Rahasia dari Ibu 53 5. Guru SD yang Menggebrak Hati 61 6. Minum Teh dengan Penjaga Pintu Perlintasan Kereta Api 69 Bab 2 1. Batu Bintang 75 2. Pencerahan itu Nabrak Becak 83 3. Mencari Kesaktian 87 4. Mencari Kesuksesan…

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Download GPS Info & NMEA Logging Pro GPS Info & NMEA Logging Pro icon
GPS Info & NMEA Logging Pro

• Compare GPS Location with Network Location • Displays Latitude, Longitude, Speed, Accuracy, Altitude, Bearing, and Time. • View the Satellite Signal strength, the PRN number, and the type (GPS, GLONASS, SBAS or BEIDOU) • View the number of satellites used in a GPS Location fix in addition to those in range. • View and Save NMEA 0183 Messages rece…

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Download Transparent Lock Transparent Lock icon
Transparent Lock

This application allows you to lock your device screen without turning it off. You can lock a screen over other applications and still see their content It blocks: - touch input on your screen - notification panel It does not block: - hardware buttons (volume, back, home etc) - edge panel for Samsung Galaxy XX Edge devices How to use: 1. Launch…

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